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Mid-2018 Rewind | Highlights Episode

Hosts Tiese & Mofi share their highlights & talk about the ups and downs of 2018 so far. Highlights - A summer trip to New Orleans, New TV Favorites, Books + Author’s of the month, laugh-out-loud comedy + more... Mid 2018 Rewind - Coming from opposite perspectives, Mofi & Tiese reflect on how 2018 has been for each of them so far. Memorable events & how they’ve affected us, how we’re progressing on our New Year’s Resolutions, quotes that have made an impression + shaped our thinking this...


Done with the Damn Thing | The Bachelorette Finale Recap

Hosts Mofi & Tiese recap The Bachelorette Season 14 Finale Finally, the Bachelorette Finale. As always, Chris Harrison promised a super dramatic episode but this was pretty run-of-the-mill. Becca’s family asks the tough questions, Garrett displays emotion like we’ve never seen it before, Blake’s nervous predictions are spot on, Becca delivers an absolutely TRASH break-up, Garrett inadequately addresses his shortcomings + more… Subscribe rate and review on Apple Podcasts Keep up with us on...


We STAN an Eloquent King | The Bachelorette S14 Men Tell All Recap

Hosts Mofi & Tiese Recap The Bachelorette Season 14 Men Tell All Episode This particular episode of Men Tell All struggled for content. Most of the "Hot Seat" conversations were empty and boring. Thankfully Jordan in his funny and annoying way brought some life to the episode. We enjoyed some of his quips and comebacks. Colton delivered a much-needed call out to his bros and embraced his emotions + his truth in a way we very much appreciated. Jason (despite his eloquence) and WIlls make...


Garett is the Enemy | The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep 9 Recap

Hosts Mofi & Tiese recap The Bachelorette Season Episode 9. Becca opens the episode with such heavy foreshadowing, we wondered if we even needed to watch anymore. Becca & Blake get sound relationship advice from Thai monks, Blake asks the tough questions about Becca's feelings, Arie's reputation gets a beating this episode, Jason goes through a tough break-up and handles it with class, although his parting words "talk to you soon" were questionable. Garett drops the L word to Becca's...


Lost for Words | Highlight Episode

Hosts Mofi & Tiese share their highlights of the week. Thoughts on Drake's 25 song album, a sneak peek into our thoughts on Tomi Adeyemi's Children of Blood and Bone ahead of our recap next week, Mofi recommends Mindy Kaling's new Netflix show, we play a game of Word Association and wonder if eclectic can be associated with Tiwa Savage + more... Subscribe, Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts. Keep up with us on twitter @ourfavepods. Mofi: @msbadmos| @booksxbusy Tiese: @tiiese |...


Come Get Your Mans | The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep 8 Recap

Hosts Mofii & Tiese recap the Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 8 - Hometowns Has there been a more reasonable hometowns episode in Bachelor/ette history? Absolutely no drama whatsoever occurred. All the families seemed to love Becca; shocker. Garrett shows her what life on the farm could be like, Blake shares a heartbreaking story from his past, Jason's Buffalo pride runs deep, Colton's dad is the only parent to bring up Arie, Tia turns up for the second time this season for no sensible...


All the Wrong Moves | The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep 7 Recap

Hosts Mofii & Tiese Recap The Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 7. We’re getting down to the wire. The Bahamas makes for some cute dates. Becca narrows down her men for hometowns sending home the last black man standing. We’ll see you in Paradise Wills. Everyone except Jason drops the L word, Colton reveals “who he is”, Garrett & Becca have some tough conversations, our top 4 rankings & pick for the next Bachelor + more.. Subscribe rate and review on Apple Podcasts Keep up with us on twitter...


We Went There... | Highlights Episode

Hosts Mofi & Tiese share their highlights this week as well as all of the things they're thankful for. New music from Beyonce & Despacito King Luis Fonsi, a memorable chat with author Danny Ramadan, shows & books we're loving & recommend + a list of things we're thankful for. Grab a paper and pen and join us in talking about what we're thankful for. Subscribe rate and review on Apple Podcasts Keep up with us on twitter @ourfavepods T: @tiiese | samefootprints.com Mofii: @msbadmos |...


Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired | The Bachelorette S14 Ep6 Recap

Hosts Mofi & Tiese recap the Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 6 Jason becomes a frontrunner. Chris & Lincoln replace Jordan & David as the next dumb bickering duo. Becca is frustrated for the umpteenth week in a row. 3 guys are sent home, breaking news + more Subscribe rate and review on Apple Podcasts Keep up with us on twitter @ourfavepods T: @tiiese | samefootprints.com Mofii: @msbadmos Intro & Outro - My Favorite Things by Idan


The Clothesline Swing | Our Fave Reads Ep 3 w/ Danny Ramadan

Hosts Mofi & Tiese chat with author Danny Ramadan on his novel The Clothesline Swing. Why we would recommend the book to anyone, Danny's thought process while writing, why he chose to tell the story the way he did, the significance of the Clothesline Swing, magical realism & the importance of storytelling in Syrian culture + so much more. We are grateful to have had a brilliant writer talk with us on the podcast & look forward to what he will write next. if you haven't already, pick up a...


