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From the #1 Biker News Website on the Internet, Insane Throttle Biker News presents "Motorcycle Madhouse" with James "Hollywood" Macecari. Become a supporter of this podcast:

From the #1 Biker News Website on the Internet, Insane Throttle Biker News presents "Motorcycle Madhouse" with James "Hollywood" Macecari. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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From the #1 Biker News Website on the Internet, Insane Throttle Biker News presents "Motorcycle Madhouse" with James "Hollywood" Macecari. Become a supporter of this podcast:






Season 2 Episode 11- What is RICO and is the DOJ really interested in law and order for all?

On today's show we talk about the DOJ supposed fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. We will discuss RICO as well as the practice District Attorneys use against bikers and the general public during a case. The material in this episode was provided by . Please take a moment and visit their sight. There is tons of information on this subject. To Order one of my books click one of the links below. Available in Kindle and...


Season 2 Episode 10 What is going on in the motorcycle club scene? Really an MG Patch?

Don't forget to leave a voice message by clicking on the link and you might have it played right here on Motorcycle Madhouse On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we continue our coverage of the Beast in Texas. If you haven't listened to Episode 9 we suggest listening to it first that way you're caught up on what happened when multiple members of the Beast MG jumped two individuals taking one of their patches. As everyone knows Texas is the epicenter of Motorcycle profiling and many are...


Season 2 Episode 9 You want to know why Motorcycle Club Protocol Exists? This incident in Texas is exactly why.

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we discuss the reason for Motorcycle Club Protocol and challenge those creators who talk ill about it to give a legit reason as to why it shouldn't exist. An incident in Texas where 20 people jumped 2 people of another club has shown the worse in the motorcycle club scene. The incident was captured on video camera and made its rounds on National TV and Social Media. With Motorcycle Profiling being one of the biggest issues facing the motorcycle club...


Season 2 Episode 8 Special Guests "Teach" and Good Time Charlie. We also talk about the Confederation of Clubs

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we have 2 special guests. Teach who wrote the book "It will get tough- Cops and Bikers" and BIC Radio Creator Good Time Charlie. This episode will explore biker rights as well as a spirited final thoughts by Hollywood on the Confederation of Clubs. The COC has become a favorite target of 1%er critics not only in Law Enforcement but also people who pretend to know the biker scene. You've all heard the saying "The COC controls which clubs are granted...


Season 2 Episode 7 ~ The differences between Firefighters motorcycle clubs and LEMCS

We ask the question. Does your free speech rights end when it comes to talking to Law Enforcement? We take a look at the Lewis v. City of New Orleans, 415 U.S. 130 (1974) Decision which was suppose to settle this question. But like anything its a decision which has been ignored by Law Enforcement. We also talk about the differences between Firefighters motorcycle clubs and LEMCS. Why do many people like Firefighter Motorcycle Clubs and not Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs? We will give you...


Season 2 Episode 6 ~ The Mongols Motorcycle Club and what you need to know about government efforts to destroy the clubs image

We will dive deep into Steve Welk and who he is and what he has to do with what is going on with the Mongols MC. The hooting and celebration is premature. Especially when it comes to Steve Welk. For those who don't know or have been living in some dark hole somewhere. The Mongols Motorcycle Club has been fighting the government for the last decade. The Government has been trying to get the judicial system to take the Mongols Motorcycle Club logos and trademarks. Something that has pitted...


Season 2 Episode 5- The True Biker Lifestyle with special Co-Host China Doll

On this very special episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we have China Doll as a co-host. Hollywood and China Doll will talk about the True Biker Lifestyle. Many times if you turn on the TV you will see shows and movies depicting bikers as gun slinging drug dealers. This couldn't be the furthest from the truth when it comes to what being a true biker is all about. Hollywood and China doll will take us on a tour of the good that biker organizations such as BACA and Rebels on a mission do for the...


Season 2 Episode 4 ~ Law Enforcement and Biker Relations- Do the two mix?

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse Radio. We are going to discuss law enforcement and biker relations. The debate on this subject varies greatly. Especially in this new era of biker. In decades past bikers and law enforcement knew there was a line neither would cross. Fast forward to 2019 and that line has seemed to disappeared. Many would argue the crossover has led to rift between independents and club members. Fueled by LEOS attempt to prop itself up as an alternative to the...


Season 2 Episode 3 So you want to be a biker? Well its time to get into the fight

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse Radio we are going to go straight forward and ask a question. If you call yourself a biker than why are you not in the fight for biker rights? 2019 has brought some of the most extensive motorcycle profiling than any other time in biker history. Wait! Let me guess. "If you are not doing anything wrong than you have nothing to worry about!" To all those pole smokers who really think that is the case you're sorely mistaking. Law Enforcement Profiling...


Season 2 Episode 2 with Special Guest National President Big O with Cossack 1%ers/ Is the bikers code for real or just on the internet?

