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Episode 112: Snark Rants Snarks The Snarkiest Snarks They've Ever Snarked

This week, Jerry, Simone and special guest Lea are forced to take a look at the most douchetastic group of pixie dusters on Facebook. Come join in the fun as we read cringeworthy posts that prove these self-proclaimed badasses are nothing but a bunch of whiny, pathetic, attention-seeking, self-obsessed wannabes. Also Lea brings us a Bookish Princess video and spoilers...it sucks. Strap in, Degenerates. It's not going to be pretty... Email mouserants@gmail.com to book for the Degenerates...


Episode 164: the fattest dreamer

This week, Jerry & Simone watch one of the worst fan-made films they have ever seen. You'll feel like you're watching The Room as we take this trip through the chasms of hell together. Special Guest, Sarah, also joins us for the intro, as she regales us all with an unbelievably tragic and hysterical story you won't want to miss. - Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to mouserants@gmail.com - Also take a few minutes to review us on iTunes. 5 star...


Episode 178: Oh Boy! You Didn't Even Try

We're back ya lousy Degenerates! After a well-needed break, Jerry and Simone are back in full force, checking out and vomiting internally from some new terrible music videos that have popped up since we went on our little mini-vacation. And let me tell you...it ain't gonna be easy today. Also, we talk a bit about the dumb decisions Disney Plus has made and MORE on tonight's most broey episode of Mouse Rants. For the video potion of the episode, watch Along with Jerry & Simone...


Episode 143: You Can't Take Larry Anywhere - Will Paul Begins

As YouTube month continues, Jerry & Simone venture back to that William Paul library as they take a look at the prequel that started it all...that's right..the very first Will Paul video series ever!!! Follow along as they meet some new characters who shaped Will into the man he will one day become, sit through long drawn out bragfests, and find out just who the Paul family is going to offend today. All this and more from trashiest, douchiest, most uncomfortable and confusing vlogger...


Episode 142: The Contractual Obligation of Kyle & The Salad Boys

For the 2nd week of YouTube month, Jerry & Simone are joined by Jillian the Travel Agent to delve into the strange world of Kyle Pa-llo's YouTube Channel. Join us as we journey through the continuous tales of Yackie and our new supporting characters, The Salad Boys!!! You'll have to see it to believe it, folks!!! And guess what?? YOU CAN!!!!! WATCH ALONG RIGHT HERE!!!!! Episode 142- The Contractual Obligation of Kyle & The Salad Boys.mp4 For the 2nd week of YouTube month, Jerry & Simone...


Episode 121: ...We'll Be Right Back!

This week, Jerry & Simone pick up where they left off in Episode 68, After These Messages... where they watch and discuss MORE old school nostalgic promos, advertisements, bumpers, toys, fast food, and much, much more! (this time focused more from the 90s, rather than the 80s) Watch along with the video below as they yet again, discuss the merits and drawbacks of old school Disney Channel as well as the plethora of McDonalds and Burger King promotions, products that really miss the point...


Episode 73: Mouse Mingling on the Moon

This week, Jerry goes at it sans Simone as he rips apart the extremely poorly planned out dating site that is Mouse Mingle! But first he gets into the atrocity that is Pokemon Go, the Mini NES, the Cast Member who thought it was okay to post backstage photos on Twitter and some more Tweets from our old friend. Then it's finally time for the main event. Laugh along with your Degenerate Leader as he takes you through the very uncomfortable Disney Dating site: exploring profiles, calling out...


Episode 37: The Dark Side of Disney Documentary (feat. Philip Swift & Leonard Kinsey)

This week, director/editor Philip Swift and author Leonard Kinsey hang out with Jerry & Simone to talk about The Dark Side of Disney Documentary and the book it was inspired by. Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 4:30PM, at The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, (15 mins from the Anaheim Convention Center, during D23). Go to: www.dsoddoc.com to get $5 off tickets!!!! For more from Philip Swift, check out: http://dearmothman.com/ For more on Leonard Kinsey, check out http://www.darksideofdisney.com/...


Episode 46: The Bodacious Adventures of the WDW Navigators

This week, Chris, Sean and Susan of the WDW Navigators infiltrate Mouse Rants to talk about the history of their show from when it was the Forever Disney Podcast til the great uprising of the WDW Navigators. -Remember the views and opinions in this episode or any episode are just that. Opinions. -Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to us at mouserants@gmail.com!!!! -Also take a few minutes to review us on iTunes. Don't be a dick!!! You can...


