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Hosted by Erik Weihenmayer (the first blind person to summit Mt. Everest; among many other perhaps more impressive achievements) our audience tunes into hear stories of perseverance along with the outcomes on the other side. Individuals who've defied the odds (defying the odds) or flipped the script of their lives are frequent guests. - Podcast producer contact:


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Hosted by Erik Weihenmayer (the first blind person to summit Mt. Everest; among many other perhaps more impressive achievements) our audience tunes into hear stories of perseverance along with the outcomes on the other side. Individuals who've defied the odds (defying the odds) or flipped the script of their lives are frequent guests. - Podcast producer contact:




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Exoskeleton Evolution: New Frontiers in Disability and Mobility Assistance

You've arrived at the intersection of human willpower and biomechanics. After this episode you’ll be wondering, “is the term ‘disability’ about to be dismantled and and reshaped by pioneers using the power of technology?” Our guests are Keenon Werling and Russel Martin, two pHd students from the Stanford Biomechatronics lab. The topic. Wearable Robots. Exoskeletons. Maybe the first image that comes to mind are futuristic versions of these creations. They are all over Hollywood in blockbuster movies like Avatar, Black Panther, Spider man, Iron Man. But here in the real world, innovations in exoskeletons have the potential to truly change lives. Can they give someone confined to a wheelchair the option of walking down the street? ….or what about an exoskeleton that gives them the freedom to go for a run…garage along the beach. One thing about Keenon. He can’t go for that run on the beach, give his wife a piggy back, or hike with his dog… Why? He has an incurable degenerative neuropathy, which has been slowly paralyzing him from the feet up. Life in a wheelchair could be right around the corner for him. Is restoring mobility for people with disabilities like Keenon’s really possible? Stick around and find out. The Lab: Keenon Werling: Russell Martin Lab overview video.


Davis Phinney & Kevin Kwok. Healthy and Strong and Living with Parkinson's.

WEBSITE: The Davis Phinney Foundation WATCH: 8 minutes. Davis Phinney Moment of Victory.


Action Audio with Tim Devine

Today, we’re talking augmented reality with audio and ultimately sensory substitution. Our guest is Tim Devine. He and his team at Action Audio have developed a product that translates the spatial data from live sports into sound, allowing blind and low vision audiences to follow the action in real time. It’s not just functional tech though, it’s emotional. He wants to bring the tension, the anticipation… the core of what makes live sports amazing to watch, to this audience. Tim shares his journey into the world of sound design, starting with a focus on tennis and eventually collaborating with the NBA, transforming data into an immersive 3D spatial audio experience. You'll hear Tim's passion for music, emotion, and sound come to life as we discuss everything from enhancing the broadcast experience to the future expansions in sports like soccer and football. Tim's story isn't just about technological breakthroughs; it's about persistence, responsibility, and the drive to make ideas accessible to those who will most benefit from them.


Alice Brouhard - Beyond Caregiving, A Journey of Independence

Today we meet Alice Brouhard and her daughter Kara. When Kara was 5 she was struck by an out of control skier. The accident caused a traumatic brain injury, left Kara legally blind and mostly paralyzed on one side of her body. Kara's parents helped her relearn as much as they could and raised Kara to live as independently as possible, patiently pushing her to chase her dreams. Alice took finding assistive technology into her own hands and in the process became a champion of the use of technology to support people with memory and cognitive challenges. She has worked tirelessly to set up a system that allows Kara to live independently. What keeps Alice going? How does Kara navigate life with such spirit, and what does it tell us about accessibility and resilience? We’ll hear about Kara's incredible journey and her dedication to living independently, even amidst challenges like vision loss, paralysis, and seizures. Today, she manages her life with the help of wonderful technology but more than anything, her fiery spirit.


Nick Martinez "Extra Mode"

What would you with an extra tank of gas? It’s a metaphor for living that we had not heard, until now, when we interviewed Nick Martinez. He’s a true adventurer and survivor of life's highest peaks and deepest valleys. And to complete the metaphor, yes, the fuel indeed ran out and not just once. His narratives provide insight into his world of BASE jumping and climbing as well as his life-altering experiences that have shaped his unique perspective on life, death, and everything in-between. He’s lost loved ones in tragic accidents and survived near-death experience himself. You’ll hear how he emerged with a view of life with "extra mode" activate - an extra tank of gas, something to be cherished and refueled every day, with the good things.


Dr. Dennis Charney - Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges



Rob Cahill and 4DWN

4DWN Film Trailer


Nic Novicki

8/30/2023 The Disability Challenge video.


Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard is no stranger to pushing the limits, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring others to live a no barriers life. That’s why he’s our guest today AND in a few weeks when we see him on stage at the No Barriers Summit. His first No Barriers Summit was 12 years ago and a pivotal moment in his life, because soon thereafter he bear crawled to the top the highest mountain in Africa. Bearcrawled? He’s got a rare condition known as congenital amputation, that left him with arms that end at his elbows and legs that end near his knees. Today Kyle shares stories of his transformation, but we go beyond physical feats and explore the deeper motivations that drive him. Like the importance of connection and the power of using climbing as a vehicle to foster relationships, AND his upcoming project aimed at creating a long-lasting impact in the world. Join us as for stories of triumph, growth, and the relentless pursuit of a life without barriers. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to embrace your own journey.


