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Rants against humanity. Societal Dumbassery. Random Awesomeness. Brutal truths. And Bad Ass guests. We're on the edge of something...

Rants against humanity. Societal Dumbassery. Random Awesomeness. Brutal truths. And Bad Ass guests. We're on the edge of something...


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Rants against humanity. Societal Dumbassery. Random Awesomeness. Brutal truths. And Bad Ass guests. We're on the edge of something...






Of Powdered Human Flesh Pills And Nigerian Princes

While doing research into allegations that aborted fetuses were being used to trigger flavor receptors in popular food products, I came across some links pointing to evidence that pills made from human flesh have been confiscated in China, South Korea, and Nigeria. It appears as if it's been confirmed by numerous sources, and memos from each country seem to acknowledge the existence of such pills. So we dig into the story of how these came to be, what these pills are actually made of, and...


Snowpocalypse 2019!

While we were snowed in during one of the most severe snowstorms Washington State has seen in years, my wife Marsha and I decided to sit back, drink, and wax philosophical (read: bitch) about crazy weather, crazy people, and how we felt the local municipalities handled the situations. A truly random, unscripted stream of consciousness episode that reminds me of the old days! Links: https://ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com https://facebook.com/ontheedgepodcast Twitter:...


Some People Just Suck

Hello Minions! Had to take some time off for personal reasons, but now I'm back! so to commemorate my triumphant return, here is a two hour long rant session with my wife Marsha about just a small example of some of the people in the universe that irritate us. This is a super judgmental, overly self-indulgent, self-denial dwelling, horribly awful example of why I should not be allowed to speak. Ever. Thanks to those who are still with me! I heart...


An Arrow For Your Thoughts

A sad, tragic tale of another person who thought it was his calling to try to force communication with a primitive civilization that has made it clear for decades that they want to be left alone. And now, since it cost him his life, the moral and legal dilemma that is now presented as a result is that of who to hold accountable. And do governments have absolute rule and governing power over the last bastions of societies that have resisted modern interactions and progress in an attempt to...


Amusement Tax Blues

In a prime example of why you shouldn't record an episode when you're super emotionally unstable, I got super pissed at Chicago's recent addition of "streaming and online entertainment" to its existing and already ridiculous "amusement tax" and decided to talk some mad shit. Needless to say, frivolous taxes do not amuse me. Links: https://ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com www.facebook.com/ontheedgepodcast Twitter: @ontheedgepodcst (no "a") Instagram:@ontheedgepodcast Email:...


Fecal Tools Of The Trade

From deep within the bowels of society, another urban legend is excreted. A legend so foul, so nasty...so real? I have my opinions. Born of a deep-seated need by my shadowy friend Steve Cominski to seek and uncover the truth, he bequeathed upon me this unholy quest to get to the bottom of a fabled relic, rivaled only by the Holy Grail in its true historical significance. Welcome to the edge... Baked and Awake www.bakedandawake.com www.libsyn.com/bakedandawke On The...


How To (Not) Get A Job!

Now that Misery Point Radio (My new, second podcast) has taken of the reigns of being the hub for artists and entertainers, On The Edge will officially focus on all things topical, with a focus on the comedy of the human condition. Rants, raves, crazy things in society, strange stories, and a whole lot of talkin' smack! This episode, inspired by the horribly bad job applicants I've seen over the years, is a bitter yet comedic look at where we are as society in regards to job seekers and...


Episode 25- Chris Adkins (The Royal Pain, MxPx, Phasers On Kill

I'm joined by Chris Adkins, who plays in the trifecta of awesomeness consisting of Acoustic project The Royal Pain, melodic punk outfit Phasers On Kill, and the legendary hometown and international heroes MxPx. Co-hosted by my studio wizard friend Bradly Miranda, we have an awesome hangout session and discuss how Chris manages to juggle all three acts and maintain his sanity. We also get an epic solo acoustic performance which features an amazing Descendants cover as well as two other killer...


Episode 24- Controversial Comedy with Man Brain's David Chaffey!

Aussie podcaster David Chaffey discusses his extreme comedy podcast Man Brain, and we attempt to identify the fine line between what is comedy and what is just plain hatespeech. We also dissect the challenge presented with creating offensive characters and still being able maintain a (somehwhat) (Normal?) identify that is completely different than the characters that one creates. An insightful and deeply personal look into the psyche of an extreme comic and the surprisingly down-to- earth...


Episode 23- Not-So-Fantasy Island!

