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Oye Ve is What they Say...

From online rape to Clueless in Chief, this week was yet another disaster! Tune in to find out how and why! Also, live and direct, Bluff City, that crooning R&B awesomeness that will stimulate your ear. Germaine Moore of Millbrook is wanted on 11 counts related to a criminal sexual conduct investigation involving a person under 13. Investigators believe he’s a flight risk and must be brought into custody. Moore is a 44-year-old man, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 214 pounds. He has...


This Evening, Mz. OptimiZm Welcomes the Beautiful Lonette McKee

This evening, we interview the oh so talented Lonette McKee! LONETTE MCKEE, Producer/ Director/ Screenwriter/ Composer/ Singer Lonette McKee's Feature film credits include; Learning Uncle Vincent opposite Common, Honey and Honey 2, Cuba, Which Way is Up and Brewster's Millions - both opposite Richard Pryor; The Cotton Club and Gardens of Stone for Francis Coppola; Lift, for which she earned a Black Reel nomination. Other films include Honey, Men of Honor with Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding...


Are we Back in the 60's? Where are we going and why?

With all that is happening, it is easy to ask if we are back in the 50's, 60's or late 1800's! Tonight, we will cover the monuments of question, should they have been removed? Jeff Sessions and David Duke, are they the reason for #45s flip flop? The Business Council is FIRED! Why this is bad bad bad and what can we do to move ahead? All tonight on the Mz. OptimiZm Speaks radio show. Please don't forget to tell a friend! Go to for more episodes!


Let us Live! Congress, PLEASE Block the Red Button from Trump

Believe it or not, some of us wants to live past #45's presidency! Despite popular belief, war is NOT the answer--especially now with all of this nuclear stuff. To lighten the mood, we will also talk about the inflatable chicken placed in front of the White House, Walmart displaying rifles and other guns a back to school items, Feds searched Manaforts home in VA, transgender service men and women sue Trump!! Oh! Canada opens its borders for those seeking asylum fleeing from Trumps madness...


Lock Him Up? Is Trump Eating His Own Words?

In his first 100 days in office, Trumo promised a lot and so far is delivering a little! With a rash of executive orders to failed court appearance. Sources are saying that this is WORSE than WATERGATE YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will talk about: Kellyanne Flynn Spicer Russia Spy Ships and more


Did You Miss Kurtis Blows Interview? Well, Here it Is!

This is a rerun of a superfantastic show that we hosted a couple weeks ago.


SO Glad That Walls Can't Go Around the Radio...Would You Believe...?

The foolishness continues! Hear more about the series of "unfortunate" events revolving around the US and Trump! Also, some real news like Kim Tumeys NEW book and how her new slogan "I Gave Him The WRONG Finger". Sip some tea and enjoy more from Lazandria King, Face Stylist extraordinair!!! Lets not forget World news...ughhhhh How many Executive orders DID he sign and WHAT is the REAL behind it!#FREEMELANIABishop Eddie LongNew Edition is KILLING IT--againRussia and the NEW US of the...


Mz OptimiZm SpeakZ Welcomes the Legendary Kurtis Blow!

Tonight, we are honored to have the iconic Kurtis Blow on the show! Hear about his career and how he became number one!! It all began in 1979, at the age of twenty, Kurtis Blow became the first rapper to be signed by a major label, Mercury, which released "Christmas Rappin'". It sold over 500,000 copies. Its follow-up, "The Breaks", also sold over half a million copies. He was also the first rapper to perform overseas. He released ten albums over the next eleven years. His first album was...


This is What 2017 started to bring--Trump, Drama, Joy and Tears. Hear Why...

Happy Happy NEW YEAR!!!! We are BACK and more live than EVER! Tonight is a bittersweet episode because the word is out about Trumps scandal. Plus, We have to say goodbye to one of the most AWESOME Presidents that ever served these United States--President Obama gave the most amazing Farewell speeches with poise and respect. Now of course, there are "other" outlets that claim that he did mediocre job and had poor taste in his speech. Que Sera Sera.... Here are our topics: Pres. Obama's...


The Mz OptimiZm SpeakZ Show goes OFF~~~ Turn up on the Topics!

Tonight we are sharing so much insight about what is going on on a universal, local and personal level! What are the true issues hidden behind the shade? Is it possible that we are so blinded with the foolsiness that we forget to be true to what we stand for and ot believe in? Smiling facesRepublican DebateWhy is Serena Williams being hated on? Why can't she just enjoy the cover maaaaaan??Should we let our kids believe in Santa?Why do women throw shade??Justin Beiber sleeping with two (or...


Who Runs The World... Tonight we are Featuring the Top Women in Charge!

