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Just two guys with a love of movies sitting down to chat above movies. We'll be putting out episodes weekly where we share our thoughts on the new movies YOU want to hear about.

Just two guys with a love of movies sitting down to chat above movies. We'll be putting out episodes weekly where we share our thoughts on the new movies YOU want to hear about.
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Just two guys with a love of movies sitting down to chat above movies. We'll be putting out episodes weekly where we share our thoughts on the new movies YOU want to hear about.






Episode 61 - Pet Sematary & The Best of Enemies

It's a new week and the guys, like always, talk movies. After a little intro the guys time warp to 1971 and square up as talk about the good and the bad in Robin Bissell's The Best of Enemies. After a little interlude, the guys rise and shake off the dirt and talk about the re-make of Pet Sematary. It is all good times.


Episode 60 - The Beach Bum & Dumbo

After a full week the guys are up to their trunks with booze and banter! After a short aside about their week and Neil's experience at KC's Planet Comic-con they snort a feather and unleash a pachyderm worth of word's about Burton's latest interpretation of Disney's remake of Dumbo. Then, after short trailer talk, they open up a beer and soak up the sun with Moondog as they discuss Harmony Korine's latest film The Beach Bum. And of course, they take a bath in Flint-like water while eating...


Episode 59 - Shazam! & Us

In this episode the guys review a movie that isn't even out yet with DC's Shazam! and Jordan Peele's new chiller Us. After a little hiccup with Chris' audio in the beginning they talk about their week and transform by talking Shazam! Neil drops some knowledge. After a short interlude about netflix's Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt the boys slip on red jumpsuits and grab a pair of scissors and give their non-spoilery thoughts on Us. Everyone sufficiently drinks and it is an all around good time.


Episode 58 - Triple Frontier & Captive State

The guys settle in after a short interlude to conspire and discuss JC Chandor's new military heist movie Triple Frontier. After that they guys shortly talk about some entertainment news and they launch like a UFO into Ryan Watt's Captive State. Chris is overly excited, Neil is like...he always is and we have fun. It is good times.


Episode 57 - The Kid & Captain Marvel

The boys are back and they are ready to shoot from the hip and kick some ass when they review Vincent D'Onoforio's Billy The Kid story The Kid and Marvel's new one, Captain Marvel. We talk about the Endgame trailer, about being drunk, the crow and other things but mostly, we talk movies! Chris gets a little tipsy, Neil doesn't at all but it's a good'n.


Episode 56 - How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World & Greta

In this episode, Neil's a little under the weather so in turn, he is quieter and Chris is louder but that doesn't stop the boisterous talk as the boys jump into a world of wonders with How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World. After that, they find a bag on the subway and talk about the new movie Greta. It's fun. Chris drinks, Neil doesn't and it is an all around good time.


Episode 55 - Cold Pursuit & Alita: Battle Angel

In this episode, the guys veer wildly off-topic at points but all in the name of entertainment. The first movie that plow(get it?) into is the new Liam Neeson killings folks flick, Cold Pursuit. After, they have a short discussion about the oscars and then fight their way into Alita: Battle Angel. They are drinking, they are laughing, Neil is unusually inarticulate. It is good times.


Episode 54 - The Lego Movie: The Second Part & Fighting With My Family

In this new episode, the guys discuss Chris' recent trip to Thailand, Neil's hellacious two weeks and then launch into The Lego Movie: The Second Part! After building up and snapping the that down they have a short segue into the Oscars. Then, they get into the ring and talk about one of Neil's most anticipated films(because he is a wrasslin' nerd), Fighting With My Family. They have fun! It's good to be back, folks!


Episode 53 - Sarah McGuire & Short Term 12 & Polar

In this special episode, actress Sarah McGuire drops by the show to talk acting, movies and all other things that guys talk about. They get into John Wi...err netflix's original Polar. But before that, they grill Sarah on movies and talk about Short Term 12 and Brie Larson. They have fun! Make sure to see Sarah's movies, Burying Mitchell and Devil's Food Cake at First City Film Festival in Leavenworth, KS on March 21st-March 24th.


