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Resmaa Menakem Reissue

Resmaa Menakem released a racialized trauma e-course in 2019 to work in concert with 'My Grandmother's Hands.' This is a reissue of his appearance in 2018 with a brief new opening about the e-course. “For 400 years you have not had to address this.” - Resmaa Menakem Resmaa Menakem talks about his work and the goals of his book 'My Grandmother's Hands,' including the healing needed around racialized trauma, the different approaches needed for different bodies, and whose responsibility it...


Keisha TK Dutes | Season 3 Episode 7

“When white people make roses, they’re just f***ing roses!” On this episode, TK Dutes talks about code switching, producing radio, what it means to be professional and the realities of living your dream. Keisha TK Dutes is a graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College with a degree in TV/Radio. Throughout her college career, she found her niche in college radio stations and began honing her personality as an energetic, opinionated, funny programmer and thorough interviewer. Listen to TK's radio...


Nancy Lyons | Season 3 Episode 6

“There’s a big difference between lived equality and legal equality.” Nancy has been locally and nationally recognized for her role as owner and CEO of Clockwork. She is co-author of “Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process” (New Riders, 2012) and author of the upcoming book, “How to Win at Business by Being Nice to Humans.” She serves as the Chair Emeritus of the National Board of Directors of the Family Equality Council, is on the Board of Trustees at Minnesota...


Cat Polivoda | Season 3 Episode 5

“Health is not a moral imperative.” On this episode, fat feminist Cat Polivoda delves into body positivity, fat advocacy and what it takes to run her own business. She also talks about being a joyous person and explains what happens when we conflate thinness with health. Cat Polivoda owns Cake Plus-Size Resale - a body positive, plus-size thrift shop in Minneapolis, MN. Focused on fostering a shop space and local community centered on radical self love and size-acceptance, she is...


Filiberto Nolasco Gomez | Season 3 Episode 4

“Just because it’s journalism doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive. It can feel good, too.” Filiberto Nolasco Gomez grew up in a working-class Mexican community in Eastern Los Angeles. On this episode of the podcast, he talks about how much his name means to him and how challenging it seems to be for folks to pronounce it correctly. He also talks about citizenship, the real work of being a journalist, what music means to him and how masculinity operates as a means of survival and...


Not About You 3 minute sampler

This is a 3 minute sample with clips from a few episodes of Not About You. Check it out, share it, and then subscribe and listen to all of the episodes!


Resmaa Menakem | Not About You Season 3 : Episode 3

“For 400 years you have not had to address this.” - Resmaa Menakem Resmaa Menakem talks about his work and the goals of his book 'My Grandmother's Hands,' including the healing needed around racialized trauma, the different approaches needed for different bodies, and whose responsibility it is to engage with the work of racial and social justice. Resmaa Menakem MSW, LICSW, S.E.P. has appeared on both The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Phil as an expert on conflict and violence. He has served...


Tricia Heuring | Not About You Season 3 : Episode 2

“My Thai-ness or sense of Thai identity is not up for anyone else to quantify based on how white I seem.” Tricia Heuring talks about being "racially ambiguous" and "automatically American." She shares her culture shock from arriving in the US at 18 having learned about her own American culture largely through television and American cultural items she had access to growing up in Egypt, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. And Tricia shares how her lived experiences have given her a unique...


Ashley Fairbanks | Not About You Season 3 : Episode 1

This episode features Ashley Fairbanks talking about growing up poor, being Anishinaabe and whether or not there’s a right way to be native. Ashley talks about the relationship between art and activism and she shares where her confidence comes from. Ashley Fairbanks is an Anishinaabe artist, organizer, and digital strategist. As an interdisciplinary designer, Ashley works with a cohort of artists that do racial justice popular education and organizing, seeking ways to creatively...


Yom Kippur sermon by Carin Mrotz 2017

Carin Mrotz presented this Yom Kippur sermon in Minneapolis at the Shir Tikvah Synagogue in 2017 The text as prepared for delivery: In preparing, I asked my self: What do I want to say to you. What do I need you to know, today, on Yom Kippur. And who am I to tell you? I think about that a lot – who am I in relation to this congregation, this community. I’m the director of an organization that serves this community, and also asks a lot of you. And I’m a member of this congregation. It can...


