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This podcast looks at queerness and gayness in the Star Trek universe.

This podcast looks at queerness and gayness in the Star Trek universe.


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This podcast looks at queerness and gayness in the Star Trek universe.




Season 2, Episode 4: A Look at Picard

Show Notes Episodes Referenced: All of Picard, Season 1 “Measure of a Man” (TNG - 2x9) “The Offspring” (TNG - 3x16) “Imaginary Friend” (TNG - 5x22) - Note: This episode does not include Naomi WIldman


Season 2, Episode 3: Trekking through the Pandemic

Episodes Referenced: The Next Generation: “Unnatural Selection” (TNG - 2x7) - Pulaski tries to cure a group of scientists on a space station that are aging rapidly “Contagion” (TNG - 2x11) - The crew investigates the destruction of their sister ship, the Yamato Deep Space Nine: “Babel” (DS9 - 1x5) - A virus spreads through the station “The Quickening” (DS9 - 4x24) - Dr. Bashir tries to cure a plague affecting a planet Voyager: “The Phage” (VOY - 1x5) - The crew meets a species, the...


Season 2, Episode 2: Seven of B**bs

In this episode, we take a look at episodes where characters swap genders: A female Ferengi passes as male, Quark transitions to female, and the Doctor becomes Seven, and Janeway, and B’Elanna. We take a close look at how we read this in terms of queerness, homophobia, and gay panic. And good news: We are again joined by the incomparable guest host Sally! NOTE ON AUDIO: We apologize for the sound quality on this one. We hope to fix this problem in future episodes. Thanks for bearing with...


Season 2, Episode 1: Rejoined

Rejoin us as we get back on the podcast wagon! We are delighted to kick off our second season with a lovely and insightful guest host, Sally! In this episode, we debrief about the one and only Very Special DS9 episode featuring a same-sex romantic and sexual relationship, “Rejoined”.


Season 1, Episode 5: Vulcurious

On this eagerly anticipated final episode of season 1 of Outcast: A Queer Star Trek Podcast, we do a deep dive on two Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Fusion” (S1E16) and “Stigma” (S2E14). These two episodes present a very clear allegory for queer subculture and HIV/AIDS - and much more! But mostly that.


Season 1, Episode 4: The Doctor

In this episode, we examine The Doctor as a queer character, focusing on "Projections" and "Real Life." Join us as we delve into the underlying queer subtext of this beloved member of the Voyager crew.


Season 1, Episode 3: Odo's Queer Identity?

We explore Odo's struggles with difference and full acceptance. We primarily focus on DS9 episodes "Chimera" and "Behind the Lines."

Season 1, Episode 2: Outcast does The Outcast

We explore The Outcast episode from The Next Generation, as well as our personal connection to Star Trek.


Season 1, Episode 1: Introduction + All About Garak

In this episode, we introduce our podcast and then go on to talk about our first topic: Garak and how gay he is, but maybe not literally. It's our first episode, so if the editing sounds rough, it's because it is.