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S4, Episode 3: "808s & Heartbreak"

The crew sits down and have a discussion about mental health and the epidemic it is becoming. How challenging it may be to overcome mental illness and the different outlets you can take to help. Toya gets personal and breaks down what is anxiety and how it feels to have it. She talks about her episodes with depression and much more (4:20). Certain point in the discussion we touched base on Mac Miller and what may had caused him to overdose (23:00). The Crew then sits down and discuss Queen...


S4, Episode 2: "Trial & Error"

September 8th, 2018 was a sad day when we lost the LEGENDARY Mac Miller. R.I.P King In the very beginning Bari the Cool aired out how he really feels (2:00). Bari also discusses Drake performance at the Barclays (11:00). The Opinionated and The Talkative discuss their experience with Afro Punk and the interaction with Denzel Curry (20:00). The crew settles down and get into the music talk by starting off with Nicki Minaj and Queen Radio (30:00). Talk of the week, Eminem dropped a surprised...


S4, Episode 1: "Lost Until Found" Ft. A.R

& we ARE BACK! We have up a new and very talented artist "A.R". We discussed his views on Hip/Hop current state, the importance of time and his pathway to evolve as an artist and a man. Listen out for that epic freestyle (46:27).We also touched on mental health and the reasons why mental health is so big in the Black and Brown community & much more. Most of us suffer from mental health and there outlets to help ease the journey. Whether it is talking to a therapist, your friends, your...


16: S3, Episode 16: "Change Starts with You"

This week the crew sits down and discuss the importance of change, leadership, education and organization within the black and brown community. First we touch on Black Excellence that the BET awards displayed based on some of their performances (3:20). We touch on the tragic death of Junior from the Bronx . A 15 year old kid that died way too early based on a lie & the 44 others that died in the Bronx in the past week due to violence (12:00). Drake season is in full effect and the crew is...


15: S3, Episode 15: "Redemption"

This week O.T.C Podcast had a lot to unravel based on the events that happened in the past week. We discussed XXXTentacion unfortunate death and discussed our personal feelings on him as a artist and a person (2:00). Shared our thoughts on Joe Budden personal feelings towards X, his words for Peter Rosenberg and Ak (16:00). To touch on something lighter the crew moved on to the next segment "Black Excellence" (31:40). The crew shared their takes on this year new XXL Freshmen List and...


14: S3, Episode 14: "Donald Hitler"

This week the crew sits down and touch base on Nas new album, Donald Trump(Donald Hitler) camps for immigrated kids, Cardi B Rolling Stone cover & much more. Please be sure to Subscribe/Rate/Comment & Share. Blessings.


13: S3, Episode 13: "Love & CuDi"

Cudi, Cudi, Cudi & more Cudi. This week the crew sits down and talk about the album by Kanye West & KiD CuDi "KIDS SEE GHOST". JD & Bari discussed the love for the album, the love for Cudi classic hums, harmonies and the influence he has on Hip/Hop. Also how Ty Dolla $ign got next up and much more. YES this is a episode basically dedicated to Cudi, so we're calling all Cudi fans, fans of MUSIC period to listen to this episode as JD & Bari share their passion for It all. Please don't...


12: S3, Episode 12: "Ye & Dumb B*tches"

The crew sits down for a honest conversation to discuss Pusha T diss track to Drake. Do you think he went to far rapping about 40 illness? Hear our take on It. We also discussed Kanye West recent album "Ye". We talked about our initial reaction and went in depth with each track. Dumb b*tches, there's a lot of them out there both male and female. Listen in to hear who made the cut this week. Please don't forget to Subscribe/Rate/Comment and Share. Blessings.


11: S3, Episode 11: "Infrared" ft. KidNamedNova

The crew sits down to discuss a very eventful weekend in HipHop with artist KidNamedNova. We talked to Nova about his inspirations, why he started rapping, his belief on trusting the universe & much more. Plus we touch on new music from Pusha T, ASAP Rocky, and the response from Drake to Pusha. Do you expect to hear Pusha T response in the following week? We hope so. Please be sure to Rate/Comment & Share. Have a great day !


