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Podcasts, radio shows, writing and more by Alex Fitch






Panel Borders: The Name’s Bond…

The Name’s Bond… In this feature-length podcast, Alex Fitch talks to three members of the same family who are involved with making comics. In an interview recorded at the Portsmouth Comic Con, Shelly and Philip Bond discuss editing and drawing comics published by Vertigo and IDW, their love of Deadline Magazine, and collaborating with Cüd’s […]

Panel Borders: Inspired By Music

Inspired By Music: In a feature length podcast, Alex Fitch talks to two comic creators whose publications are inspired by music. Zine creator Holly Casio discusses her various Bruce Springsteen inspired titles including Queers on the edge of town in a Q and A recorded at Graphic Brighton 2018, and writer / publisher Ricky Miller […]


Panel Borders: Inking and Painting Women

Inking and Painting Women: Celebrating International Women’s Day, in this “feature-length” podcast, guest presenter Corinne Pearlman introduces three talks about female comic creators, recorded at Laydeez Do Comics. Visual Cultures lecturer Astrid Schmetterling (Goldsmiths, University of London) explores the life and work of painter Charlotte Salomon, whose series “Life? or Theatre?” is now being reconsidered […]


Panel Borders: Comics / Activism – Joe Sacco and Myfanwy Tristram

Comics / Activism: This month’s show looks at comics activism, projects that encourage and highlight activism through graphic novels and strips. Alex Fitch talks to Myfanwy Tristram about her crowdfunded anthology Draw the Line, her promotion of Finnish comics on Freedom of Information and their shared interest in raising money for Resonance FM, with info […]


Panel Borders: Rachael Ball – Wolf Tales

Rachael Ball – Wolf Tales: In an interview recorded at Cartoon County, Alex Fitch talks to Rachael Ball about her new book Wolf, published by Self Made Hero. In this graphic novel set in the 1970s, the cartoonist mixes a story from her past with time travel, fantastical beasts and mysterious neighbours rendered in detailed […]


Panel Borders: Wolves and Warfare

Wolves and Warfare: At the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Alex talks to cartoonist The Surreal McCoy about her multimedia project The Wolf of Baghdad and upcoming graphic novel The Collaborator, and Ian Edginton discusses the recently published prequel to 2000AD‘s vampire strip ‘Fiends of the Eastern Front’, and the next instalment of ‘Scarlet Traces’, […]


Panel Borders: Comic Book Crime Lords

Comic Book Crime Lords: In a pair of interviews recorded at recent comic festivals, Alex Fitch talks to three creators who specialise in crime stories. At the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Alex talks to Scots writers Ian Rankin and John Wagner about their love of comics, including respectively their graphic novels John Constantine: Dark […]


Panel Borders: Threads of Red Rosa

Threads of Red Rosa: Panel Borders presents a Q and A originally recorded at Graphic Brighton (University of Brighton, 2016) – Alex Fitch talks to cartoonist Kate Evans about her Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg, Red Rosa, which illustrates the life of the Polish Revolutionary, and graphic novel Threads: From the Refugee Crisis about her […]

Panel Borders: Black Dog – The Dreams of Paul Nash

Black Dog – The Dreams of Paul Nash: To coincide with Armistice Week, Panel Borders presents a Q and A originally recorded at Graphic Brighton (University of Brighton, 2016).Alex Fitch talks to graphic novelist and filmmaker Dave McKean about his book and multimedia live production Black Dog – The Dreams of Paul Nash which dramatises […]

Panel Borders: The Art of 2000AD – Mick McMahon and Boo Cook

The Art of 2000AD: In this episode of Panel Borders, Alex Fitch talks to a couple of artists who have illustrated ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’. At Cartoon County, Alex chats to Boo Cook about creating memorable covers for 2000AD and creating a crossover with US comic Elephantmen, plus a cameo by Boo’s frequent collaborator Tom […]

Panel Borders: Killing Superman

Killing Superman: Alex Fitch talks to a pair of comic book creators who have been involved in titles which depicted The Death of Superman . In a discussion recorded at Portsmouth Comic Con, Writer Louise Simonson talks about killing the Man of Steel in the 1990s and working on iconic Marvel comics such as Power […]

Panel Borders: Unbound Barking

Unbound Barking: In a pair of interviews recorded at Cartoon County, Hove, Alex Fitch looks at the output of new Graphic Novel publisher Unbound. Commissioning Editor Lizzie Kaye talks about the history of the company and how they are trying to create a new way of publishing comics, and artist Lucy Sullivan discusses her crowd […]

Panel Borders: Girls Comics

Girls Comics: In a 90 minute special edition of Panel Borders, cartoonist and Graphic Novels editor Corinne Pearlman introduces a pair of interviews about “Girls Comics”, periodicals aimed at young female audiences from the second half of the 20th Century: Comics scholar Mel Gibson interviews the author of the Trebizon novels for Young Adults, Anne […]


Panel Borders: Sci-Fi and Satire

Sci-Fi and Satire: In a pair of interviews recorded in front of live audiences, Alex Fitch talks to creators whose work includes elements of Science Fiction and Satire. At Cartoon County, Brighton, Alex talks to Hannah Berry about her latest and possibly final Graphic Novel – Livestock – which looks at celebrity culture in a […]


Panel Borders: Like Wallis Eates

Like Wallis Eates: In an interview recorded at Cartoon County, Hove, Alex Fitch introduces a talk and Q and A by artist Wallis Eates who discusses Like an Orange, a crowd-funded collaboration with brain injury survivors, and her various other projects including Chews and Spews, Fear of Mum-Death and the Shadow-Men, Mumoir and Laydeez do […]

Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast: Uncanny Locations

Uncanny Locations: In this month’s Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast, Alex Fitch looks at films set in uncanny locations. Alex talks to director Bart Simpson about his documentary film Brasília: Life After Design, which is screening at this year’s East End Film Festival, plus his producing role on Moebius Redux and The Corporation. Also, Graphic novelist […]


Panel Borders: Dundee Comics

Dundee Comics: In a special episode looking at the comics scene in Dundee, Alex Fitch talks to researcher Laura Findlay and artist Zu Dominiak about their comic Closure and the Dundee Comics Creative Space, to proprieters George Cordeiro and Jenny Heubeck of shops ‘The Black Hole’ and ‘Ahoy Comics’, and to departing D.C. Thomson Heritage […]


Panel Borders: The Inking Woman

The Inking Woman: To celebrate the release of “The Inking Woman – 250 years of Women Cartoon and Comic Artists in Britain”, published by Myriad Editions, three of the participants in the book talk about their work and love of the medium. Alex Fitch talks to Sandi Toksvig, a patron of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, […]


Panel Borders: Toys and Games

Toys and Games: In a pair of interviews looking at the connections between toys, games and comics, Alex Fitch talks to artists Karen Rubins and Bob Molesworth about their work. Karen discusses her new comic art card game, Comic Turns, which allows the player to create their own sequential art stories, and her strip Tales […]

Panel Borders: Comics on Comics – Stewart Lee and Josie Long

Comics on Comics – Stewart Lee and Josie Long: In a pair of interviews featuring comedians celebrating their love of comics, Stewart Lee and Josie Long discuss their appreciation of the medium and forays into creating strips. Alex Fitch converses with Lee about collecting obscure titles, writing the story The Property for CLiNT Magazine and […]