Episode 49: Video Killed The Mexican Radio Disney Gaga Rebel Star

This week, it's Jerry vs. Simone as the two Degenerate Leaders painstakingly immerse themselves in the horror that is Radio Disney. Come play along as your hosts try to figure out just what the hell Disney is putting on the radio...after discussing Shia LeBeauf's latest project of course. COME ON! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to us at mouserants@gmail.com!!!! -Also take a few...


Episode 50: Carousel of Regress

No description can do this episode justice. Just listen to it and enjoy. -Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to us at mouserants@gmail.com!!!! -Also take a few minutes to review us on iTunes. Don't be a dick!!! - JOIN THE OFFICIAL DEGENERATES!!! Fill in your email on the top right of the page! download (right click, save as...) WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Please judge...


Episode 53: Mouse Rants: The Radio War

This week, Jerry & Simone decide to have the very first RADIO WAR of 2016! They reluctantly listen to clips from WDW News Today's 2015 Christmas Podcast Parade and try not to hang themselves as they discuss the abrupt decline in creativity and odd obsession with Disneyland (even though the name of their podcast alone would suggest otherwise) within the past few years. So listen along, if you dare, and let's bring back everyone's favorite segment!!! -Please send all comments, questions,...


Episode 61: Simone Sucks

This week, we were SUPPOSED to record an episode about Pixar, but instead Simone felt the need to ruin the episode and storm out.. Since I refuse to miss a week because she wants to be a baby, here is what happened. Enjoy. download (right click, save as...) WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Please judge wisely before blindly clicking on this. It is intended for an 18+ audience.


Episode 63: The Clandestine Angle of WDW (feat. Philip and Beth Swift)

This week, Simone returns just in time for your MouseRantskeleaders follow up with director Philip Swift and the star of the Dark Side of Disney documentary (and also his mom) Beth Swift! We talk more about the film, from Beth's point of view, as well as the new DVD and VOD release (4-20-2016) as well as beards, Walt Life, hoarding merch, Property Control, the state of MGM Studios, Gary Sinise's false instructions and much much more! So come join Jerry and Simone on this hilariously fun...


Episode 67: Nickel & Doomed

This week, Jerry & Simone discuss the various ways WDW is ripping the fans off, including: being charged for things that were once free, being charged for things we don't want and never asked for, hard ticket events within other hard ticket events, pricing out the lower and middle class, preferred everything and much much more. Also, check out Jerry & Simone's take on the sexiest hard ticket event in Disney history, Disney After Dark. -Please send all comments, questions, concerns,...


Episode 74: How 'Bout This? The Worst Guide Book We've Ever Read!

This week, Jerry & Simone take it to a new level as they review the most poorly written WDW guide book ON THE PLANET!!! (you'll get that after the episode) Have fun as we call out the author on tons of incorrect information, awful grammar, unfathomable biased opinions, lazy writing, wasted space, obvious "tips", and just plain stupidity. They also talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy takeover and how the general public will or will not be affected. Come for the news, stay for the...


Episode 79: The Maui Incident

Jerry returns with a vengeance (sans Simone, sadly) to talk about the controversial Maui costume and why people are psychotic for being offended by it. He delves into the world of political correctness and how it's destroying us as a society...And then destroys some racist moron on YouTube who claims that this Disney is STEALING her culture. Sit back and relax folks...because this is a 300MPH amped up Mouse Rants episode you will not want to miss....unless you get offended easily. Then...


Episode 36: Dadoosh Complains About Everything!!!

Howie Dadoosh joins Jerry & Simone this week to give you a ranting grab bag of insanity! Howie hops from park to park trying to make sense of recent and not-so-recent changes. You just have to listen. It's radio gold! Also, DisBoards rants...what else could you want? -Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to us at mouserants@gmail.com!!!! -Also take a few minutes to review us on iTunes. Don't be a dick!!! download (right click, save...


Episode 38: Shafted

This week, Jerry & Simone reflect on what it means to be shafted. First they detail how they got the ol' shaft in the Disney Podcast Awards (even though they won the fan vote), by doing an "anti" Radio Wars segment of Behind the Magic, where the focus is the guest, not the podcast itself. Then they discuss how Walt Disney World got shafted by a certain disappearing podcast for a seemingly new format...Then after introducing a new segment called Skids & Simone Sample Stuff™ they roll into...


Episode 39: TMRFE Director's Commentary, Demos and Bloopers

This week, Jerry & Simone take a look back at The Mouse Rants Frozen Extravaganza, by revealing a demo song that didn't make it into the final cut, record a complete Director's Commentary track over the musical and then premiere the Blooper reel only to be heard in this episode and nowhere else!!! (In true Mouse Rants fashion, they choose to ignore all the D23 Announcements since that's what every other podcast is covering) -Remember the views and opinions in this episode or any episode...