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We are a lifestyle brand in Houston that currently provides two podcasts: On Tap with Southside Collection and Southside Collection Sports. With On Tap we sit down with the best talents and breweries in Houston. Grab a brew and enjoy!

We are a lifestyle brand in Houston that currently provides two podcasts: On Tap with Southside Collection and Southside Collection Sports. With On Tap we sit down with the best talents and breweries in Houston. Grab a brew and enjoy!
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We are a lifestyle brand in Houston that currently provides two podcasts: On Tap with Southside Collection and Southside Collection Sports. With On Tap we sit down with the best talents and breweries in Houston. Grab a brew and enjoy!






On Tap Ep. 115 feat. Gmayniac (Bless Tha Belly)

On this week's second episode we're joined by https://soundcloud.com/gmaynedawreck to go over the several facets of the game he finds himself in. Most specifically we discuss Bless Tha Belly, "The Ultimate Foodie Experience", and what got him into making a food focused outlet. He gives us some tips on the best seafood on a budget, food trucks you need to hit, and so many other great suggestions! Follow the Instagram and YouTube page, both linked below, to keep up!...


On Tap Ep. 114 feat. 4J Brewing Co

On this special Tuesday night episode we had Jennifer from 4J Brewing Company join us. They are a year old brewery in Houston's Spring Branch community and have started off on a great foot. Learning to brew from her father Jennifer has taken the reigns on the family brewery along with her mother, making them Houston's first all female owned craft brewery. She brought the Blonde and Stout for us to try and both were amazing, showing what all the 4J hype has been about! Check em out on...


On Tap Ep. 113 feat. Will-Lean & Bounce and Turn

This week we were joined by Will-Lean, from the classic Houston rap group 'Botany Boyz' and original SUC member, as well as the mind behind 'Bounce and Turn', Amy a.k.a. DJ Havin Thangs. They have their event 'SUC 420 Festival' coming up on Saturday, April 20th, and you can find tickets at the link below. We discussed this event as well as Amy's past Bounce and Turn events and got into some of the history Will has to tell of the 90s coming up with Screw and other Houston legends. Tune in and...


On Tap Ep. 112 feat. Dende & Southern Star

This episode we're joined by a show regular, David Flores from Southern star Brewing, to discuss upcoming events at the brewery and totally mark out on Wrestlemania. We were also joined by the multi-talented artist Dende to dissect his music and where he learned to play the instruments he used in making his newest album 'DrkMttr'. He also dove into the DBZ roots of his name and overall this made for one of our most enjoyable episodes to record and we hope it plays that way to the listener!...


On Tap Ep. 111 feat. Baker Yung

This episode we're joined by one of Houston's biggest producers Baker Yung. We discussed the moment he realized he was meant to follow this path and where it's led him so far. Friend of the show and Baker, Noie J, called into the show to discuss what a night in the studio with Baker consists of and attests to his work ethic. Intro Song: 'Friction' - https://soundcloud.com/therealflexgod (prod. by https://soundcloud.com/baker_yung) OutroSong: 'LEGLOCK' - https://soundcloud.com/noiej (prod. by...


On Tap Ep. 110 feat. 2Raw & Growler Usa (Katy)

This week we were joined by Houston rapper https://soundcloud.com/omg2raw and Joseph Plant (product manager) from craft beer bar Growler USA - Katy. Joseph went into the amount of detail that goes into maintaining a wall of 100 beers and assuring quality every single pour. We discussed his favorite styles, local breweries he's impressed by lately, and then he made the whole room smell dank busting out the Sweetwater 420 Strain G13 IPA. We also talked with 2Raw about the Jack Daniels contest...


On Tap Ep. 109 feat. Bearded Fox Brewing Co

For this episode we traveled over to Bearded Fox Brewing to grab a couple beers and chop it up with Mike Sturm, one of their owners, about the process that's brought them here. Mike explained what it takes day-to-day to successfully open and run a brewery while still maintaining a day job, luckily not for much longer. He also went through the history of their beers and how their GOAT Imp. IPA has been around since they began homebrewing. Lastly, he brought us back to the fun that is...


On Tap Ep. 108 feat. Klaus Brewing Company

This week we were joined by the owner and brewmaster of Klaus Brewing out in Jersey Village. They focus on traditional German style beers and have gained ground in the industry quickly by doing so. They fill a demand locally made German style beers. https://www.facebook.com/klausbrewing/ www.southsidecollection.com


On Tap Ep. 107 feat. Guilla

We joined Guilla at The Coral Sword this past weekend before his album release party for 'God Mode'. We discussed the difference between his recent release, which seems more aggressive, and previous music that had a more laid back feel. We also went over his love of anime and had him choose his top 5 favorite characters. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6t88YP85hnud3v7szIkiOA?si=vTXqkRNjTBKkN3DvlTQu2A www.southsidecollection.com


On Tap Ep. 106 feat. DC, Retro Kash, & John Fuggin Dough

This week we had 3 artists all hailing from Louisiana that are killing the Houston scene. DC, John Fuggin Doe, and Retro Kash let us know where they've been and what they've been working on for 2019. We discuss their influences in music and some personal reasons they've become so focused lately. John Fuggin Dough is hosting his second installment of Live From the Bayou on Sunday, February 17th, and will be performing live with several artists including Retro & DC. Tickets can be found at:...