Whiteness | Not About You special episode 20

This episode features three conversations about how white folks can engage with themselves and the world in response to racism and anti-semitism. This is a response to the events in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017, as well as so many other things happening in the United States. These conversations were recorded in September of 2017. The guests featured on this episode are: Emily Krumberger Brendan Kelly Laney McKee This episode concludes with a performance of "How to explain white...


Rebecca Kling | Not About You Season 2: Episode 9

“No one is obligated to be an educator about their identity.” Artist Rebecca Kling talks about issues surrounding gender, bathroom use and anti trans activism. She talks about being a transgender activist and educator. Rebecca unpacks the idea of reciprocity and whether someone is or isn't obligated to teach about their identity. She shares personal stories of traveling as a performer and advocate and how that's influenced her understanding of how progress is made. Rebecca also talks...


Bharti Wahi | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 8

“It is difficult to dismantle a system that is invisible to you.” Bharti Wahi talks about frequently dealing with the question, "what are you?" and where that question comes from. She talks about growing up in rural Minnesota with immigrant parents from Canada and Southeast Asia. Bharti talks about systemic oppression and the challenges in the way of changing systems. She talks about the myth that brown people don't live in the middle of the country and about being angry but staying...


Eric Pogi Sumangil | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 7

"People are trying to figure out how to categorize you and I think that's just a human thing." 'Pogi' talks about being an actor of color and how that makes him wonder about parts he does or doesn't get. He talks about people assume he speaks Spanish because of how he looks even though he's a Filipino-American. He talks about identifying outside of the typical "racial binary" and about being a part of a family that has ongoing immigration into the US. Eric 'Pogi' Sumangil is a two-time...


PH Copeland | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 6

PH Copeland shares her experience as a Pan-African woman from North Minneapolis building power through community organizing. She shares about the way larger women are treated and talked to, the way people attempt to complement and connect that can lead to unintended harm. And she talks about the large and small ways people can dismantle oppressive systems.


Jess Banks | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 5

"I have decided I don't care enough to be normal." On this episode, Jess Banks talks about tracing her inability to ignore injustice back to childhood and how that set her apart from her family. She shares openly her struggles with chronic pain and what it's like to being a parent with autism raising a child with autism. Jess also talks about why she shows up to her activism work, what she gets from being a part of movements and what it means to her to be a part of a community. Jess Banks...


Kareem Tabsch | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 4

“If it has to get aggressive in a way of defending myself or others, I’m absolutely okay with that.” Why does representation matter on film, in art and in life? Documentary filmmaker, film programmer and arts advocate Kareem Tabsch answers this question and so many others. Kareem talks about being a first generation American to Lebanese and Latino parents, growing up in Miami and getting his first exposure to film and movies via PBS. Kareem Tabsch is the co-founder and co-director of...


Timothy Iverson | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 3

"I took the word 'cripple' and I've been swinging it around sort of like a bull in a china shop." Timothy Iverson talks about his early life with Cerebral Palsy that required many surgeries and now means he walks with crutches. He talks about the process of going to a special school and then being "mainstreamed" in a way that was meant to be positive but didn't necessarily have positive results. He also talks about the way people treat folks with physical disabilities, how he's come to...


Taj Ruler | Not About You S2 : E2

“Often times an assumption of most people is that I am white.” Taj Ruler talks about being bi-racial but mostly being perceived as white. She talks about the differences between time in her mother's house where Sri Lankan culture was prominent and in her father's house SpaghettiOs where more common and explains the feeling of not quite fitting in either space. Taj talks about her own, ongoing quest to understand her identity. And she explains the challenges of being a person of color who...


Carin Mrotz | Not About You Season 2 : Episode 1

“I think that spending time with only people exactly like you is sad and boring.” On this episode, Carin Mrotz talks about growing up with social justice through the lens of teacher parents who engaged with the union. She talks about what American’s think of when we think of the American Jewish community and how that isn’t necessarily representative of the diversity of Jewish experiences and voices. Can unpacks how whiteness hurts literally everyone, talks about the relationship between...