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Two idiots who decided to start a podcast because we were bored and like talking about movies and tv and stuff. We'll try to keep it interesting and fun! Promise!

Two idiots who decided to start a podcast because we were bored and like talking about movies and tv and stuff. We'll try to keep it interesting and fun! Promise!
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Two idiots who decided to start a podcast because we were bored and like talking about movies and tv and stuff. We'll try to keep it interesting and fun! Promise!






OM 48 - A Descent Into Madness!

It's our Halloween episode and what could be scarier than talking about a movie with (spoiler alert) mermaids and tentacles in it??? That's right, intrepid listener, this month the Officially Medial boys are tackling The Lighthouse. Tune in to hear if they liked it or if it caused them to lose their minds! (It didn't. Don't worry) And stick around to hear then talk about indie bands and covers in Music Time before digging into a really good sci-fi tv show and a comic book that ended its run...


OM 47 - Time to Get Autumnal

This one is short and sweet, y'all! The boys just spend the episode recommending some October/Halloween/fall movies and events and other things to get you into that cozy and sometimes spooky autumn mood. Enjoy! Intro/Outro Music: 'The Long Hike' by Louie Zong Questions/comments: Please rate and review the show wherever you listen to podcasts! It helps others find us. Thank you!


OM 46 - Do the Hustle

Did y'all know that Jennifer Lopez is back? Like she's really back and doing interesting work? Did you know?? Well you should! Join the boys as they dig into her new buzz worthy film, Hustlers and whether or not she should be nominated for an Oscar (Spoiler alert: she most definitely should be). And stick around to hear them talk about some slightly older music for Music Time before recommending old tv! A lot of new and a lot of old in this one! It's good! Intro/Outro song: "The Long Hike"...


OM 45 - The Scary Clown is Back at it Again

Hi and welcome to September with what might end up being the biggest horror movie of the year, It Chapter 2. What does that mean exactly? Well, mostly just that Ben and Erik saw the heck out of it and really want to talk about it! So they did! Does it hold up to the first one? Are the scares better or worse? How do the adult actors compare to their counterparts? All these questions and more will be answered! Then the boys briefly talk about Lana del Rey's new record and one of Ben's favorite...


OM 44 - The Mind is the Most Dangerous Game of All (w/ Anna Buchanan!)

Summer is winding down and with it comes the release of the second season of one of the best Netflix shows out there, Mindhunter. Listen as Ben and Erik, along with their guest Anna Buchanan, dive into what makes the show so compelling and why they can't wait to get their hands on more. Then they break out the summer tunes and talk about country artists, 80s jams, and a some pop perfection before closing the show by recommending another David Fincher work, a fun Portland show, and possibly...


OM 43 - High on Euphoria

August is in full swing and so are the crazy kids in HBO's newest television show, Euphoria. Join Ben and Erik as they break down the season and what ultimately made the characters so compelling and watchable. Then they dive into what they're currently listening to and the songs are sad and lovely. You know, the usual for these guys. Finally, the boys wrap up the show by talking about what they're enjoying in the worlds of video games and comic books! It's fun for the whole family!...


OM 42 - A 2005 Constantine Flashback

Welcome back to Officially Medial - the podcast where Ben and Erik talk about movies from 2005! Specifically CONSTANTINE starring Keanu Reeves! Is it good?Is it bad? Why talk about this movie now at all??? All of these questions will be answered. And after that, stick around to hear them talk about happy country-ish music and incredible reimagining of old songs before recommending a newer movie and a board game. It's a fun episode. Don't miss out! Intro/Outro music: "The Long Hike" by Louie...


Back Down to Earth with Spider-Man Far From Home

The official end of Marvel's Infinity Saga is upon us in the form of Spider-Man: Far From Home. We're back to more character focused tales after the sprawling universe-defining Avengers: Endgame. Does it work? Will people still care about a smaller story? Why did Jake Gyllenhaal agree to do this movie??? Join Ben and Erik as they ask those very questions and do their best to answer them. Then they highlight a couple of songs that make bus rides feel magical and really bring out the summer...


OM 40 - Found Family, Queer Love and Spaceships

Hello and welcome to a very special Pride Month episode of Officially Medial! To celebrate, the boys are talking about Tillie Walden's incredible queer romance/sci-fi tale, "On A Sunbeam". Listen as the boys talk about love, war, and fox spirits! Then, during Music Time, Erik talks about a movie score he has been loving lately and Ben brings a comedy track that reminds him of his high school days. And stay tuned 'til the end when a heart-warming animated show and rhythm based video game get...