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse Radio we have special guest Big O. National President of the Cossack 1%ers. We will explore Waco/Twin Peaks as well as the aftermath of heartbreak for numerous families who had to endure that episode. On Season 2 Episode 1 you can hear Richard Luther and his story of what happened at Waco Later on in the episode I explore whether the Biker Code is for real of if its just a meme on the internet. On May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas, United States, a...


Season 2 Episode 1 Special Guest Richard Luther former member of Cossacks MC as we talk Waco/Twin Peaks

On this 1st episode of Season 2 we start off with a bang! All remaining charges have been dropped in the May 15th 2015 Waco- Twin Peaks incident involving the Bandidos MC and Cossacks MC. This incident left 9 dead, 20 injured and over 177 people arrested. We will get into the details with Richard Luther. Former Ugly Man Cossack that was there and one of 24 remaining defendants in the incident to have his charges dropped. Don't forget to watch the LIVE airing of Motorcycle Madhouse on...


EP65 The Path of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and Dave Walters stops by the Madhouse

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we hear from the Mongols Motorcycle Club Attorney on the 3 steps the government must take and win in order to take the logo and trademark of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Government won round 1. But will they be able to win the rest of the steps needed? #SAVETHEPATCH is now the rallying point for all club members. If the government is successful against the Mongols your club could be next. Link to Mongols Attorneys YouTube Channel...


Episode 64 Interview with Widow Sons and Michagan ABATE drops by the Madhouse

On This episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we talk about Motorcycle Associations with a member of the Widow Sons Motorcycle Association. We also talk with Michigan ABATE. Whats ABATE about and whats it's purpose? Find out now on this episode of the Madhouse Insane Throttle Links My Author Page: Insane Throttle YouTube Channel: *Facebook: **Twitter:


EP63 Black Dragon stops by the Madhouse and we talk importance of Confederation of Clubs

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse weekly podcast Black Dragon of Black Dragon TV on YouTube stops by the Madhouse to give his viewpoint on a rodent who's been perpetrating outright lies against Motorcycle Clubs such as the Bandidos and Mongols MC. We explore his love of cops and his efforts to do anything and everything to draw attention to himself in order to make a living off unsuspecting people in the Motorcycle Scene. Later on in the show we expose another Out Bad member of a...


Ep62 Mongols MC & Bandidos MC claims are addressed by New York plus interview with Cossack 1%er

Today on Ep62- New York Answers Chuckie Cheese claims against Mongols MC and Bandidos MC and we also bring you an exclusive Cossack 1% interview. The first segment of the show we have an exclusive interview with the National Sgt At Arms of the Cossack 1%ers. A little background on the Cossack 1%ers- The Cossack 1%ers were formed after the Waco Twin Peaks incident between the Ugly Man Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Club. This split from the main club has led to many people coming out...


Ep61 Interview with New York on the Mongols Patch Case and Rebels on a mission

Interview with New York on the Mongols Patch Case and Rebels with a mission. First interview we discuss the Mongols Patch Case as well as Pagan case. Second interview we talk with Rebels on a mission about how they are helping children through child abuse Author Page Audio Version New Age- New Age Kindle New ge Paperback


Ep 60 - Exclusive interview with witness to Pagan Assault in Pittsburgh. Mongols Patch Case

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we have an exclusive interview with a witness to the police brutality in Pittsburgh against members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. We also talk Mongols Patch Case. Don't forget to grab your copy of the Iron Order MC- The Year that changed the motorcycle club scene and The New Age of Biking and Brotherhood. Visit my author page To get audio formats of the books check out Insane Throttle Publishing Now...


Ep59 Special Guest UABA, Mongols MC court case moves ahead , ABATE and special events

Ep59 Special Guest UABA, Mongols MC court case moves ahead , ABATE and special events James "Hollywood "Macecari has done it again. This time he brings you a riveting look at the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Get never before commentary and inside looks at the Iron Order MC. Now available through Amazon on Paper book & Kindle. Get the Audio Book right through Insane Throttle Publishing by clicking here. Purchase the Audio book & get "The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood" E book plus 5 hours of...


Ep 58- Kinfolk Truth Crew Exclusive, Red Dragon Fighter, Guardian of the Children & More

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. We interview "Trade Mark" from Guardian of the Children. We have an exclusive with Nick "Red Dragon"Rose as well as Kinfolk Truth Crew Buster interview and of course our Biker Hangout Corner "Whats happening segment" To help support the channel grow we use Paypal Donate- JP Cycles - Ad Link Affiliate- Get your copy of the hottest new biker books...


Episode 57- Harley Davidson Lack of loyalty Neon Rose tells his story Jesse and Marcie stop by.

We have an action packed episode of Motorcycle Madhouse this week. Scott "Neon" Rose comes on to tell his story plus we have Jesse from the Kinfolk Truth Crew Rat Busters, Marcie from the Biker Hangout Corner giving us the events happening in the biker scene and DC who will be letting us know the nightmare he was forced to go through buying his first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in Ft Worth Texas. To donate to Neons Go Fund Me Page click on Get your...