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Your podcast for all things awesome! We like to talk about things that are awesome like anime, video games, books, you know. The same stuff all the other geeky podcasts talk about. But can they tell you what's awesome? All the time? I think NOT. But we can. That's what specialize in: AWESOME. Updates every other Monday.

Your podcast for all things awesome! We like to talk about things that are awesome like anime, video games, books, you know. The same stuff all the other geeky podcasts talk about. But can they tell you what's awesome? All the time? I think NOT. But we can. That's what specialize in: AWESOME. Updates every other Monday.
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Your podcast for all things awesome! We like to talk about things that are awesome like anime, video games, books, you know. The same stuff all the other geeky podcasts talk about. But can they tell you what's awesome? All the time? I think NOT. But we can. That's what specialize in: AWESOME. Updates every other Monday.






OSMinterview! Mr. Creepy Pasta @ Hamacon 9

OK so maybe it's no longer the spookytimes right now. Right now, it's all New Year, New You, New Year's Resolutions, and all that kind of stuff times. Well how about a new OSMinterview? Let's go back in time, back when it would be all spooky and stuff! Because what we have here, is an interview with YouTube's own Mr. Creepy Pasta! He reads stories. That are creepy. They may, or may not, have pasta in them.


OSMcast! Show #145: Moments of TN OSM (HamaMini 2018)

Welcome to 2019, everybody! We are just so glad you could make it. In honor of such an auspicious occasion, we have an episode we recorded back in November of 2018! It's actually a whole new format! Kinda. Since our uh, "acquisition" of the Chainsaw Buffet Podcast a short while ago, I have these amazing guys on occasion to gab with. So we decided that whenever we can pin them down (usually at cons), we will! And we did. So here is an episode with mostly the TN Crew! It's all very exciting.


OSMinterview! Erika Harlacher @ Hamacon 9

Hello world! The OSMcast is back yet again with questions and answers, but we're asking the questions here this time! That's our deal! Well, we struck a dark bargain with Erika Harlacher, at any rate. What was that dark, terrible bargain? That we could ask her questions, and she would give us answers! All in all, it was a pretty sweet deal.


OSMcast! Show #144: Questions from Listeners Like You, NOV in DEC Edition

So back in the far flung past (last month or so*) we solicited questions from the people. Mostly on Twitter. Also via spamming Third Impact Anime's Facebook Community. These are those questions. And our answers! In December. Look, time is an illusion, we all know this. *Pretty sure the idea was to record in October, then release in November? But now it's December. Hi December!


OSMinterview! Marianne Miller @ Hamacon 9

Hi everybody! This time around we have got yet another awesome interview for you! At Hamacon 9, we had the chance to sit down with Marianne Miller, whom you may remember from our previous interview, but more likely remember her from her roles on shows like Little Witch Academia, or FLCL Alternative. Either way, enjoy! Warning of Triggers: We do go down some dark rabbit holes. Maybe all of them? certainty a bunch of them. It's an excellent listen, but be forewarned!


OSMinterview! Lula Cosplay & Scissor Wizard Cosplay @ Hamacon 9

OK so, we here at the OSMcast are not exactly a um, well. dealers in the visual medium. We deal more in the business of audio. If we were a Transformer, we'd be best represented by Blaster or Soundwave. Really what we are getting at here is that this episode is a whole audio feast about a visual medium known as costume play. You know, cosplay. Specially, an interview with the wonderful cosplayers Scissor Wizard Cosplay and Lula Cosplay. There were the cosplay guests for Hamacon 9, and we...


OSMcast! Show #143: The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2018

When we last checked into the Momocon Indie Games area when they started in 2015, we covered 18 games. Well, now it's 2018! So how many games did we check out in this year's Momocon? counts 23? GOOD LORD. Here's our takes on said 23 games, live from the archives during Momocon 2018.


