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Reno 911!

"Reno 911!," the cult "Cops" spoof, is the subject of Episode 68 of Pilot Study. This begins a dive into some of the more memorable programming choices in the history of Comedy Central. Chris and Grimes talk the unaired pilot and the program's history at Fox, using the "blurry face" to their advantage, and more. Note: The pilot is available at the Comedy Central website. Note 2: "The State" ran for 4 seasons ('93-'95).


Alex, Inc.

"Alex, Inc.," the (loose) adaptation of Alex Blumberg's "StartUp" podcast, is the newest series opening to be dissected on Pilot Study. Chris and Grimes discuss Zach Braff's return to network TV, the utilization of real-life investor Chris Sacca, and Pilot Study categories like Most Pilot-y Moment and MVP. Note: You can watch the pilot through ABC.go.com for free.



Pilot Study returns with a look at "Mulaney," the John Mulaney Fox pilot that was cancelled following its first season. Chris and Grimes discuss a poorly written female lead, botched sitcom stereotypes and the Pilot Study categories of Title Talk, Pilot Study MVP, Name Change and Most Pilot-y Moment. Note: The Griffin Newman part from the previous pilot was not just recast. He was originally cast as someone named "Seymour." Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood: "Gould and Pedrad will reprise their...


Breaking Bad

On its 10-year anniversary, the Pilot Study crew talks "Breaking Bad" and its depiction of Walter White's first steps into anti-hero territory. Assisted by Andrew Bloom (The Andrew Blog, Consequence of Sound), we talk the show's inception and pitch process, some casting what-ifs, and wonder if "Wipe Down This" would be an appropriate title change for this episode. Special Guest: Andrew Bloom.



"It's a show for no one." The newest episode of Pilot Study takes on the short-lived Fox drama, "Profit." An attempt at Peak TV before Peak TV, the title character of Jim Profit (really giving away his goals with that fake moniker) attempts to scheme his way up the corporate ladder. Oh...btw, he makes out with his stepmom a bunch and sleeps in a cardboard box. Special Guest: Brock Wilbur.


Halt and Catch Fire

Podcasts aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing. The spiritual successor to AMC's "Mad Men" wasn't a ratings bonanza, but grew into a critically-adored, cult hit. The pilot for "Halt and Catch Fire" is the next to be dissected on Pilot Study, including talk on its beautiful title sequence, the "Power Move Power Rankings" of Joe MacMillan, and much more.


Clone High

Tonight, on a "very special" Pilot Study. Chris and Grimes welcome comedian and writer Brock Wilbur to the program to discuss the pilot of "Clone High." From its all-timer of a theme song, to the crazy circumstances surrounding its cancellation, we dive deep into the MTV animated program. Correction: Bill Lawrence was not involved in "The Drew Carey Show" (but he was a creator on "Spin City"). We apologize for the error. Special Guest: Brock Wilbur.



If you're gonna rip off X-Files, you better do it right. Craig Robinson and Adam Scott get their long-awaited "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" reunion (thank you IMDB trivia) in "Ghosted," the new Fox half-hour comedy. Alan Miller, horror superfan joins us, helping deliver....well, it's not exactly a love fest. Special Guest: Alan Miller.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

You better listen to this podcast....by sundown. On the newest episode of Pilot Study, Chris and Grimes talk "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the long-running, recently restarted HBO comedy. Beginning with the mockumentary before the show, the hosts also talk the program's music and the magic of its improvised nature. Listen to this podcast. The relationship's at stake.


The Deuce

Step into a world where twins cannot simply look alike, but where twins have the exact same mustache. Step into the world of "The Deuce." Chris and Grimes talk the newest HBO drama from David Simon, along with the idea of Franco twins, a pilot without the show's hook, and of course, the half-smoke sausage. At the end, we name our Pilot Study MVP for the episode.


On The Air

Podcast listeners. Take your position in our roped off "Podcast Listeners" section. In the newest Pilot Study, the crew talks David Lynch and Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks" follow-up, "On The Air." Alan Miller joins to talk the quickly canceled sitcom, what Lynch finds funny (hint, he LOVES communication breakdowns), and fan-favorite Blinky. We also do some reviews and a round of "Spin-off." Note: There's some background noise in the first 10-15 minutes. It's not too distracting, but we...


The Tick (2017)

The Pilot Study chums, joined by Nick Spacek (From & Inspired By), talk the newest iteration of "The Tick," which recently premiered its first 6 episodes on Amazon. The Flag 3 compare it to the previous Fox live action series, talk the increased attention on Arthur and mental health, along with much more. NEAT!


South Park

Chris and Grimes dive into South Park's debut episode, "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe." It begins with a story about Grimes' high school popularity (it was very situational, let's be honest), while then getting into the program's history, some of the weird moments present, and a dismissive Hollywood Reporter review.


Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

The Pilot Study crew discusses the newest addition to the "Wet Hot American Summer" mythology, the "10 Years Later" Netflix sequel. Here we talk how successful each character has become in their "Wet Hot" lives (and if that's a good thing), we obsess over JJ's video store, and Chris tries to compare the show to "The Hobbit."


Episode 54: How I Met Your Mother

Pilot Study is back with an episode on the long-running CBS series "How I Met Your Mother." We dig into the first 20 minutes for the 5 main characters, tackling who gets the best pilot and why Ted is so annoying. As usual, you'll get some history of the show's development and reviews.


Episode 53: Land Of The Lost

Today's episode features our discussion on the 1974 "Land of The Lost" pilot. We talk its unexpectedly required theme, if the show is weird enough to actually revisit, and much, much more. This concludes our "Saturday Morning" theme month.


Episode 52: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures

We continue our "Saturday Morning" theme month with a look at CBS's animation version of the Bill & Ted franchise. The two season show, starring the real Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, begins with an episode titled "One Sweet and Sour Chinese Adventure to Go." On the back end, we continue our extended Saturday Morning talk, discussing our favorite Pop-Tart flavors. Watch the pilot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60kqk0Z_cWM


Episode 51: Saved By The Bell

We continue our "Saturday Morning" theme month with a look at NBC's "Saved By The Bell." We talk the history of the show, and its beginnings with "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," along with the pilot's Zack/Jessie relationship and of course, some title talk. On the back end, we continue our extended Saturday Morning talk (27:52), discussing discontinued cereal products.


Episode 50: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Today we kick off both season 3 and our "Saturday Morning" theme month with "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Joined by guest Michael Escanuelas (@missingartwork), we talk the show's numerous connections to "Zyuranger," Zack's constant dancing and of course, the terrifying-as-hell putty patrol.


Episode 49: The Life & Times of Tim/The Leftovers

The newest episode of Pilot Study and our season finale features talk on both "The Life & Times Of Tim" and "The Leftovers." In this finale, the co-hosts each suggest a show for one another, while Chris and Grimes then talk the pilots. Will either of them continue on to episode 2? See you in season 3, beginning on May 23.