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THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Batman Set Photos, Indiana Jones 5, and Pretending I’m a Superman – EP42

ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us for our first live show on March 7th in Santa Monica, CA at APOGEE Today’s update we bring back Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Games, Indiana Jones 5, and more Batman! In our Q&A portion we discuss our favorite foods from chips to wings. If you’d like...


Afro Samurai (The Series) – EP132

ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us for our first live show on March 7th in Santa Monica, CA at APOGEE The road to Justice leaves a lot of bloodshed especially in seeking REVENGE! The Nerds take a step back to a feudal yet futuristic Japan with Afro Samurai! Fuminori Kizaki, created a...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Batman Suit Revealed, Sonic Movie, Rick Moranis, Nerd On! Live Show – EP41

Today’s update we discuss the reveal of Matt Reeves’ Batman Suit, the box office of the latest videotape movie adaptation, and more. In our Q&A portion explore our favorite gems, Netflix’s Bright, and our own superhero movie. ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us for our first live show on March 7th in Santa...


Fast Color

Today we Break apart the sky with “Fast Color”! This film, from Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz, is about 3 generations of women from a small town with a very special gift. If something’s broken it stays broken, but can that be said for this family? Find out our thoughts,...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Nerd On! Live Show, Death Battle Sindel, and Sam Raimi – EP40

Today’s update we discuss the latest in our Live Show on March 7th in Santa Monica, CA, Voice acting that you can see, and the future of the MCU. In our Q&A portion we answer questions about our preferred time of day and Oscar Best Picture Winners of Yesteryear. If you’d...


Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) – EP130

ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us for our first live show on March 7th in Santa Monica, CA at APOGEE STUDIO Gotham is filled with many colorful characters, but not Mister J! Because she’s Harley freaking Quinn! Today the nerds take a ride back into the DCEU, with The Birds of Prey...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson, Mission Impossible 7 & 8

Today’s update we discuss the latest in casting on Loki for Disney Plus, Tweets for Mission Impossible, and the controversy around Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. In our Q&A portion, we answer questions about video game functions in remakes and what always makes us cry. If you’d like to have...



For the first time, we are celebrating Black filmmakers and films that have influenced American cinema and culture. The Nerds sit back with Smokey and Craig because they ain’t got no job and ain’t got shit to do! Light ’em if you got em, hide your valuables from Deebo, and...


HBO’s Watchmen Created by Damon Lindeloff

It’s a new era, and a new BONUS EPISODE! Today, with only Josh, Corey and Tom; we discuss the hit HBO series created by Damon Lindeloff; “WATCHMEN”! Starring Regina King and Jeremy Irons, the nerds gasm over every aspect of the show from the inception of the show, the secret...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: DCEU in CW, Terry Jones, and Kobe Bryant

Today’s update we discuss the recent losses in Comedy and LA Culture with Terry Jones and Kobe Bryant, the appearance of Ezra Miller on the CW, and the new Witcher animated series. In our Q&A portion we answer questions about our magician name and what is the first thing we...


Alan Moore's Watchmen

Who Watches the Watchmen? But is that really all Alan Moore was asking? The Nerds turn the pages to the New York Times Best Seller Alan Moore’s Watchmen. The comic book/graphic novel that paved a way for a new era of comic books and characters. We discuss the interplay of...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Morbius Trailer, Cyberpunk 2077, Giant Sized Nightcrawler

Today’s update we discuss the delays in the top titles of 2020 games, the new Sony Marvel Film, and the latest from Jonathan Hickman! In our Q&A we discuss a potential topic, gaming speed runs, and more! If you’d like to have your questions answered, email us at Be...


Bad Boys For Life

Fifteen Years ago, Mike and Marcus blew up the streets of Miami, today they do it again, FOR LIFE! The Nerds ride in their new suits and cars just to get them destroyed in BAD BOYS FOR LIFE! Upon the third installment on this franchise, we discuss the Easter eggs...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Blue Beetle TV Show, New Mutants, RIP College Humor

Today’s update we discuss the HBO MAX’s new DC show, questionable and exciting news of Marvel, and recent layoffs from College Humor! In our Q&A portion we answer questions about our top films of 2019, punny names, and spending the day with a deceased celebrity. If you’d like to have...


Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion

Since 1996 the world has cried out for an explanation for what was so special about Evangelion. Today, the Nerds attempt to dive in their Mechs, filled with LCL, and understand the plethora of symbols, subtext, and meaning to Hideako Anno’s Anime Masterpiece. With the power of a new dub,...


THE NERD ON! UPDATE: Netflix Line Up, The JJ Cut, A Quiet Place 2 Trailer

Today’s update we discuss the 2020 line up of Netflix Original films, Disney’s latest financial success, and newest movie news! In our Q&A portion we answer questions from, how we are doing, video game character customizations, and favorite feature of modern games. If you’d like to have your questions answered,...


Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

As the seasons change like a new school year, so must we. Joining us yet again, Mikey and the Harry Potter Saga continues with Harry Potter and THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN! Directed by Alfonso Curon, we meet Sirius Black and the new film techniques this third year of Hogwarts provides....



Today’s update we are celebrating the holiday with our family and the way we do it here is answering more questions from you! These questions range from which celebrity do we find to be the most like a superhero? The best gift we’ve ever been given and received? Our favorite...


The Big Lebowski

We are Nerds, or Nerderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing! Today, the Nerds you know and love, ring in the New Year of 2020 with some Bowling! The Topic of the day and week and sometimes a lifetime is THE BIG LEBOWSKI! Meet Josh’s first favorite film...


MANDALORI-ON! - The Mandalorian: Chapter 8

All great things must come to a close and even give birth to a show that has a character make the ultimate sacrifice, but will it return for more? Find out our thoughts on Chapter 8: Redemption on this episode of Mandalori-ON! Be sure to subscribe and follow the show...