OSMinterview! Austin Tindle @ Hamacon 9

In this latest and greatest of the OSMcast, we have yet another OSMinterview! John sat down with the one and only Austin Tindle, a voice-over artist that has been in many a great anime. He was folks like Crowley Eusford (Seraph of the End), Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Marco Bodt (Attack on Titan), Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom), Avilio Bruno (91 Days), and more! So stay a while and listen~


OSMcast! Show #142: Sailor Moon R, S, & SuperS: The Movies

OK folks strap in, because we are about to get up into some serious moon power. That's right, we are talking about the animated sensation that's bigger than Power Rangers and Turtles COMBINED. Aw yea, we are talking about everyone's favorite, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! Well, the movies anyway! We recently got to catch theatrical release of Sailor Moon R, S, AND SuperS and we just couldn't wait to yammer about them on a microphone. Please share and enjoy!


OSMcast! Show #141: Aggretsuko

Same show, new podcast, and a slightly different way to title them! So let's get to the whole point here. We have an episode of the OSMcast! right here, for you, about Aggretsuko! That wonderful rocking red panda pal from our friends at Sanrio. The show is on Netflix, made by the studio Fanworks, and directed by Rarecho. We also talk about other things! Which you can find out about by listening to the episode! Or check the Time Cues, but that's not nearly as much fun!


OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 10-9-2017

The OSMcast is BACK yet again for a classic late night con report! This time, we stay up waaaaay too late on the Saturday night of AWA to talk about said con. Since Basil and Anna were the only ones from Team OSM around, we stacked the room full of amazing guests! Said guests include, Jared from Oldtaku no Radio, Drew from Akihabara Renditions, as well as Bonus Doug and Jeff! ... From, well, they were in the room so good for them! Being in a room!


OSMcast! Little Witch Academia 9-27-2017

Are we on Netflix? Of course not, as we are a podcast! Why would we be on Netflix? But you know what IS on Netflix? Studio Trigger's Little Witch Academia! So let's talk about Little Witch Academia. Sound good? Great!


OSMcast!!! Yuri!!! on Ice 2-27-2017

So why not tackle a podcast in 2017 with the anime everyone has been talking about?? I dunno, I guess we could have talking about other things, but Yuri!!! on Ice has been on constant repeat for a few members of Team OSM so it seemed like the one to start with. So, here we are! With a podcast all about the anime Yuri!!! on Ice, by the studio MAPPA, directed by Sayo Yamamoto, and written by Mitsurō Kubo.


OSMcast! FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2016 Las Vegas 10-29-2016

Oh hi! The OSMcast (and friends!) went to the latest Final Fanatsy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas, to check out all the sweet surprises they had in store! And boy did they! A new expansion, and lots of teases as to what's coming up next. But we did as much of the Festival as we could, so we could bring it all back to you here. In audio form, no less!


OSMcast! 2015 OSMawards Part One of... er... One 8-29-2016

It's a podcast from the OSMcast in 2016! About... 2015! How exciting! So, we thought we were back, only we weren't. Whoops! But we are here, with an episode. That we recorded all the way back in January! It's the first half of the 2015 OSMawards, that now is in fact, the entirety.


OSMcast! Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 1-11-2016

This is the episode where we talk about Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the amazing expansion to that MMO we here at the OSMcast has been horribly addicted to! In honor of our addiction, please have a podcast all about it.


OSMcast! The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2015 10-26-2015

So speaking of Momocon, this was the first year where they really blew up their video gaming to something truly huge. Something special. they called it the MGX, or Momocon Gaming Experience. Not only was there tons of tabletop gaming to be had, or console gaming, or even an arcade, as they had all of these things. But what Momocon also had, was an indies space for video games. And along with our pals from Chainsaw Buffet, we played almost all of them.


OSMinterview! Greg Weisman @ Momocon 2015

We got to interview Greg Weisman, one of the co-creators of Disney animated series Gargoyles, and also worked on Young Justice, as well as Star Wars Rebels! This was at Momocon 2015, along with the Chainsaw Buffet podcast.


OSMinterview! Erica Mendez @ MTAC 15 to Life

In our final interview of the MTAC 15 to Life Series, we got found out who Erica Mendez's Love Live is! Oh, I guess we should mention that Erica Mendez is the voice over artist of Aladdin in the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic series as well as Ryuko Matoi in Kill la Kill. But importantly, we find out who her favorite Love Live is. Because We Know What Anitwitter Wants™.