On Tap Ep. 105 feat. Green Flash Brewing & Doc Loc

We were joined by musician Doc Loc and Josh from Green Flash Brewing & Alpine Beer Co. Doc Loc mans a 16 piece big band that is bringing a new life to Houston hip hop classics and will be dropping a full album March 17th, 2019. Green Flash has been a staple in San Diego breweries for over a decade now and is currently rebranding their lineup which will be kicking off in Texas come late February, 2019. Be on the lookout for the new cans from Green Flash and Alpine Beer Co to appreciate some...


On Tap Ep. 104 feat. Tim Woods & Jerm (2WessBoyz)

This week we were joined by Patriots super-fan Jerm, one of the hosts of the 2WessBoyz podcast and The Durag Report podcast, to discuss his team's fate in Super Bowl 53. We also were joined by rising Houston artist Tim Woods to speak about his weekly drops called Mulch Monday and the companion album 'Thank You Very Mulch'. https://open.spotify.com/artist/49vhL... https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/2... www.southsidecollection.com


On Tap Ep. 103 feat. Twisted X Brewing

This week we were joined by Jason from Twisted X Brewing. They're located in Dripping Springs, TX and have built a name for themselves off 6 solid core beers including a Mango IPA, Strong Blonde Ale, and plan to release a Pilsner in 2019 already trademarked "The Official Beer of BBQ". We also spent another huge chunk discussing the history of wrestling and what to expect from today's biggest stars, especially in the upcoming Royal Rumble and following months leading to Wrestlemania. Keep up...


On Tap Ep. 102 feat. Sludge Von

This week we had https://soundcloud.com/vonathonsfs come on and discuss his recent album 'Sprite Remix 2' and the 3 albums he plans to drop in 2019. He also lets us know about the time he spent in LA and how he ended up getting a few strains named in his honor. Be on the lookout for everything he has planned for 2019! https://open.spotify.com/artist/4QUM0JZVLU6RQLrx7TFJg3?si=S7MFeOL3SdiTG5w69rTuFg www.southsidecollection.com


On Tap Ep. 101 feat. Southern Star Brewing Co

We had one of our favorite regulars David from Southern Star join us this week. He discussed the full schedule of releases we can expect in 2019 including some new specialty releases we can't wait for! Their Brut IPA 'I Am Brut' is next to enter the market and will be followed by some great seasonal drops you'll have to keep an eye out for. We also indulged ourselves in some wrestling talk all the way from why AEW is needed to why Goldust is one of our favorite wrestlers!...


On Tap Ep. 100 feat. Juan Adams

On our 100th episode we had one our favorite guests, Juan Adams, join the show to discuss his first official UFC fight. He won in a 3rd round TKO due to strikes. He discusses the difference in setting from his first amateur fight compared to this first fight in the UFC and how he was able to go with barely any eyesight. He also dives deep on his love for snacks and fruity cocktails and which are his go-to's. He awaits his next victim but until then Juan will be readying himself to take over...


On Tap Ep. 99 feat. Flyger Woods & Ricky F

On this episode we were joined by local beer genius Ricky F and Houston rapper Flyger Woods (https://soundcloud.com/flygerwoods). We discussed some of the beers that hit hardest in 2018 as well as releases Ricky looks forward to in 2019. Flyger came through to discuss his recent album 'MMNIT' and his work that has led up to this point. Intro/Outro Music: Back to Back - Flyger Woods feat. Rodeo Joe 0:25 - Intros 3:53 - Ricky (huge Saints fan) explains last year’s ‘Miracle in Minnesota’ 8:30 -...


On Tap Ep. 98 feat. 7

Intro/Outro Song: 700 by 7 1:00 - Intros 2:30 - Rockets talk 6:10 - Reception to his project Face Card 16:00 - Tory Lanez vs. Joyner Lucas 22:00 - Why he rewrote the second verse to Pullin Up multiple times 24:00 - How much is Jerry Seinfeld worth? 31:30 - Who did the skit on Face card? 37:20 - How Fat Joe inspired the interlude 43:00 - Sports that 7 grew up playing 54:07 - How 7 sniffed out the Tekashi69 situation from the start 56:30 - Which anime character has the most drip? 57:35 -...


On Tap Ep. 97 feat. Sigma Brewing & God Body Bingo

On this episode we had Matt and Adam come by to discuss their two years in the Houston beer game. We drank 3 of the beers they brewed exclusively for their anniversary party and got an insight on what's coming up next for them. We also had one of the best up and coming lyricists, https://soundcloud.com/godbodybingo , come in to discuss the process he's gone through leading up to his newest EP 'In the Flesh'. 1:05 Intros 5:00 Description of the beers (Exhume, Burial in Space, Burial in Space...


On Tap Ep. 96 feat. Chucky Trill & Southern Star Brewing

On this episode we had Houston artist Chucky Trill on to discuss his album 'Music For the Soul' and his upcoming videos & shows. We also had David from Southern Star Brewing on to talk about upcoming releases and plans for their 11 year anniversary. 0:32 - Intros for Chucky Trill & Southern Star Brewing 1:45 - Info on Southside Collection Radio/Houston Premeinence 4:44 - Astroworldfest 6:50 - Album talk, “Music for the Soul” 14:00 - Everybody Eats Festival performance 24:15 - Where the name...