The research into the last episode of the now infamos Horizon Air theft and subsequent crash on Ketron Island led me down another path that resulted into me wanting to tell the story of another famous island in Washington State: McNeil Island. Located in very close proximity to Ketron Island, McNeil was once a federal penitentiary that housed Mafia era gangsters, an infamous ornithologist, a presidential candidate, and a future cult leader! After relinquishing federal control of the island...


Episode 22- Look, Boss! De Plane!

On August 11, 2018 one person single-handedly stole a 76 seat commercial airliner and flew it on a 75 minute joy-ride aound the South Puget Sound before finally crashing it into a nearby island and killing himself. This calls into question many different things, namely how a glaring security oversight will undoubtedly have worldwide implications for air travel and safety. Additionally, we are faced with many questions about mental illness and how unprepared we sometimes are to identify...


Episode 22- Look, Boss! De Plane!

On of the most amazing and incredulous stories in my recent memory, a single person with no pilot’s license stole a commercial airliner from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and flew it around the Puget Sound for over an hour, performing stunts and aerial acrobatics that even trained pilots can’t do before finally taking it on a suicide dive into a nearby island. This has, of course, called into question the glaring oversights in regards to secrity of the airline industry worldwide....


Episode 21- Integration = Disintegration?

I'm back from my brief hiatus, so thanks for hanging in there! Back in October of 2017, a once "boys only" club announced they would begin allowing girls to enroll in a limited capacity, much to the dismay of a large portion of the population. I attempt to remain objective while examining both sides of the controversy and attempting to answer this question: should we as a society continue to allow the existence of exclusive groups, or do we need to include everyone in everything in order to...


Episode 20 (Part 2) One Year Anniversary Special- The Guests!

One more step back in time to celebrate the guests who came on for the first year! Also a shout out to Spoiler Country, The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli, and Baked And Awake for providing some awesome Clips for the episode. Thanks again to everyone for supporting the show for the last year! Currently working on some new content, so back to normal here pretty soon. Whatever normal means lol. Awesome announcement at the end of the episode...


Episode 20 (Part 1) One Year Anniversary Special- The Rants!

So back in May The show hit its one year anniversary! The year definitely went way too fast! Over the course of the last month I've been busy planning and reworking some things, and have been quite busy. I really dug into where the show started and where it's gone in an attempt to really analyze what I should be doing. During this process, I got the idea that I should do a retrospective, sort of a "best of" while I work on new material and plan for the future of the show. So while I'm taking...


Episode 19- Stupid People, Stupid Laws!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in anything legal. We have some pretty stupid and funny laws in this country. We have things that aren't illegal but should be. And we just made some things illegal that I thought were already illegal. And we have stupid people who do stupid things that lead others to react in stupid ways. But nobuddy are stoopider then mee. It's the law, Son!


Episode 18- From Smallville To Sex Cult!

Smallville actress Allison Mack is arrested for her alleged role in an alleged sex cult with alleged partner Kieth Raniere where they allegedly foced women into bondage and sex slavery, and allegedly trafficked them between New York And Mexico. And so much more! Allegedly. Thanks to Steve Cominski from Baked and Awake for the promo! As you can tell, I'm not spending a lot of time on show notes lol.


Episode 17- Internet Freedom On The Edge!

Miss me? I thought so. I'm back after my brief hiatus, and I figured what better way to make some waves than to dive into the controversial topic of internet rights and ramifications of government regulation.From the recent self-regulation of Craigslist, the shutdown of BackPage, and the revision of Microsoft's user agreement we discuss HR-1865 and what it means for internet acountability. ontheedgepodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @ontheedgepodcst Instagram: ontheedgepodcast Podbean:...


Episode 16- Sexy Time! With Dolls!

It's finally here! The fabled episode featuring my wife Marsha where we talk about the crazy world of sex dolls and the people who love them.There was so much content we didn't even get to it all lol. We might have to do part two sometime lol. Either way, it's fun and crazy and hopefully something a little different. If Leprechauns don't give you the heebeegeebees, maybe today's topic will! Check out the show on Itunes, Google Play, I Heart Radio, Stitcher, TuneIn, and most podcatchers!


Episode 15- Harder Than Contra!

At Long Last! I go on location to the super secret lair of Harder Than Contra, an amazing band that performs modern covers of retro video game music. We talk about old school games, the genesis of the projectm musical concepts, and plans for their upcoming album. Great conversation and an awesome time. Fans of retro games and music will love this one. Be sure to check them out on all the social media stuffs! Instagram.com/harderthancontra YouTube: Harder Than Contra Twitter:...