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Join Faith and Lois on an adventure to consider life’s moments that inspire and daunt us. Whether you are in a place of suffering, overflowing with joy or in the familiar rhythm of life, they want you to know that with every step there is more to life.

Join Faith and Lois on an adventure to consider life’s moments that inspire and daunt us. Whether you are in a place of suffering, overflowing with joy or in the familiar rhythm of life, they want you to know that with every step there is more to life.
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Join Faith and Lois on an adventure to consider life’s moments that inspire and daunt us. Whether you are in a place of suffering, overflowing with joy or in the familiar rhythm of life, they want you to know that with every step there is more to life.






90. Transition: The Impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the seasons shift you might find your mood impacted by Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's a type of depression triggered by changes in the amount of daylight at different times of the year. There are ways to manage SAD that include getting more sunlight, exercising, staying connected and using light therapy. The goal? For you to make it through this season with much more energy.


89. The Impact of News Media

How does news media impact you? You want to be informed, yet you may be overwhelmed by the constant barrage and tone of the news. In this podcast we consider how the news media affects your mind. And we share what others are doing to take charge of how and when they ingest the news. Some avoid the news altogether. Others are on a major diet. What might you do differently?


88. The Impact of Routine

Did you know that routines can help you reduce stress? Whether you're looking to add or subtract something from your life, consider the benefits of routine. They're pivotal for time management and better focus. Routines help you create structure and allow for more flow. And when you get the hang of it, a routine can build momentum and help you set goals.


87. The Impact of Self Awareness

Self awareness. What does it mean to wake up and be in touch with all of your senses? We explore a number ideas beginning with appreciating quiet moments and listening. Then we pause to consider another perspective and wonder if it's time to drop the negative talk about yourself. Now that you're awake, you're ready for what's next. How exciting!


86. The Impact of Dreams

When you dream about how your life might open up - you give yourself the space to believe in yourself. There are many forces that will distract you and trip you up. We believe your dreams matter and can become reality. They might just be the difference between sinking and swimming.


85. The Impact of Disillusionment

Disillusionment is painful when you discover something isn't as good as you believed it would be. In our podcast, we explore how you may become disillusioned by people, a job, even society in general. Then we look at ways to use that disillusionment to make a change, prompt action and move on.


84. The Impact of Wisdom

You find wisdom on the way to your destination. It shows up when you're kind, you feel it in your responses. As you accept yourself and others for who they are, your understanding deepens. You can spot wisdom in others, are you building your wisdom muscle?


83. The Impact of Suffering

Suffering is inevitable and often misunderstood. While you may avoid it for a time, once you've gone through the trenches, you know that on the other side you often experience sweet joy. Without plummeting to the abyss, you would have missed out. Our podcast unpacks the paradox of suffering and joy.


82. The Impact of Negativity

Negativity clings to you like velcro. The power of this emotion over our thoughts and interactions can be contagious. In our podcast, we explore how you can deal with your own negativity and that in others. You'll get to tap into your mental state, not take it personally and watch yourself release the negativity so you can move forward.


81. The Impact of Family

Family - what does it look like for you? Children depend on their parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. As we grow, our relationship to our families change. In our podcast we explore all sorts of family dynamics, how to keep a health family in check and why at its core, we believe the family in your life wants the best for you.


80. The Impact of Vacation

Vacations give you that much needed break from your daily routine. Whether you plan a major getaway or a long weekend, these escapes are essential to your well-being. If you're thinking about skipping a vacation this year, we want to encourage you to consider a breather for your health, to boost happiness and give you a new perspective upon your return.


79. The Impact of Sexuality

Sexuality is a deep part of human emotional expression - how you connect with yourself and others. It's about feelings of intimacy, attraction, affection and relationships. In today's podcast we share a few ideas on how to create space to love yourself, be at peace with your body, face emotional triggers and build intimacy, no matter what your age.


78. The Impact of Exclusion

Exclusion is a force that can flatten you. That's because the part of your brain impacted by physical pain reads exclusion the same way. In our podcast, we look at three stages of exclusion: the initial act, coping and resignation. Then we explore how to shift out of the cycle to open up the chance to learn and grow from the experience.


77. The Impact of Distraction

Distractions impact you the most when they divert you from doing the things you really want to do. And sometimes they offer a redirection that is necessary in the moment. In today's podcast, we encourage you to be aware of what distracts you so you can choose whether it's a detriment or a signal to refresh something.


76. The Impact of Words

Words are filled with power. The impact can last a lifetime when you use words that build someone up. Or you can devastate with words that tear down. Instead of throwing words around haphazardly, we explore the force of your words, how to frame them in a positive manner and how to surround yourself with words that affirm you and those in your life.


75. The Impact of Spiritual Growth

How does spiritual growth manifest in your life? You may see it as connection to a higher power, relationship to God, or a new way of thinking. In this podcast, we explore the various ways spiritual growth develops in each of us. We encourage you to be aware of your beliefs, be inspired, listen for that still, small voice and enjoy the journey into a deeper awareness of who you are.


74. The Impact of Fear

Fear is often the first obstacle to making any transition in your life. In today's episode, we explore how to face fear head on, whether it's triggered by danger, pain or a threat. Real or imagined, we want you to know how to step into fear, face it and overcome it.


73. The Impact of Procrastination

Procrastination. There's a good chance saying that word out loud brings up an immediate reaction. What if you could replace the guilt you burden yourself with when you think of putting something off and embrace as it as an emotional state? One that you have the power to change. Wonder how that might change what's holding you back.


72. The Impact of Trauma

Trauma can hit you on so many levels. Especially when your response to an event or stressful situation exceeds your ability to cope or manage your emotions. In our podcast, we explore how the ordeal can sometimes be dealt with in short order, other times the triggers can show up uninvited for years. We want you to know it is possible to heal and feel safe again.


71. The Impact of Silence

Silence offers you a break from all the noise, time to reflect and listen. Intentional silence also relieves stress and tension. Join us for a podcast where we explore the scientific benefits to silence. Discover how clarity is possible when you stop the noise. This strategy goes beyond your well-being, it works for everyone around you!