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S4, Episode 12: "Duffel Bag"

This week on O.T.C. Podcast the crew discussed how they felt voting for midterms for the first time. The Opinionated opens up on his horrible experience voting (6:00). The Opinionated also shares how he feels about todays music and the lack of quality music is at this point (18:00). The Opinionated and The Cool get into Hip/Hop nerd talk and discuss the greats of RAP (31:15). The Cool dives into his bag and discusses what is missing from the R&B game in this era. The Talkative joins The...


S4, Episode 11: "The Ops" ft. Truth Tha Merch God

The crew sits down and discuss the biggest drops of the year so far with Truth Tha Merch God. New music from artists like Swizz Beatz, Metro Boomin, Styles P, Action Bronson & much more. We also touched on how relationships might effect lack of creativity and ambition (8:30). The Cool confronts Truth Tha Merch God on his loyalty towards Tyga (31:40). The Cool and The Opinionated gets into setting aside what makes a brother and a sister a brothaah & a sisteraaah (45:30). Serious black movie...


S4, Episode 10: "Brief Intermission"

Happy Halloween The crew sits down and brings the energy. In the beginning they discussed their likes and dislikes about Halloween (1:00). The Talkative brought in a list of questions to ask everyone which some questions caused for some deep conversation (11:15). The Cool looks within himself and discusses why his laidback type attitude doesn't bold with his love ones (24:45). The Opinionated goes into a big rant about support in the black and brown community. He shares a special message...


S4, Episode 9: "Uncomfortable Situations"

The crew is back and we are discussing one last coon besides Kanye West. A black 16 year old girl whose name we won't disclose because we can't bring fame to lames. She was recently on the Dr. Phil show discussing why she feels that she is caucasian and not black. We discussed our disgust for the poor child (2:40). The Opinionated shared his uncomfortable story about a situation that happened recently. Then ask everyone how they would had handled the situation (27:00). NEW MUSIC & NEW...


S4, Episode 8: "Bamboozled"

We lost one of our heroes to the other side, yep you guest it "Kanye Omarie West". Definitely one of the biggest disappointments of the year thus far. The Talkative is completely done with him and The Cool been removed himself but the Opinionated had to put all his anger aside and come to terms with the reality. Kanye West is officially a coon. Listen to our last take on Kanye West (10:00). The crew moves on to Drake on Lebron James new show on HBO "The Shop" and discuss Drake talking...


S4, Episode 7: "You Asked..."

The crew sits down and get right to the new music they couldn't get to last week. The Opinionated discussed his disappointment for the debut Sheck Wes album that recently came out. The Cool apologizes to Logic for disregarding his music too early. #AskOTC The crew sits down and goes in depth with questions asked by the fans. Keep on sending those questions, we'll get to them. Instagram The Opinionated: @JDTheOpinionated The Talkative: @lala.toya The Cool: @Jsaint_ Follow us on...


S4, Episode 6: "The False Narrative"

The crew sits down missing one other cast member "The Cool", but The Opinionated and The Talkative worked it out. They started off the conversation discussing Kanye West and all of his media antics regarding politics, worldly issues and his music. The Opinionated shares how he feels on Kanye West and how it hurts us has a black and brown community (2:15). Later in the conversation, they discuss Bill Cosby verdict for the rape charges held against him. The Opinionated gives his honest take...


S4, Episode 5: "Growth First, Pride Never" Ft. May Thurd

This episode is for everyone seeking growth within themselves no matter what profession. The crew sits down and talks Lil Wayne new project "Tha Carter V". Touches on what's to come from Kanye West new music. Are we even excited for it? Then we sat down with the artist "May Thurd" and talked on many topics (30:45). Topics revolving mental health, the importance of education and solutions to best help the black community. When is too much tough love enough? The crew touch base on how...


S4, Episode 4: "What's the Hook?"

The crew sits down and uncover a lot of current events. How did y'all feel about Katt Williams hating on Tiffany Haddish? The crew talks a little bit on their views of Katt Williams and what might had drove him to say these things. Cardi B has been in the headlines a lot recently and It hasn't been for anything positive, we sit down and uncover if Cardi B is a colorist or not. The new iPhone X drops soon, are we tired of Apple selling us cameras or we just like new things? We also discuss...


S4, Episode 3: "808s & Heartbreak"

The crew sits down and have a discussion about mental health and the epidemic it is becoming. How challenging it may be to overcome mental illness and the different outlets you can take to help. Toya gets personal and breaks down what is anxiety and how it feels to have it. She talks about her episodes with depression and much more (4:20). Certain point in the discussion we touched base on Mac Miller and what may had caused him to overdose (23:00). The Crew then sits down and discuss...


