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The daily podcast in which Scott and Heather analyze, scrutinize and plunder the Pirates of the Caribbean movies one blimey minute at a time.

The daily podcast in which Scott and Heather analyze, scrutinize and plunder the Pirates of the Caribbean movies one blimey minute at a time.
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The daily podcast in which Scott and Heather analyze, scrutinize and plunder the Pirates of the Caribbean movies one blimey minute at a time.




Let’s All Go to the Brothel – Pirates of the Caribbean 6 (Episode 98)

Let’s all go to the brothel and get ourselves a new Pirates of the Caribbean film! Join us for this episode as we ditch the usual format and dive into the breaking scallywag news and discuss rumors about Pirates of the Caribbean 6, the first film in the franchise to potentially not include Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, contemplate the state of the film franchise without the original cast including Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Captain Barbossa, turning a new leaf and appealing to...


Limp Compass (Dead Man’s Chest Minutes 100-102)

Never ask a man why his compass doesn’t work! But obviously Elizabeth Swann has her priorities in order when it comes to pirate matrimony. Join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss minutes 100-101. In this episode we announce the 2nd Annual Listeners’ Appreciation Contest, discuss the tour of the Lady Washington – famed tall ship that played the HMS Interceptor in Curse of the Black Pearl – and our intention to book a sailing trip, dive deep on the symbolism of...


Pirate Booty Call (Episode 96)

Join us for an episode of love, fish love, tragic love, sad love and a once a decade booty call as we take a break from our usual format to discuss the possibility that the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is the greatest love story of the 21st century. In this episode we examine love across all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, rank the family love dynamics, identify Captain Jack Sparrow’s true love and his inability to see for himself that not all treasure is silver and gold,...


Krakens and Organs (Dead Man’s Chest Minutes 95-99)

It’s time to release the Kraken and play with an organ as we send the Edinburgh Trader and crew to Davy Jones’ Locker. Join us for minutes 95-99 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we make a couple of announcements regarding the evolution of The Black Pearl Show’s move to a longer, once a week episode (new episodes available on Wednesdays) and the 2nd Annual Listeners’ Contest, dive into the history with the Pirate Word of the Week and the 18th century phrase Mother Carey’s...


Ain’t Got Time for That (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 94)

From decade old memes to the Beach Boys, we pull out all the decanter stoppers as we finally get our act together and return to normal. Join us for minute 95 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss Captain Bellamy of the Edinburgh Trader throwing his crew under the ghostly bus, Will Turner’s frustration by not being the one to get Elizabeth Swann out of her dress, scrutinize and celebrate the editing and cinematography, Davy Jones and the crew of the Flying Dutchman in...


You’re a Hussy (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 93)

It’s all about the past, present, future and glory days in the latest episode as we reflect on Elizabeth Swann…the hussy? Join us as we discuss minute 93 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest by tackling a wee bit of audio issues, give a listener shout out, bask in Keira Knightley’s acting prowess, call out James Norrington as a bitter has been while he accuses Elizabeth of being a loose woman, a gratuitous bad breakup Seinfeld reference, analyze Elizabeth’s feelings as revealed by...


Handle Your Sword (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 92)

We celebrate 4th of July in all its independence glory as we let loose the euphemisms and attempt to cut through the sexual tension with a…cutlass. Join us as we breakdown minute 92 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest by discussing Disney’s ability to craft dialog that flies over the kids’ heads while keeping adults entertained, Captain Jack Sparrow questioning Elizabeth Swann’s moral compass and calling her a pirate without honor, Norrington beginning to plot his return to a...


Rough and Stinky (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 91)

There’s never a good time to be a third wheel, unless you like it rough and stinky or your name is Elizabeth Swann. Join us for minute 91 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss our pirate listeners and members of our Cursed Listeners’ Crew Facebook Group, Will Turner using an old acting trick coined by Joey Tribbiani in the TV show Friends, Bootstrap’s sorry not sorry attitude that’s followed by Will’s apparent “I’m a better man than you” promise, the Black Pearl...


Pirates Wearing Pasties (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 90)

Today we go to The Good Place and discover the supposed origins of Pirates of the Caribbean in The Bad Place while getting a peak into the future of Pirates of the Caribbean 31. Join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss minute 90 – kicking off the show with an easter egg in the tv show The Good Place, invite Michael Shur to find his love for Pirates of the Caribbean, go behind the scenes of Curse of the Black Pearl while talking about the Universal Studios...


