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Player Select

Ready Player One and the last several months of pop culture in one podcast.


Back for the Third Time

Lyle and Marco discuss Strange Days and virtual reality.


We Never Should Have Trusted Hollywood.

It's a cliche at this point, but the glittery lights of Hollywood hide a dark heart. Makeup caked over a rotting corpse. Join us as we discuss the deserved and not so deserved reputations of some of Hollywood's stars.


Does anyone care about the sheep's dreams?

What does it meant to be human? What kind of box office can that bring in? Lyle and Marco discuss Blade Runner:2049, the original Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick and the reality of adaptation. We also try to remember a fictional Utopia that works. Plus the Demolition Man prophecies and more.


Aballah Doon plus Chance Hambright

The Dark Tower, the MCU, an Obi-Wan film.


La Cosa Nerdstra

It's this thing we have. The Family. Omerta. But Hollywood has done a lot to romanticize the Mob. Goodfellas and the Godfather Part 2 are held up as some of the greatest movies ever made, but the are a total fabrication of the imagination. The mafia was about making money. It always has been and always will be, but why are we so entertained by these stories? Join us as we dive deep and discuss "Our Thing".


Hiatus Behindus

With life in the way Lyle and Marco haven't had a chance to cast a pod. That sounds like gastropod. Is that like an octupus or something? I don't remember. Join us for their return as the discuss Comic-con trailers, all the things they watched while not podcasting, and Nazis in fiction. Marvel as they complain about not watching all of the shows on their watchlists. Quake in anticipation for Thor: Ragnarok, Stranger Things 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Justice League, and so much more.


Steve McQueen, Steve McQueen, Coolest motherscratcher on the silver screen.

Have you been hearing the name Steve McQueen a lot lately? Don't get the reference? Lyle is here to herald the King. The King of Cool that is. So sit back, relax and listen as Lyle tells you about the biggest box office draw of the 1970s.


Deathtroopers At Last!

Lyle, Marco, and Marco's brother, whose name I do not know, hop into a discussion of Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Clones: An Excuse to Sell Action Figures.


Blathering Blatherskite!

Lyle and Marco reconvene to complain about their friends not showing up. Fun for the whole dysfunctional family!


The Cult of Celebrity or the in living colour song

A Marilyn Monroe auction got me thinking.


Episode #4: Stranger Things have happened. Plus Les Woodral

We recap last week then dive into Stranger Things. A blast of nostalgia, just as everyone is getting into the 90s. Amazon self-publisher and Noted Author Les Woodral joins us to discuss his 3 books and 80s horror. Fallon is out this week with a bad case of capitalism, but the show must go on! Comment any questions you have for us or the author below or e-mail us at nerdroadpodcast@gmail.com. or tweet us @nerdroadpodcast.


Episode 3: Episode 1, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Jar Jar.

Picking up from last week we finish up our Time Travel discussion before moving on to Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Just in time for Rogue One. Fallon is out so no berating Lyle, Lyle confuses actors with Scott B in their names and Marco and Keith are clever enough to carry the show. You can send questions and hate mail to nerdroadpodcast@gmail.com or tweet us your half-formed manifestoes @nerdroadpodcast.


Episode 2: The Redemption

This week we try not to be terrible as we discuss time travel. Time travel in pop culture. Time travel in regular culture. Time travel in horticulture. Probably not that last one. We've seen time travel dramas, comedies, sci-fi action spectaculars. We are seeing an explosion of stories dealing with time travel right now and its time to discuss the trope. Join Keith, Marco, Lyle, and Fallon as they figure out podcasting technology.


Getting to know your hosts.

Keith Foster. Lyle Kiser. Marco Lopez. and Special Guest Fallon Magnus. Are going to try really hard to entertain you. Geeks, Nerds, Pop-Culture Warriors! Lend us some of your time! We are here to entertain, to ramble, and go off on tangents so wild they'll be practically Lovecraftian. We're going to discuss why we are geeks. Our fandoms, our collections, our secret nerd shame. And it's on blogtalkradio.com so you can call in and demand that money we owe you!