10: S3, Episode 10: The Wicked West ft. Joe West

On this episode we have up rapper Joe West to discuss his new found love, Hip/Hop. Joe West describes his upbringing, how Africa changed his perspective and his inspirations in music. The crew also touches on their Top 5 most influential artist in the game. Listen in to hear everyone take on the subject. This week on Black Excellence segment things got a little heated, listen to find out why. Please be sure to Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share


9: S3, Episode 9: "This Is America"

In this episode the crew wishes a Happy Mother's Day to everyone and shares what their mothers meant to them. Toya shares a very touching message with the people. They also touch base on Childish Gambino new song and video "This Is America" and the social impact it started. New music every Friday but does it all sound the same? Listen to what the crew thinks about the new music in this generation. Please don't forget to Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share


8: S3, Episode 8: "Seeing Both Sides"

"To give head or not to give head?" That is the question. The crew sits down and touch on the love for the new studio space. Unpacking Kanye West latest rants on TMZ and his sit down with The Breakfast Club "Charlamagne tha God". The live Apollo experience seeing Ms. Lauryn Hill live performance and JD has a take you don't want to miss on his experience with the performance. The crew also dives into DJ Khalid old interview at the Breakfast Club that he doesn't perform oral sex, you don't...


7: S3, Episode 7: "False Prophets"

On this episode of O.T.C the crew discuss the storm that took everyone for a shock, "Kanye West". We sit down with rapper and producer AJ Taylor to discuss the different point of views to Kanye's madness, how It may effect the black community, Hip/Hop and what's next for Kanye. How will he get away from all of this? The crew also discuss the Nas and Kelis abuse. Would It effect Nas legacy? Find out our point of views on the latest episode of O.T.C Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share


6: S3, Episode 6: "Time"

On this episode of O.T.C Podcast the crew discuss the new J. Cole album KOD. We also cover on our new segment "Black Excellence" Chadwick Boseman and Lauryn Hill. This episode was based around the concept of "Time" hence the title of this episode. What is time? Are we running out of time? What do you do with your time? Is time a luxury or a gift? Find out on the this episode of O.T.C Podcast. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and share.


5: S3, Episode 5: Little Lies ft. Steph The Guest

S3, Episode 5: Little Lies ft. Steph The Guest by Just Different, LALA Toya & Bari


4: S3, Episode 4: AdultFilmServices ft. Leonard Outlaw

In this episode of O.T.C Podcast we sit down with Leonard Outlaw, co-founder of streetwear brand "AdultFilmServices". We talk about the reasoning behind the name of his brand, trails and tribulation starting the line, future plans for the brand, his biggest influences in fashion and much more. This is something y'all don't want to miss. Please be sure to show support. Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Share


1: S3, Episode 3: Black Excellence ft. Jay "The Truth"

On this episode of O.T.C. podcast we introduce a long time supporter of the show Jay "The Truth" in absence of Mr.Cool. We express our love for Black Panther, congratulate Virgil Abloh the appointed creative director of Luis Vuitton, share our views of Cardi B new Single and discuss The Weeknd new EP. We also show love to an up and coming artist SoSo and his new single S.V.B (Strippers vs Bartenders)which is available on iTunes now. REMEMBER SUPPORT IS FREE ! *PLEASE...


2: S3, Episode 2: Sidetracked.

On this Episode of O.T.C. the cast touched base on America... "Land of the free home of the slaved". They share their views on "The President" and the horrific shootings that has taken place since the year has started. When the conversation was getting heavy The Cool moves in with a diversion to lightened the mood. You don't want to miss this hilarious conversation. *Don't forget to Rate/Comment/Subscribe!


1: S3, Episode 1: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

O.T.C. is BACK! On this welcoming back episode, the cast discuss THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY of Hip/Hop. They also shine light on the new up and coming artists and make predictions which of the top artists will make a come back. Will Kanye make a come back? Will Drake drop some new heat for the Spring? Will J.Cole bless our ears with some new HEAT? *Special THANK YOU to Gotham Podcast Studio for the beautiful space! Please don't forget to rate/comment/subscribe!


1: S2, Episode 3: Set Us Free

On this episode of O.T.C, the crew discusses a very touchy topic, Libya. We discuss the amount of people that are enslaved in the world and the reason for it. The crew also tries to come out with a solution to end this atrocious act. Hear our take on the subject. We also discuss the Grammy nominations and give our predictions who will walk away with a Grammy next year. Tune in, you don't want to miss this ! Please be sure to leave a review/rate/share.