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Bonus Level - Easter Special

At Our Three Cents we understand the profound importance that the innumerable faith systems play in the lives of all people across the globe. Therefore, on this most holy (and importantly, four day) weekend, we offer to you a solemn and reflective Easter special episode, which we hope will help you fully comprehend not only the gravity, but also the jubilation of this observed holiday. Contains excessively silly stuff about Romans, a very sexy Wario and dollops of fresh rabbit! All topped...


Number 83 - Final Fantasy X, Robotron: 2084, Lego Harry Potter

This week on Our Three Cents the chaps discuss their favourite Disney games, Jonathan embraces his inner Shinobi, Chris takes us on a retro arcade trip back to before any of us were born, and Minty forgets how to sit on a chair! Permalink


Number 84 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, New Super Mario Bros U, Portal

It’s coming up monkeys this week on Our Three Cents, with apes out everywhere in Jonathan’s abode, Minty monkeying about with some bread and butter, and Chris is just dropping some simian faux pas all over the shop! Permalink


Number 85 - Excite Truck, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

This week on Our Three Cents, sickness (rotten colds) abound with Minty and Jonathan delivering the episode from their respective death beds (not actually dying). Thankfully, Chris is on hand to bring the energy and enthusiasm, divulging some deeply personal pudding-related predilections, revealing some fascinatingly pedantic trivial tidbits, and mourning the untamed spirit of Kurt Cobain. All the while in their paracetamol-induced hazes, the chaps concoct the concept for a Super Crash Bros...


Number 86 - Angry Birds Trilogy, Dragon Age Origins, Counter Strike: Condition Zero

In a real trip down memory lane, this week the chaps recount all manner of recollections from hungover poolside birds, astrally-projected book clouds, and shouting incendiary warnings during vintage old-school threesomes! Plus Chris embarks on a new RPG to try and finish in the next 10 years, find out what’s hiding in Minty’s chest, and witness Jonathan suffering with a severe case of Dead Cells! It’s classic Our Three Cents. Permalink


Number 87 - Rayman Legends, Portal 2, Spelunky

This episode serves as an endearing study of friendship, co-operation and stories about caves! With Tetris fever still rife in the Our Three Cents camp - will the boys be able to stay focused enough to recount their 87th favourite video games of all time? Sort of. But really not. Permalink


Number 88 - Worms Armageddon, Life is Strange, Pokémon Rumble World

In a jam-packed episode this week, we have our first repeat entry - the chaps are more riddled with Worms than ever before! In a surprising video game industry twist, Tetris is the suddenly the most revolutionary title on the market again - life really is strange! And whilst Minty plays with his suspiciously-designed pocket monsters, Jonathan explains why Blowfish Studio’s Minesweeper Genius is better than Red Dead Redemption 2! Discuss. Permalink


Number 89 - Mario Kart: Super Circuit, The World Ends with You, Fighters Megamix

In a hot-headed episode of Our Three Cents, the chaps engage in all out battle over some 64-bit classics, Jonathan keeps his thieving up with a new indie game, Minty channels his inner sullen misanthrope as he duals with the Devil, and Chris beats up a car with a palm tree! Also, what does Arsene Wenger have to do with making video games harder? Find out what these pros did when they found old games too easy! Permalink


Number 90 - Halo: Combat Evolved, Star Wars, Thief: The Dark Project

Gathered in the Our Three Cents towers, the boys dissect some revolutionary first-person video games, Chris waves the pixellated flag of an indie game, Jonathan comes to terms with his harrowing freemium game addiction, and Minty goes on a trip down memory lane, a long time ago… far, far away… (insert better Star Wars reference here). This episode is so chock full of succulent detail and rich metaphysics that an art critic would deem it ‘satisfactory’. Permalink


Number 91 - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, Lemmings, Dynamite Headdy

This week on Our Three Cents, the boys forms a series of vendettas! Minty voices his frustrations with Ed McMillen; Jonathan is frankly livid with the developers of the Lemmings mobile game, and Chris continues his crusade against conventional logic when it comes to assessing which video games to spend his time on! And the terrible plague of worms continues to spread across another episode! Permalink