Too Close to His Tentacle (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 89)

We discover pirate’s Groundhog’s Day with tragic love, a handful of tentacles and a musical snuff box that includes some Spaghetti Western inspiration in this episode. Join us as we tackle minute 89 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and discuss some NorCal Pirate Festival missed connections, deep dive into Davy Jones’ tragic and eternally repeating cursed lost love with Calypso represented by his pipe organ and music box locket, breakdown the minute’s music by examining Davy...


Davy’s Glowing Juices (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 88)

It’s a robust episode as we take to the high seas, meet famous and infamous pirates, discuss glowing secretions, and overlook Captain Jack Sparrow’s bedwetting problem. Join us for minute 88 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss our Northern California Pirate Festival 2018 adventure, share interviews with famed pirates Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Teach (Blackbeard), and Israel Hands, meet and talk with Pirates of the Caribbean musicians Skip Henderson and the...


All Men are Desperate (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 87)

The desperation on the Flying Dutchman is so thick you could cut it with a sharp tongue. So join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we sit back and watch Will Turner and Davy Jones cut each other down with the help of the script, Davy Jones as a sore loser after the game of Liar’s Dice, the loss of a meeting of the minds and the connection to genies and lawyers, compare and contrast the script to the final film product, the metaphor for Davy Jones and Calypso, Will Turner...


Knucklebone Action (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 86)

Just in time for the new unveiling of Redd, Disneyland’s first female pirate on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we throw down a little knucklebone action and declare that little girls can also grow up to be…pirates. Join us for minute 86 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss the reopening of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the loss of the bride auction, the continuation of the Liar’s Dice game between Will Turner, Davy Jones and Bootstrap Bill Turner, the...


Creepy Automatons (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 85)

The plague of the sea sets a new bar and unleashes a technological leap forward for CG moviemaking effects. Join is for minute 85 of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss Will Turner’s bravado and calling Davy Jones yellow, Bootstrap Bill Turner spontaneously jumps into the Liar’s Dice game, Pirate Word of the Week, the invention of new motion capture and CG technology by John Knoll’s crew at ILM to bring Davy Jones to life in the film and allow closeups and animated...


Mark of the Beastie (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 84)

It’s time for a staring contest with Davy Jones as we get all hot and bothered in preparation for a game of Liar’s Dice. Join us for minute 84 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss Will Turner standing his ground against Davy Jones while wearing a poker face, the good and evil symbolism of the pirate dice regarding colors and numbers, changes in the movie versus the final draft of the script, Flying Dutchman crewman Quittance, the meaning of his name, and the actor...


Third Leg’s a Stump (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 83)

It’s a free verbal beatdown as we put a man’s pride, loyalty, and governorship up for a Port Royal auction. Join us for minute 83 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss Lord Cutler Beckett schooling Governor Swann on selling himself out to save his daughter, Elizabeth Swann, symbolism as a result of camerawork, the roll of the dice transition, the origin of Liar’s Dice (AKA Pirate’s Dice, Perudo, Dudo), examine Flying Dutchman crewman Two Head, portrayed by twins Chris...


Big Sword You Have (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 82)

Cannonade is thirstade for that deep-down body thirst and made for all remorseless automatons like Lord Cutler Beckett. Gather your cannonballs, cutlasses and all pieces of metal for minute 82 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Join us as we discuss Lord Cutler Beckett’s infamous guilt trips and his heavy-handed beatdown of Governor Weatherby Swann, Tom Hollander’s on point performance, a comparison to Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine, Governor Swann’s only choice to save...


Bath and a Nap (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 81)

Actually, this episode hits a slippery slope as it slowly devolves into a bit of schoolyard name calling. Yet, up until that point we attempt to keep on point while discussing minute 81 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Join us as we celebrate the return of Captain Jack Sparrow’s swashbuckler personality, give a shout out to supportive listeners and the Northern California Pirate Festival, talk Dead Man’s Chest music track #1 – Jack Sparrow by Hans Zimmer, discover the...


How Dare You! (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 80)

It’s a first for this bloody episode as we confront an anonymous dirty, filthy bilge rat for a lack of pirate love. After we gather our composure, we tackle minute 80 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with a bit of frustration. Join us as we discuss listener feedback, Gore Verbinski’s choice for direction and music in this particular scene, Elizabeth Swann and Captain Jack Sparrow continue to be out of character while discussing how to save William Turner by finding the chest...


Most Hated Doctor Ever (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 79)

The acting, the music, the melodrama and getting ejected from the movie is unforgiveable. Join us for minute 79 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we scrutinize this entire minute and wonder if anything went right. In this episode we discuss whether the choice of music worked, Johnny Depp’s acting choice, and the seemingly out of character dialogue, the theme of Captain Jack Sparrow’s possible love for Elizabeth Swann, Elizabeth’s reunion with Pintel and Ragetti, we ask the...