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Podcast by DubsUp, Mmaculate, & Messiah

Podcast by DubsUp, Mmaculate, & Messiah
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Podcast by DubsUp, Mmaculate, & Messiah




Episode 12 - To the Canvas!

We're back with episode 12! Of course, we hit the finals, AJ getting knocked out by Andy Ruiz, a ton of Playstation 5 news, Call of Duty, and more! Intro: Platinum Chanel - Dom Kennedy Photo Creds: IG - @SHIFTREFRESH


Episode 11 - And the Winner Is...

Episode 11 - And the Winner Is... by DubsUp, Mmaculate, & Messiah


Episode 10 - Are You On X Yet?

Episode 10 - Are You On X Yet? by DubsUp, Mmaculate, & Messiah


Episode 9 - Gotta Go Fast!

On episode 9, we start off with a lengthy playoff conversation recapping round 1 and making predictions for round 2 (4:20). To start off the gaming portion, we go over the new Sonic trailer (59:00). We follow that up with Switch news and analysts estimating that 20 million people will move from PC gaming to streaming services by 2022. We end off the podcast with a discussion about ScHoolboy Q and his new album CrasH talk (1:22:00!


Episode 8 - Thanos 3-1 Avengers

On episode 8 of Minorities Reported, we start off the podcast talking about the Terence Crawford vs. Amir Khan fight (3:49). From there, we move into Russell Wilson's MAJOR new deal (9:35)! The crew talks about Magic Johnson joining a bidding group to buy sports channels from Disney, Magic leaving the Lakers, and the state of the Lakers organization (13:15). Speaking of Russells, we get into Russell Westbrook and the rest of the NBA playoffs (26:05). Starting off the gaming portion of the...


Episode 7 - Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all!!!

On this episode of Minorities Reported, we cover Tiger Woods coming through with one of the greatest comebacks in sports history! We speak on playoffs and our playoff predictions for round 1. We kick off the gaming portion of the show with Endgame, Thanos back in Fortnite, Star Wars, and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. From there, we go into EA laying off 350 employees, and we discuss why we think that is, PUBG being banned in Nepal due to addiction, and Xbox's response to Google Stadia....


Episode 6 - Untitled Pt.2

On this episode, we reflect on the life of Nipsey Hussle and how he impacted us (02:07). We start off our sport section with the Baylor Women winning the women's NCAA ship (05:51)! Also in our sports section, we got AB going at JUJU's throat, Westbrook becoming the first player to average 3 triple-double seasons in a row, and Stephen A. getting 10mil per year! We get into Apex's latest patch that includes beefed up anti-cheat (24:49), Division 2's first major patch, what happened with Anthem...


Episode 5 - The Marathon Continues...

On Episode 5, we pay our respects to the late Hussle, the Great... He's an artist and a man who has inspired and motivated the three of us on Minorities Reported. We also get into who we think R.O.T.Y. is, and we give our partial update on who we think should win M.V.P. After playing Division 2 for almost two weeks, we talk about what we like and what we don't like. Lastly, we are speaking on culture vultures and where they fit into the industry. Join the Discord server: discord.gg/2vv4xXc...


Episode 4 - MFN

On episode 4 of Minorities Reported, we got Kane AKA DubsUp giving his first impressions of Sekiro, Shep and Nada geeking out over Division 2, and we're hitting on new music like NAV, Kyle Dion, and much more! Join the Discord server: discord.gg/2vv4xXc Music Creds: CAGED BIRDS - Tobe Nwigwe https://soundcloud.com/tobenwigwe/caged-birds-feat-lanell-grant


Episode 3 - Ft. Master Chief

On this episode, we get into whether or not Jon Gruden is trash, Master Chief Collection coming to PC, and who are the feature gods of the culture! As always, thanks for listening! Join the Discord server: discord.gg/2vv4xXc Music Creds: Be Thankful For What You Got - William DeVaughn Cover Art: Jason Oakes AKA j2artist


Episode 2 - Egregious

Welcome to the 2nd episode of MinoritiesReported! We thank each and every one of you for tuning in! In this episode, we've got a couple big topics like Xbox unveiling the next family member of the One family, LeBron passing up Jordan, Jaden Smith providing clean water to Flint, DaBaby's new album, and much much more! Join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/2vv4xXc Music Creds: Spaceships over Westheimer - Jame Hancock Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack, or iTunes here:...


Episode 1 - Untitled Pt.1

Welcome to the FIRST episode of Minorities Reported! We're extremely excited to bring this to you. This is something that we've been wanting to do for a couple years now. The focus of this podcast is gaming, but we're also talking about anything and everything we care about: Games Music Sports News Life The list goes on! We've got a lot in store for you all. We'll be coming with special guests, hot topics, fresh music, and hopefully some super hot takes. THANK YOU! Music Creds: Hennything by...