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S3, Episode 6: "Time"

On this episode of O.T.C Podcast the crew discuss the new J. Cole album KOD. We also cover on our new segment "Black Excellence" Chadwick Boseman and Lauryn Hill. This episode was based around the concept of "Time" hence the title of this episode. What is time? Are we running out of time? What do you do with your time? Is time a luxury or a gift? Find out on the this episode of O.T.C Podcast. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and share.


S3, Episode 5: Little Lies ft. Steph The Guest

S3, Episode 5: Little Lies ft. Steph The Guest by Just Different, LALA Toya & Bari


4: S3, Episode 4: AdultFilmServices ft. Leonard Outlaw

In this episode of O.T.C Podcast we sit down with Leonard Outlaw, co-founder of streetwear brand "AdultFilmServices". We talk about the reasoning behind the name of his brand, trails and tribulation starting the line, future plans for the brand, his biggest influences in fashion and much more. This is something y'all don't want to miss. Please be sure to show support. *Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share*


S3, Episode 3: Black Excellence ft. Jay "The Truth"

On this episode of O.T.C. podcast we introduce a long time supporter of the show Jay "The Truth" in absence of Mr.Cool. We express our love for Black Panther, congratulate Virgil Abloh the appointed creative director of Luis Vuitton, share our views of Cardi B new Single and discuss The Weeknd new EP. We also show love to an up and coming artist SoSo and his new single S.V.B (Strippers vs Bartenders)which is available on iTunes now. REMEMBER SUPPORT IS FREE ! *PLEASE RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE.


S3, Episode 2: Sidetracked.

On this Episode of O.T.C. the cast touched base on America... "Land of the free home of the slaved". They share their views on "The President" and the horrific shootings that has taken place since the year has started. When the conversation was getting heavy The Cool moves in with a diversion to lightened the mood. You don't want to miss this hilarious conversation. *Don't forget to Rate/Comment/Subscribe!


1: S3, Episode 1: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

O.T.C. is BACK! On this welcoming back episode, the cast discuss THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY of Hip/Hop. They also shine light on the new up and coming artists and make predictions which of the top artists will make a come back. Will Kanye make a come back? Will Drake drop some new heat for the Spring? Will J.Cole bless our ears with some new HEAT? *Special THANK YOU to Gotham Podcast Studio for the beautiful space! Please don't forget to rate/comment/subscribe!


S2, Episode 3: Set Us Free

On this episode of O.T.C, the crew discusses a very touchy topic, Libya. We discuss the amount of people that are enslaved in the world and the reason for it. The crew also tries to come out with a solution to end this atrocious act. Hear our take on the subject. We also discuss the Grammy nominations and give our predictions who will walk away with a Grammy next year. Tune in, you don't want to miss this ! Please be sure to leave a review/rate/share.


S2, Episode 2: Dear Black People

On this episode of O.T.C Podcast, the crew discuss the problems within the black communities, and the corrupt system that plagues it. Hear our solution to it all. Do you have a solution on how to improve the many problems we have in the black community? Talk to us, we want to hear from you on Twitter @OTC_777. Please be sure to subscribe/rate/review if you enjoy what you hear.


S2, Episode 1: Dear White People

And we are back the 1st of the month, season 2 of O.T.C. On the first episode of the new season we have discussion on the natural disasters that have plagued the world in the last couple of months. Is the world ending? Should we look into not only protecting ourselves but the world around us? & O.T.C shares their views on white people ignorance. Hear what they say in this episode. Please be sure to Rate/Review/Subscribe


Episode 10: The Big One

The O.T.C crew celebrates their 10th episode! They discuss their favorite features of the iOS 11 update. They also revisit the Kevin Hart scandal. Should Kevin be forgiven? Did Eniko get the same dish she served? Is Cheating forgivable? O.T.C share their views on new albums that dropped. Is Rapsody apart of the top 15 best rappers conversation? Will Kanye drop a album soon? Are we here for it? Also, do you believe in paranormal activity? Tune in... *Don't forget to Like, Subscribe & Review*


Episode 9: Friends...How many of us have them?

On today's episode of O.T.C the crew introduce Steph da Guest a long time supporter of the show. O.T.C does a hilarious Q & A to get to know Steph da Guest and his friendship with Mr. Cool. LaLa.Toya expresses her views & theories on the Kenneka Jenkins unsolved murder. Will justice be served? Will they solve the case? *Please Rate...Subscribe...Review*


Episode 8: Life Changer

O.T.C sits down with special guest Stephan to discuss the importance of living a vegan lifestyle. Stephan, a 10 year vegan gives insight on his personal vegan journey. During the conversation he gives advice to listeners who are contemplating the lifestyle change and also gives responses to shut down all the negative misconceptions of being a vegan. Are you willing to meet your meat? *Remember to subscribe and write a review!*


Episode 7: Ft. Friend of the Show Jake Lauren

On this episode O.T.C the trio introduces a friend of the show Jake Lauren. O.T.C shares their views on social media & the value of women. What are the pros and cons of social media? How to substain confidence? & why being a sidechick/guy so acceptable in this generation? Also, O.T.C shares their opinions on all the new music that dropped within the last week. *Don't forget to write a review and subscribe*



In these days and times we come across hardship within America. What happened in Charlottesville last weekend was something to be disgusted by. All of a sudden 2017 is feeling like 1964. O.T.C talks about being black in America, racial discrimination, the incident in Charlottesville and much more. Be sure to leave a review and subscribe !


O.T.C: State Of Emergency

On the 5th episode of O.T.C we express our thoughts on the NAACP first ever Travel Advisory, in the black community do we have more issues than resolutions? LALA Toya and JD shares more of their vegan journey. Also the crew express their opinions of the Lil Duval controversy, was he wrong? Do comedians have limits? Find out by tuning into this week's episode!


O.T.C: "S.O.S." (Save Ourselves)

In this episode O.T.C reflects on Kendrick's DAMN experience, pays homage to Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington, And discuss "What's The health" and why i's Important to become VEGAN. *Happy Birthday to the LALA Toya*


O.T.C Episode 3: "Let it burn..."

On this episode of O.T.C we discuss Kevin Hart cheating allegations, R.Kelly Sex Cult and Usher's secret plus J.D love for the "natural" & more! You don't want to miss out.


O.T.C 2nd Episode: "True Colors"

On this podcast we're discussing real topics about sexuality, Tyler the Creator & being black in America plus more ! You don't want to miss this one.


O.T.C First Episode

This first episode of the O.T.C podcast we speak on how important the album 4:44 is to the Black Community, Kanye West, Relationships & more.


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