Number 92 - Comix Zone, Picross 3D, X-Men Legends

Really tight selection of games this week! Two linked by the medium of comics, two linked by being in 3D, 2 linked by nommynomive dooberryism, all 3 linked by being our 92nd favourite games. Who will emerge as 1/100 of a Victor in the trivia showdown? Will the dog make a surprise cameo this week? Will Minty be able to continue the podcast in spite of his terrible case of worms? And what of the Deep Lore??? Permalink


Number 93 - Burning Rangers, Final Fantasy III, Dragon Warrior Monsters

This episode has it all! Evil bags, lamentations about finger-pointing at seemingly derivative titles, inflammatory accusations leveled at incredibly average footballers, natural disasters, and that new quiz section we started last week. Listen in to discover the exchange rate between a ‘Chris Hour’ and a ‘Jonathan Hour’, and learn about the Guitar Hero modding community. Just as a good thing came to Minty overnight in the form of his Tales of Vesperia download, here is a good thing that has...


Number 94 - King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity, Deus Ex, Worms Armageddon

In an unintentional PC special episode, the chaps resurrect memories of some classic desktop computer games in the week’s rankings! Their childhood memories also feature reminiscences of some classic game shows as Stars in their Eyes, Going for Gold, and a pitch for a brand new Michael Barrymore vehicle! Fittingly, this episode also introduces a new regular Quiz section, pitting Minty v Chris in a battle of video-games-trivia-related wits! To the death! (Not to the death) ‘Changing Reality’...


Number 95 - Golf Story, Sega Rally, Athlete Kings

In a lovely divisible-by-five-ranking episode, the 'fellas’ cast a critical eye on beloved children's authors, honour the sacrifice of Jonathan's dad's thumb, and scour the ancient Yahoo forums to confirm rumours surrounding Joe Satriani. Also there is video game. The week’s featured Smash spirits: Ashnard, Koffing and Linebeck. Permalink


Number 96 - Desert Golfing, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Bioshock Infinite

Now that the thrill of being united simply by the love of gaming has worn out, this episode sees us united by geography for the first time ever! With nothing but a table separating us, we have our first mobile game and noodle around the elitism shrouding the platform like a gamer fuel-induced fart, explore the layers of enjoyment of a inter-presenter gift, and gripe about the oft-referenced ‘golden’ age of When Video Games Were Hard. Includes a special appearance from a bumbling woodland...


Bonus Level - Christmas Special

Ho ho ho!! In a special episode of Our Three Cents, the chaps recount memories of gaming at Christmas time, in addition to comparing notes on some festive-themed games from times past! So microwave yourself a comforting cup of mulled something, yank a cracker, scoff a pie, drape tinsel from your face and pop your feet all the way ruddy up, and enjoy! Permalink


Number 97 - Pokémon Stadium, Sonic R, ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkatron

The chums converge on a recent release, which sends them off on a session of rampant nostalgia and unanswered questions. Why did Chris’ dad call his Blastoise ‘black cab?’ What did Minty do with a condom when he was ten? Can Jonathan keep this ship afloat? Find out as you listen to three people really hammer home just how thirty-something they all are. Permalink


Number 98 - Jurassic Park, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Rakuga Kids

Schindler’s List, Penny Crayon and bottles of wee! Find out what links these pillars of society together in Episode 3 of Our Three Cents, as the boys wax lyrical about their 98th favourite video games of all time. Plus, has Chris found his new favourite game in a recent release? Permalink


Number 99 - SuperHot VR, Hydro Thunder, Puggsy

This week on Our Three Cents, Jonathan, Chris and Minty examine the full gamut of video game technology, discussing Virtual Reality and old school 16-bit ambitions! Plus, what have they been playing this week? Someone takes on Dark Souls for the first time - have they now succumbed to being a lifeless husk of a gamer? Find out in Episode 2, along with the reveal of the boys’ 99th favourite video games of all time! Permalink


Number 100 - Bomber Raid, Elebits, Clockwork Knight 2

In the inaugural episode of Our Three Cents, Jonathan Dunn, Chris Dow and Minty Booth discuss the first entry in their Top 100 Video Games of All Time lists. Join them in a trip down memory lane as they trawl the archives of their video game libraries to pull out three games they deem to be their 100th favourite game! Permalink