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A movie review podcast that revolves around the always interesting opinions of Steve, Ronald, and John. Facts, Laughs, Friends. This is Movie Schmovie.


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A movie review podcast that revolves around the always interesting opinions of Steve, Ronald, and John. Facts, Laughs, Friends. This is Movie Schmovie.




Ep. 389-Theater Camp, Winning Time, A Haunting in Venice and More!

Ron, Steve, and John are back with a brand new episode jam-packed with recent movies and shows they’ve seen, including Theater Camp, Winning Time, A Haunting in Venice, Blue Beetle, Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, The Unbinding, and probably more—who can keep up? Do your best!


Schmovie Replay: Ep. 217-The Schmovie Studios Movie Game

*Episode originally published 6/15/18* As a departure from their boring habit of talking about movies that "exist," Ronald, Steve, and John pretend to be studio heads trying to devise a successful slate of imaginary works. Creative collaborators are chosen at random and then the guys pitch their ideas to each other. Dreams will be forged. Some will fail. Aka just another day at Schmovie Studios.


Ep. 388-Eden Lake (2008), The Changeling, Barbie

Ron, Steve, and John are looking for nice vacation spots and have narrowed it down to three choices: A remote quarry in the English countryside, New York City, or Barbieland. As research, they watched UK “hoodie horror” nail-biter Eden Lake (2008), Apple TV+’s adaptation of Victor LaValle’s wild, scary, and emotional novel The Changeling, and an obscure little movie you probably haven’t heard of called “Barbie.” Listen in to find out where the guys end up.


Ep. 387-Steve Saw Blue Beetle and The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Ron, Steve, and John are on a bit of a summer break but had time to squeeze in a quick one. DC's latest superhero origin story, Blue Beetle, is discussed, as is Dracula prequel The Last Voyage of the Demeter, both of which only Steve has seen. (Literally, Steve is the ONLY person in the world who saw these films.)


386 - The Offence (1973), William Friedkin Remembered, and More!

This week’s Required Viewing selection is Sidney Lumet’s intense, dialogue-driven police thriller, The Offence, in which Sean Connery portrays a dangerous, broken version of the usual hero detective. Then the guys take a look at the long, diverse career of the late, great William Friedkin before running down a smattering of recent things they’ve seen, including Apple TV+’s The Beanie Bubble.


Ep. 385-Remembering Paul Ruebens, Deep Cover (1992), TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, Talk to Me, and More!

This week, the heroes of the half-pod you know as Ron, Steve, and John are here to discuss movies new and old, as well as pay homage to the great Paul Ruebens, who died this past week at the age of 70.


Ep. 384-Oppenheimer, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, Black Rain (1989)

Ron, Steve, and John discuss Dead Reckoning Part One, the latest pulse-pounding entry in the Mission Impossible franchise, as well as Oppenheimer, the latest pulse-pounding entry in the Christopher Nolan franchise. They also look back on Ridley Scott’s stylish and blunt 1989 police thriller, Black Rain.


Ep. 383-TeeVee SchmeeVee: Summer 2023 Catchup (Silo, The Bear, and More!)

Ron, Steve, and John bring it home this week for an expanded chat about the TV shows they’ve been watching. The Bear, Silo, Jury Duty, Secret Invasion, and more are all covered, as well as the finale of Ted Lasso and a few “trashy” lowbrow picks. It’s a very special episode. Take a pee break, grab some snacks, and settle in.


Ep. 382-Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny/Last Action Hero (1993)

Are you more in the mood for action or adventure? Thrills or spills? Explosions or the methodical deciphering of an ancient code in order to solve a puzzle and find a rare and possibly powerful thing? This week, Ron, Steve, and John have covered all those bases, as they’re discussing 1993’s meta-comedic Schwarzenegger flick Last Action Hero, and the brand-new entry in the (mostly) esteemed Indiana Jones series, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. This podcast belongs in a museum!