JR Martinez Live at the Summit

In anticipation of the No Barriers annual 3-day festival we call the Summit (starts on Aug 25th), we’re re-releasing an episode that was recorded live at a previous Summit in Lake Tahoe. The guest? JR Martinez. His journey is filled with ups and downs. While on patrol with his Army unit in Iraq, his vehicle was hit with a roadside bomb. He was trapped inside as the explosives his vehicle was carrying detonated around him. During his recovery with over 30 surgeries and skin grafts, he found solace in helping other wounded veterans. 8 years later, an opportunity to join Dancing with the Stars arrived… you’ve heard of the show maybe?? …. and he (with his dancing partner) won the whole thing! He was in the spotlight now. Writing a book came soon after, the title: Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and Spirit. In this episode JR shares these experiences with us in an engaging way. And through out it his message of resilience and optimism rings true.


Brad Ludden, First Descents



Dr. Diva Amon, Behind the Bubble

Follow Diva on Twitter @divaamon and Instagram @diva_amon, or visit her website


Kathy Eldon, the active soul in all of us



Freeriding Blind with Jacob Smith

5/18/2023 VIDEO: Invisible Mountains: Jacob Smith, Blind Skier (Skiing the Big Couloir)


The Brewability Lab with Tiffany Fixter

Many entrepreneurs say that starting a business is something they always felt destined to do. Then there are people who never in a million years thought they’d be running their own business, but, lo and behold, somehow the opportunity found them. The ‘accidental’ entrepreneur some might call themselves. Meet Tiffany Fixter. She founded The Brewability Lab, and what’s interesting is not only her path there, but the entrepreneurial journey, filled with challenges and adversity, that she is still smack in the middle of right now. Unique to this business are its employees. Disabled, abled, neurodiverse, you name it… bottom line, great beer and food create by people who’ve traditionally seen very limited career options. This inclusive workplace Tiffany is creating is prepping its employees for more opportunities beyond. How does she do that? How does she handle the skeptics? Was she destined for this journey or was it an accident? Hang around and find out.


Baking Blind with Penny Melville Brown

Penny Melville Brown's passion is cooking. However, for a career she chose the Royal Navy. Yes she’s British. During her service in the Royal Navy she became the first female barrister there; it’s a type of lawyer, the ones that wear those wigs. Then as it happened to all of our guests on this podcast, she had a life altering moment. In Penny’s case, she lost her sight and had to leave her 20-year career with the Navy. The next chapter of her life get’s real interesting. With an eye towards her cooking roots, she sets her mind on a culinary focused worldwide journey to learn and teach the concepts of baking blind. In the process she’s shattered assumptions about the capabilities of blind chefs. In this episode we jump from the Australian outback, to the streets of Paris, to a small Malawian village, and more.


In the Fight with Sam Tokita

SAM'S SOCIALS: Instagram - BionicKick VIDEO: Muay Thai and Me WEBSITE:


Journeys of the Unexpected with Eric Larsen

Polar adventurer, expedition guide, dog musher and educator, Eric Larsen has spent the past 15 years of his life traveling in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. He traversed 550 miles of shifting sea ice and open ocean to get to the North Pole. That wasn’t enough, so off he went to the South Pole. 600 frozen miles and 41 days later he made it. Then back to the North Pole in winter, then up to the top of Mt. Everest… shall I go on? The curveball arrived. Did these journeys of isolation and endurance prepare him for the ultimate battle; one for survival in the face of an unexpected cancer diagnosis? In this episode Larsen's shares his honest and thoughtful insights; honed from the mental gymnastics practiced during the the isolation experienced in expanses of snow and ice.


2022 Year End Recap

To kick off 2023 we want to take a trip down memory lane from 2022. This episode showcases some of our favorite highlights from guests we spoke to in 2022. Enjoy! Listen to the full episodes referenced in this episode. EPISODE 136: 500 MPH WITH FORMER BLUE ANGELS PILOT JOHN FOLEY EPISODE 148: OVERCOMING TRAGEDY WITH SEBASTIAN “ZUKO” CARRASCO EPISODE 152: MINDSETS WITH MATT LEWIS, NAVY SEAL AND COO EPISODE 159: LONNIE BEDWELL FEAR SLAYER EPISODE 161: DR> HOBY WEDLER AND HIS SUPER SENSES EPISODE 162: SEEING SILENCE WITH PETER MCBRIDE


Buddy Levy Unpacking a Quest for Knowledge

A long or arduous search for something. The act of seeking. The idea of a quest is littered throughout history with 1000s of famous examples. Right now? humans want to go to mars AND return to the moon. The quest to solve climate or energy crisis is happening in real time. What do these have to do with the… Disastrous and Heroic Voyage of the 1913 Canadian Arctic Expedition …. the life of the famous Apache leader Geron-imo …a 16th century explorer’s death defying navigation of the Amazon … or the The Real-Life Adventures of David Crockett. In the words of our guest today, Buddy Levy, who’s authored books with those titles, he says, “Humankind’s quest for knowledge and understanding has set many a historical precedent. And these historical models provide a sort of connective tissue for today’s innovators and thought leaders who will show us the way to do the things we need to do in the future to survive on this big rock.”