S4, Episode 2: "Trial & Error"

September 8th, 2018 was a sad day when we lost the LEGENDARY Mac Miller. R.I.P King In the very beginning Bari the Cool aired out how he really feels (2:00). Bari also discusses Drake performance at the Barclays (11:00). The Opinionated and The Talkative discuss their experience with Afro Punk and the interaction with Denzel Curry (20:00). The crew settles down and get into the music talk by starting off with Nicki Minaj and Queen Radio (30:00). Talk of the week, Eminem dropped a...


S4, Episode 1: "Lost Until Found" Ft. A.R

& we ARE BACK! We have up a new and very talented artist "A.R". We discussed his views on Hip/Hop current state, the importance of time and his pathway to evolve as an artist and a man. Listen out for that epic freestyle (46:27).We also touched on mental health and the reasons why mental health is so big in the Black and Brown community & much more. Most of us suffer from mental health and there outlets to help ease the journey. Whether it is talking to a therapist, your friends, your...


16: S3, Episode 16: "Change Starts with You"

This week the crew sits down and discuss the importance of change, leadership, education and organization within the black and brown community. First we touch on Black Excellence that the BET awards displayed based on some of their performances (3:20). We touch on the tragic death of Junior from the Bronx . A 15 year old kid that died way too early based on a lie & the 44 others that died in the Bronx in the past week due to violence (12:00). Drake season is in full effect and the crew...


15: S3, Episode 15: "Redemption"

This week O.T.C Podcast had a lot to unravel based on the events that happened in the past week. We discussed XXXTentacion unfortunate death and discussed our personal feelings on him as a artist and a person (2:00). Shared our thoughts on Joe Budden personal feelings towards X, his words for Peter Rosenberg and Ak (16:00). To touch on something lighter the crew moved on to the next segment "Black Excellence" (31:40). The crew shared their takes on this year new XXL Freshmen List and...


14: S3, Episode 14: "Donald Hitler"

This week the crew sits down and touch base on Nas new album, Donald Trump(Donald Hitler) camps for immigrated kids, Cardi B Rolling Stone cover & much more. Please be sure to Subscribe/Rate/Comment & Share.Blessings.


13: S3, Episode 13: "Love & CuDi"

Cudi, Cudi, Cudi & more Cudi. This week the crew sits down and talk about the album by Kanye West & KiD CuDi "KIDS SEE GHOST". JD & Bari discussed the love for the album, the love for Cudi classic hums, harmonies and the influence he has on Hip/Hop. Also how Ty Dolla $ign got next up and much more. YES this is a episode basically dedicated to Cudi, so we're calling all Cudi fans, fans of MUSIC period to listen to this episode as JD & Bari share their passion for It all. Please don't...


12: S3, Episode 12: "Ye & Dumb B*tches"

The crew sits down for a honest conversation to discuss Pusha T diss track to Drake. Do you think he went to far rapping about 40 illness? Hear our take on It. We also discussed Kanye West recent album "Ye". We talked about our initial reaction and went in depth with each track. Dumb b*tches, there's a lot of them out there both male and female. Listen in to hear who made the cut this week. Please don't forget to Subscribe/Rate/Comment and Share.Blessings.


11: S3, Episode 11: "Infrared" ft. KidNamedNova

The crew sits down to discuss a very eventful weekend in HipHop with artist KidNamedNova. We talked to Nova about his inspirations, why he started rapping, his belief on trusting the universe & much more. Plus we touch on new music from Pusha T, ASAP Rocky, and the response from Drake to Pusha. Do you expect to hear Pusha T response in the following week? We hope so. Please be sure to Rate/Comment & Share.Have a great day !


10: S3, Episode 10: The Wicked West ft. Joe West

On this episode we have up rapper Joe West to discuss his new found love, Hip/Hop. Joe West describes his upbringing, how Africa changed his perspective and his inspirations in music. The crew also touches on their Top 5 most influential artist in the game. Listen in to hear everyone take on the subject.This week on Black Excellence segment things got a little heated, listen to find out why. Please be sure to Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share


9: S3, Episode 9: "This Is America"

In this episode the crew wishes a Happy Mother's Day to everyone and shares what their mothers meant to them. Toya shares a very touching message with the people. They also touch base on Childish Gambino new song and video "This Is America" and the social impact it started. New music every Friday but does it all sound the same? Listen to what the crew thinks about the new music in this generation. Please don't forget to Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share