Episode 52 - Velvet Buzzsaw & The Kid Who Would Be King

While the theaters aren't full(yet) the guys talk Netflix' original and stalwart auteur Dan Gilroy's new art based horror called Velvet Buzzsaw. But first, they slip on their armor and unsheath their swords as they talk about the British family film, The Kid Who Would Be King. They laugh, they drink(water and Mtn Dew) and give some honest opinions.


Episode 51 - Unbreakable, Split & Glass

In this episode, the boys talks M Nigh Shymalandingdong's trilogy, knows as the Eastrail 177 trilogy of Unbreakable, Split & Glass. First off, they talk about their week, the deep freeze and straight up bro-out. Then they activate their 6th senses, follow the signs, leave the village, and after the happening, they get into the 3 movies. It's fun and Chris doesn't get near as drunk.


Episode 50- Tripodcast The Mead House & Board at Work

For the landmark 50th episode Chris and Neil talk with Jeff from the Mead House and Edward, the owner of Pawn & Pint promoting Board At Work. They talk Board Games, mead and of course, mainly movies. It was a blast and it really shows. Eclectic talk with funny guys. Unbox, drink up and download! Or stream it!


Episode 49 - Replicas & The Upside

After catching up and sharing the love, Neil and Chris start up their brains by talking about Replicas. They talk a little about seeing the upcoming Glass and then jump in the deep end by talking about The Upside. They talk about hynosis, old pictures and Chris' weird blanket. Listen!


Episode 48 - Welcome to Marwen & Escape Room

The boys are transported to a the magical place of Marwen and trapped in an Escape Room! After a short discussion about their lives and Neil's be super excited about ::gasp:: football they launch in the new Zemeckis' and Steve Carrell film- Welcome to Marwen. A little contentions between the two. After that, they strap on their thinking caps to figure out how to talk about Escape Room. They talk about their own experiences. They laugh, they drink, Neil fucks up words, Chris can't pronounce...


Episode 47 - Bird Box & Bumblebee

Quadruple 'B' episode where the boys talk Bird Box and Bumblebee. After a short discussion of their they launch straight into why Sandra Bullock never seems to age. After they give their rating Chris talks about Hailee Steinfeld in Bumblebee is the girl he would have had a crush on in high school. They laugh, they have a side note with Neil's wife, it is all good times..


Episode 46 - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse & Aquaman

After the guys recap their Christmas, they talk about the many web-slinging sensations in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. Neil and Chris have strong opinions. After that, they dive in(figuratively) into a spirited discussion about Aquaman. They laugh, they drink, they talk movies.


Episode 45 - The Christmas Special!

In the Christmasey episode, Christmas comes early or...late if you listen to it afterwards. The guys dive head first into Home Alone, Chris' favorite Christmas movie. After a sideline about their favorite Christmases they talk about Neil's favorite, Santa Claus: The Movie! And finally, they get to Netflix's new one The Christmas Chronicles! They have stories, they have a gift exchange, and they have fun. Brotherly love between the two hosts. Happy Holidays!


Episode 44 - Dumplin' & Widows

The boys are back doing two newish movies. First on the docket, the guys talk about a new netflix movie called Dumplin'. Dolly Parton heavy which is...interesting. Then, after a short interlude about Avengers: Endgame they move onto Steve McQueen's new one, Widows. They talk and laugh a lot. They drink moderately. Fun times.


Episode 43 - Ralph Breaks the Internet & Creed II

In this episode, the guys do their own version of breaking the internet by putting out a new episode. In one corner we have the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet. And in the other, Creed II. What did they think?! Listen, laugh, cry and sound off on what you think! Lots of banter, good stuff.


Episode 42 - Fantastic Beasts 2 & The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

After a discussing Thanksgiving, the oncoming blizzard and pooping, the guys get into Fanastic Beasts: The Crime of Grindenwald. Neil talks his love of Harry Potter and Chris talks about the difference between punk and metal moshing. Then, they launch into a discussion about the new Coen Brothers film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. They laugh, they drink, they drop knowledge or...err...opinions. Banter heavy episode!