OM 39 - We're Doing It. We're Talking About Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones just ended and boy do Erik and Ben have some opinions about it. Tune in to listen to them talk about the highs and lows of the last season while also examining the show as a whole and trying to figure out where it will land in the annals of television history. And then keep listening to hear a Pride-related music pick and a pop-star returning to form. The boys close out the episode by recommending two more tv shows that have, in some regard, helped wash out the bad taste that...


OM 38 - They Finally Made a Good Video Game Movie! (w/ Mike and Michele of Killer Tofu)

Have you heard about Detective Pikachu? You know, the movie where Ryan Reynolds voices the titular Pikachu and he solves a mystery? Well guess what? It is somehow pretty great. So great, in fact, that we needed to call in our friends Mike and Michele (from the fantastic podcast Killer Tofu!) to help us talk about it. It's a fantastically good time. And stick around to hear us talk about indie music, prominent Tik Tok tracks, and Norwegian pop stars before recommending recently ended tv...


OM 37 - Breaking Down the Endgame

After 10+ years and 22 movies, the Infinity Saga comes to a close with Avengers: Endgame. It's a doozy of a movie and that deserves a doozy of a podcast breakdown and Ben and Erik, uh, kind of deliver. Join them as they break down what worked, what didn't, and what made them stoked out of their damn minds! Then, during Music Time, they talk about two female artists who are blowing up right now before ending with a movie and tv comedy recommendation. Don't miss a second or they'll call your...


OM 36 - MCU Month Pt. 2: The Avengers

It's time for the thrilling conclusion of Officially Medial's MCU Month! And we're going out in style with the first movie that brought all of these characters together, The Avengers. Does it hold up? Does it still feel as innovative today as it did back in 2012? Tune in to find out! Then we talk about some brilliant pop tunes in Music Time before finishing up with a Netflix recommendation and *another* Marvel movie??? Wow. Intro/Outro music: The Long Hike by Louie Zong...


OM 35 - MCU Month Pt. 1: Iron Man

Welcome to April, friends! Avengers: Endgame will quickly be upon us so Ben and Erik decided to spend this month looking back at a couple of movies that were very formative to what the MCU would ultimately become. They kick it off with Iron Man! Listen to see if it still holds up in the eyes of our hosts! Then they spend some time talking about love songs and pop jams before finishing up recommending a deep diving podcast and a hilarious tv show. Get into it! Intro and outro music: "The Long...


OM 34 - What Happened to Us?

Jordan Peele just released a new horror movie called Us so you know that Ben and Erik were going to go check it out. Is it good? Could it possibly live up to the hype surrounding it following Peele's first movie, Get Out? Tune in to listen to the boys as they share their thoughts. Afterwards, Erik shares a new song from his favorite folk duo and Ben recommends something a little punky for Music Time. Then they talk about a returning tv show and an author to close out the show. You don't want...


OM 33 - O Captain! My Captain!

It's March so you know what that means! It's blockbuster season baby! Join Erik and Ben as they talk about the movie kicking it off - Captain Marvel. And stay tuned to hear Ben talk about an indie rock song he loves and Erik discuss a movie soundtrack that moved him quite a bit. Then they finish up by recommending another space movie and a brand new streaming tv show! You don't want to miss it! Intro/Outro music courtesy of Louie Zong Please rate and review us on Apple...


OM 32 -Q&A Day!

Ben and Erik have been wanting to do a question and answer episode of their podcast for ages so they're finally just going to do it, okay? Listen to them talk about childhood tv crushes, how they met, what they think about streaming platforms, and many many other things - arguably too many things actually. Like this is a much longer episode than normal because they answered so many. This may have been a mistake. Oh well!


OM 31 - We're Worried About the Oscars

The Academy Awards are in ten days and the boys are getting a liiiiittle nervous about who the Academy might be giving Oscars to. Tune in to hear them break down the "big" categories and talk about who is likely to win versus who they want to win. Then, after talking about some new music for Music Time, hear Ben talk about a show he's been catching up on before Erik recommends a sequel of sorts to a previous recommendation. This episode really has it all, huh? Into and outro music: "The Long...


OM 30 - We Watched The Watchmen

Did you know that HBO is about to release a show based loosely on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal work, Watchmen? Did you also know that there was already an adaptation made by Zack Snyder back in 2009? You did? Wow, maybe *you* should be hosting this podcast! Well, Ben and Erik decided to revisit the latter in anticipation of the former and, boy, is it...something. Tune in to find out just how much something it was. Then they talk about scores they've been enjoying for Music Time and...


OM 29 - Best of 2018

It's finally 2019 and what better way is there to start the year than looking at the one we just left? So Ben and Erik did what they do best and ranked the best of just about everything they consumed in 2018. Come along and see what they liked and *really* liked. Sounds fun, right? RIGHT?! Intro and outro music: The Long Hike by Louie Zong