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Episode 28: Far Cry 5, The King of Kong 2, and the return of Morrowind

In this episode, Jamie kicks off a discussion about the newest title in the Far Cry franchise, as well as a recent experience jumping back into the Division with Jay. Jay discusses getting back into Divinity Original Sin 2, and then they cover recent news including controversy over the legitimacy of Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong scores as seen originally in the documentary "The King of Kong" and they finish off with a fresh batch of highly requested original Xbox titles coming to the BC...


Episode 27: Sea of Thieves Launch Impressions, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser, and God of War

In this episode, Jay talks about jumping back into Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC, then Jamie joins for an in depth discussion of Sea of Thieves launch week, issues good and bad. Jamie talks about the Battlefront 2 campaign, and the end battle of Mario + Rabbids. They cover the death of Toys'R'Us, a remaster of Myst, God of War going gold, Banjo Kazooie in Smash Bros, and Microsoft's move beyond console gaming.


Episode 26: Nintendo Direct; Pit People; Sea of Thieves Final Beta

In this episode, Jamie and Jay share their coop experiences playing the Halo Wars 2 DLC campaign together, as well as their adventures in the final beta for Sea of Thieves. Jamie talks about Pit People, as well as checking out some One X enhanced 360 BC games. Jay talks about Call of Duty WWII before they cover some big news from Valve, their favorite announcements from the recent Nintendo Direct, and a game mode enhancement coming to the Xbox One X.


Episode 25: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Impressions, NPD sales, and more

In this episode, Jay and Jamie talk about their first impressions of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Jay talks about his experience setting up his 4k TV and Xbox One X. Jamie talks about finishing Wolfenstein II and they have a spoiler discussion about some major plot points. They round out with news on January NPD hardware sales, Relic giving up on Dawn of War III, new features coming to PS System Software, changes to myNintendo rewards, and Turok coming to Xbox.


Episode 24: Sea of Thieves Beta, Sony CEO steps down, Switch outsells WiiU lifetime

In this episode, Jamie talks about revisiting Icewind Dale, then Jay and Jamie talk about their experiences in the Sea of Thieves Beta. They share some recent war stories from Player Unkown's Battlegrounds, and Jay talks about his experience in Persona 5 so far. They cover the release date of Red Dead Redemption 2, a milestone in Switch Sales, a changing of the guard with Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai, and finally a major new announcement with Xbox Game Pass and MS studio releases.


Episode 22: Nintendo Mini Direct, Winter Backlog, and Anticipated 2018 Games

In Episode 22, Jamie talks about finishing up Assassin's Creed: Origins, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and getting back into Shadow of War. Jay talks about finishing Wolfenstein II, and playing Nex Machina. They cover some new PC announcements including a new Total War game as well as an expansion to Stellaris. They go in depth on all the titles announced in the Nintendo Mini-Direct, then cover a new sales milestone for Playstation. They go over rumors of a new achievement and...


Episode 21: Game of the Year Part II

In episode 21, Jay and Jamie wrap up their awards for the individual categories in Action, Multiplayer, Best DLC, and Best Remaster. They finish up with an overall pick for their favorite game of 2017.


Episode 17: Xbox One X review, Battlefront II firestorm, and Game Awards Nominees

This week, Jay talks about finishing Mario Odyssey, cross discussion between AC Origins and Horizon Zero Dawn, Jamie breaks down his review of the Xbox One X, they discuss the internet firestorm around Battlefront II's loot crates and how it affected their views on the game, and finished up with discussion around the Game Awards nominees, projected Switch sales for 2018, and Xbox's commitment to more first party exclusives.


Episode 14: Shadow of War, South Park, Sony Publishing on Switch, and getting an Xbox One X

In this episode, Jamie and Jay give their first impressions on Middle Earth: Shadow of War and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. They go on to discuss big news on a Star Wars game being restructured at EA, Sony Music publishing games on Switch, new changes to the Switch OS, and updates incoming on the Master Chief Collection. They finish off with a discussion on whether or not to pick up an Xbox One X day one.


Episode 12

In Episode 12, Jamie and Jay talk give their impressions on Cuphead, Jamie gives a final impression on Prey, and Jay talks a little more Destiny 2. They cover Valve removing a bunch of "Fake" games, the end of the Wii eShop, Sony giving up on portables, and the loot box fiasco in Forza 7.


Episode 11

In episode 11, Jay talks about his Divinity: Original Sin II impressions, Jamie talks about Oxenfree, Prey, and Stellaris, they cover big playstation news coming out of Tokyo Game Show, updates on the Bethesda and Nintendo relationship, some accidental cross play that occurred in Epic's Fortnite between Xbox and Playstation, as well as a major promotion at Microsoft for Phil Spencer.


Episode 10

In Episode 10, Jamie and Jay give some impressions on end-game Destiny 2, follow up on Mario + Rabbids, cover NPD results, discuss a major Naughty Dog departure, go over the latest Nintendo Direct, and some updates coming to Xbox streaming quality.


Episode 9

In episode 9, Jay and Jamie talk about their initial impression on Mario + Rabbids, Destiny 2, Jamie talks about the new Battlefield 1 expansion, they cover the upcoming remaster of LA Noire, a multiplayer update 10 years after release, PS+ games for the month, what happens when Switch games are bigger than the card, and upcoming keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox. Finally they talk about what they played at PAX West.


Episode 8

Join Jay and Jamie for delayed impressions of Prey (it was on sale!) and Diablo like/free-to-play favorite, Path of Exile. We nerd out over the rumors of a Bethesda Game of Thrones title and provide our commentary on the gaming news of the week.


Episode 7

In this episode, Jay talks about playing Sonic Mania and Madden 18, Jamie finishes Shadow Blade, talks about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Season Pass content and Heroes of the Storm; then they cover NPD sales results for July, the end of single player Mass Effect Andromeda content, big announcements for Age of Empires Fans, upcoming content for Splatoon and Arms, System update details for PS4, and major news from Gamescon including Xbox One X preorder details


Episode 6

On this week's episode, Jay talks about his updated impression of No Man's Sky after this weeks major update, and Jamie has more to share on Shadow Tactics' story. In the news we discuss micro transactions in single player games, video games at the 2024 Olympics, a Fallout board game, and so much more!


Episode 5

In episode 5, we talk about our impressions on Pyre, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, and Slime Rancher. We follow up on Titanfall news, Last of Us II rumors, and some Taco Bell/Xbox One X promotion upcoming.


Episode 3

In Episode 3 we talk about our impressions from the Splatoon 2 launch, cover news with the AtariBox, Bioware news, and try a new segment called "Bad Games You Enjoy" where we talk about some games we like and then found out were not well received later.


Episode 2

In Episode 2 we talk about playing ARMS, developments in Esports Overwatch Leagues, Gran Turismo release date, and updates to Xbox features.


Episode 1

People Who Play is a gaming podcast that focuses on great games wherever they are, regardless of platform. Episode one introduces the hosts, covers news from the week of July 3-10, and cover what games they are currently


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