No Love in The Valley | Bachelorette S14 Ep 4&5 Recap

Hosts Mofi & Tiese recap the Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 4 & 5. Episode 4 Jean-Blanc’s insincerity buys him a one-way ticket back to colognesville, Garrett opens up about his past relationships, Style-god Wills gives Becca some much needed comfort. Episode 5 A hot tub in the middle of the dessert is not romantic, camels are not romantic. Colton’s sweet words are unbelievable and we’d like to know what “same page” he and Becca are on. The men sing for Becca, we cringe and Chris R spirals...


Chickens Can't Fly | The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep 3 Recap

Hosts Mofi & Tiese recap the Bachelorette Season 14 Episode 3. We finally get to the bottom of Colton, Tia & Becca’s “love triangle”, Should Tia have told Becca about Colton herself? Was she hoping SHE would be the Bachelorette instead of Becca? Jordan & David’s less than thrilling bro-fight continues, Clay has to make the “difficult” choice between Becca & football, Blake struggles with the progression of other relationships + breaking news from Bachelor nation. Subscribe Rate & Review on...


What Makes You Beautiful | Highlights Episode

Hosts Mofi & Tiese share their highlights. Falz, inspired by Childish Gambino puts out a video that holds a mirror to Nigerian society, some like it, others, not so much. Tuesday's With Morrie by Mitch Albom makes our must-read list, Burna Boy in concert + a discussion on whether or not mothers should call their daughters beautiful inspired by the ladies of "The Real". Subscribe, Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts. Keep up with us on twitter @ourfavepods. Mofi: @msbadmos Tiese: @tiiese |...


Our Fave Pods Gone Wild | The Bachelorette Recap S14 EP 2

Hosts Mofi & Tiese recap The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep 2. We devote a segment to “Lincolnisms” a.k.a Lincoln’s Nigerianisms because we’re Nigerian and he’s Nigerian and we can’t help but point it out. Blake charms us, the men go on athletic-inspired group dates to compete for Becca’s heart, mementos are destroyed, someone cries, Clay tries to be “fun”, Lincoln’s accent is called into question J.B wins the award for the smoothest kiss this episode, our breaking news segment returns + more…...


Intuition for The Win | The Bachelorette S14 Ep 1 Recap

"Let's do the damn thing"; Becca's one-liner has now become her catchphrase for the season, even her men are using it. We (Mofi & Tiese) recap what is easily the most hilarious premiere episode since we can remember. These men are full of umm... personality? let's call it that. We pick out our faves from the limo, the ones we know are here for entertainment only, and the men we know won't make it too far. We also share Our Fave Pods Top 4. For once, both of us (your lovely hosts agree) on...


Bachelor Nation | Our Fave Reads Ep 2

Hosts Mofii & Tiese review Amy Kaufman's Bachelor Nation: Inside The World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure & break down her behind the scenes look into a show we love to watch. Inevitably, we discuss the Bachelor Franchise as well. Amy's book reads much like a thesis on The Bachelor Franchise. What we liked + didn't like, how the content of the book makes us feel about being fans of the show, the book's lack of diversity, is the Bachelor Franchise anti-feminist? A peek into Our Fave...


Think Before You Speak ? | Highlights Episode

Hosts Mofi & Tiese chat about their highlights for the week. - Kanye’s insensitive statements & dramatics, Admiration for Waffle House Hero -James Shaw Junior, what we’re loving in the podcast world, update on our GIVEAWAY + more… Subscribe Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts. Keep up with us on twitter & instagram @ourfavepods Mofi - @msbadmos Tiese - @tiiese | samefootprints.com Intro & Outro - My Favorite Things by Idan


The Marrow Thieves | Our Fave Reads Ep 1

Hosts Mofii and Tiese introduce a new segment to the podcast - a virtual book club- Our Fave Reads: a 4 Month series where we read 4 books and share our thoughts - much like we do for everything else! The first featured book is Cherie Dimaline’s The Marrow Thieves. A dystopian novel about a group of Indigenous people trying to survive dehumanization and death What we liked & didn’t like about the book, whether or not it's a page-turner, our favorite characters, exploring themes of...


What A Time to Be Alive | Highlights Episode

Hosts Mofi & Tiese share highlights from their week and address a letter from an Elle Magazine subscriber. We share what we loved about Beychella, why we’re not boycotting Netflix, and the podcast every woman should probably listen to ++ an anonymous writer to Elle magazine wants to know if she should hold out for a partner with more brains. We break down her question and give her our advice. Subscribe, Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts. Keep up with us on twitter & Instagram @ourfavepods....


Get You Some, Girl! | Highlights Episode

Hosts Mofi & Tiese share their highlights and unpack a tweet about how heterosexual women are weakening feminism. Andre Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name is a hit as a novel and a movie, T has already picked out her children’s books, Mofi spills the tea on Canada Reads, The Jersey Shore crew is back to be messy on our screens + are women in heterosexual relationships weakening the feminist movement? We talk about all these and more! Subscribe rate and review on Apple Podcasts Keep up with us...