Ep. 381-Blackberry, Extraction 2, No Hard Feelings, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and more!

Ron, Steve, and John make comforting little clicking noises as they message you their feelings about Blackberry, the latest example of the recent cinematic trend of exploring the origin of a product or brand. Then they also talk about all the other things mentioned in the title. Keeping this short because texts cost 10 cents! ttyl


Ep. 380.5-The Boogeyman, Beau is Afraid, Flamin’ Hot, Asteroid City, The Blackening

Ron, Steve, and John do a quick catchup round, sharing thoughts on a few recent releases: The Boogeyman, Beau is Afraid, Flamin’ Hot, Asteroid City, and The Blackening.


Ep. 380-DC Extended Universe Tier List, The Flash

As the DCEU winds down with the release of the new universe-hopping adventure The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti, Ron, Steve, and John take a comprehensive look at the whole 14-film franchise by ranking away on their first-ever Tier List.


Ep. 379-Vesper (2022), Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the Succession Finale, and More!

Ron, Steve, and John dissect the slimy biotech dystopia of Vesper to see what lurks under its skin, and then Ron gives some (mostly) spoiler-free thoughts on Sony's eye-popping new Spider-Verse movie. Also: OTHER THINGS ARE DISCUSSED. It's your lucky day.


Ep. 378-Ganja and Hess (1973), Sisu, and More!

Ron and this guy Steve and this other guy John talk about really interesting things every week on this so-called "podcast" (kind of like a broadcast but in a pod). This week is no different! They cover the artful and dreamlike 1973 film Ganja and Hess, and the ultraviolent Finnish historical fable, Sisu, as well as a lot of other stuff.


Ep. 377-Fast X, Riders of Justice (2020), and More!

Ron, Steve and John are back to test the strength of the Schmovie family by sitting through Fast X, the latest Fast & Furious movie. They also explore the potential pitfalls of taking violent revenge with this week's Required Viewing selection, Mads Mikkelsen's darkly funny and strangely sweet action drama from 2020, Riders of Justice.


Ep. 376-Dragonslayer (1981), Evil Dead Rise

Get ready for this week's Movie Schmovie as we dive into Evil Dead Rise and compare it to the rest of the series! We also discuss recent PVOD releases The Artifice Girl and The Covenant, as well as Ronald's Required Viewing pick, the timeless 1981 film, Dragonslayer.


Ep. 375-Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Super (2010)

The guys take on two different eras of writer/director James Gunn's career by discussing his tone-shifting, low budget superhero satire from 2010, Super, and then Ron and John completely avoid spoilers for Steve's sake and yours, as they chat about Gunn's last hurrah as an MCU employee, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Steve then takes a run down the newest VOD releases, including reviews of Sweethurt, Renfield, The Pope's Exorcist, and How to Blow Up a Pipeline.


Ep.374-I See You (2019), The Mandalorian: Season 3, the state of Star Wars, and Netflix’s Beef

On this week's Movie Schmovie, we're gonna get our nerd on and talk about The Mandalorian Season 3 finale! We'll be chatting about what this means for the future of Star Wars, and sharing all the latest franchise updates. Plus, we'll be giving our thoughts on the new Netflix show Beef. Oh, and don’t forget about this week’s Required Viewing, 2019’s I See You. It's gonna be a blast, so don't miss it!


Ep. 373-The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Pathaan, and More!

Ron, Steve, and John talk about new trailers, modern box office expectations, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and this week's Required Viewing selection, the Indian action flick Pathaan. Also: Other things!


Ep. 372-Air, Tetris, and A New Leaf (1971)

Ron, Steve, and John name ferns, plan murders, and mock the rich as they look back at Elaine May's wry 1971 comedy, A New Leaf. Then it's time for the new cinematic trend of movies about brands/products, with discussions about Ben Affleck's shoe biopic, Air, and Tetris, about the tangled rights issues surrounding the launch of the famous (and famously addicting) game.