Who runs the World...girls-- well women too! This evening, we are showcasing women that are doing their thing and impacting thousand while doing so! Meet Jennifer Jackson- She is a Millennial Transition Coach who helps students and recent graduates navigate life after school. Being a recent grad and millennial Jennifer realized that there is a huge knowledge gap between the information that is covered in most school curriculums and the information we need to actually navigate the adult...


The Legendary James "D Train" Williams & Love and Lyrics, all on Mz. OptimiZm

This evening, the sultry oh so talented James "D Train" Williams is stopping by the show and we couldn't be more excited!! Be sure to call in! (773)897-6374 and or email us James “D Train” Williams is most known for his R&B songs “You’re The One For Me” and “Keep On.” As a songwriter, D Train has written for numerous artists (Patti Austin, Carl Anderson, George Duke, Bob Sinclair, and Cheryl Lynn), and has lent his voice on songs for the likes of Michael Jackson,...


REPLAY Skulduggery & Chicanery Within Public Policies...Why So Double Standard?

When is enough enough? There are so many double standard flying around that it is difficult to grasp whats real anymore!!! Tonight, we will delve into the following topics..hold on tight because this is going to be a deep one!!! The planned Parenthood shooter labeled as gentle and misunderstood, while Mike Brown and other unarmed black men were labled thugs that were anitsocial and anti-law.Karyn White SNUBBED from her own song!!!100 Pastors to support OR not... CNN Describes Freddie Gray...


If This World Was Mine--What Would be Changed and Why?

This evening, we will talk about the drastic changes that is going on in Society today, from politics to activism we will cover it all! Join us as we explore the following topics: What's up with this Cabinet--is this a joke?Soccer Team plane crashBlack Santa being boycotted? 2016 the year of the Reaper- celebrities that die over the lat 11 monthCam Newton being benched- to tie or not to tieAlec Baldwin- I will stop roasting you when you turn over your tax returns then Love and...


The Lemonade Stand-- When Obstacles Hit, Optimism Pulls You Through!

Sometimes in life, we are handed lemons, leaving us with a choice of sour tastes or delicious lemonade--you are the decision maker! Toinght, we will share what we are most grateful for as well as how life may have handed people lemons but they turned it around!!! Also, ways to increase that pocket for the holdays! Shopping hacks and revenue winners that will lace that pocket up just in time for the holidays! PLUS!!! Superstar the Gentleman him self, Mr Danny Clay!!! He has that sultry oh so...


So Much To be Thankful For! Let's Focus on The Positive Like Lucas Holliday!

Tonight! Call in to chat with our guests and your hosts. (773)897-6374 gets you into the cue of one of the hottest stations in #PopCulture and beyond. Topics: Everyone knows him as the Dollar General dude that could sing, but hear from Lucas Holliday on our show. Hear how he totally ROCKS Ascension by Maxwell, how he went viral in 0-60 secs and he'll share exactly what happened after GMA got a hold of his video?? Talk about gratitude. Then, we want to share our stories and hear from YOU!...


Is this the END...Check out the show and see for yourself!

Is this the END?? Tonight, Mz O and Seven explore the topics that folks are contending is a bad start and will end horribly!! The news has put the world on notice, now it is up to you to determine what is truth and what is fluff! Also, let's take a look at music and see if music as we know it is on it's last limb.. Pence and his emailsTrump- a WHITE Supremicist in disguise??Bernie sounds offYOU ARE FIRED!! Folks that lost their jobs because of Social MediaLove and Lyrics... And so much more,...


Now That The Election is Over, is There a New Normal? Is Orange the NEW Black?

Tonight, we will talk about the outcomes of the 2016 Circus...oops Elections. OMG what a shocker last night was--did anyone expect this outcome? Now that it is over, can we go back to "normal" what ever that is. Please call in to talk about the following topics: But Hillary dabbed, why didn she looseDoes the DNC regret smitting Bernie yet?The RED/Orange HouseCAN Trump be awesome?KKK in NC???Canadian Site CRASHEDDow Jones plummetsLove and Lyrics Share this with a friend and lets have mature...


The Grand Scheme of Things--2016 is going to hell in a hand basket... here's why

Check this out!!!, Wednesday Nov 2nd @9:30pm EST the dynamic duo will tackle the issue on race, privilege and social status through the following stories: Chloe Hodashian BEGGED to stay away from the CavsEzekiel Elliot, charges coming back to haunt him and his careerWhat is really going in in North DakotaWhy are all of these distractions happening just 8 days prior to election?DO NOT WRITE IN SANDERS PLUS the love for the Arts and Music, Seven will stroke the perspective of music and where...