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Presenters recommend their favourite podcasts and speak to the people who make them.

Presenters recommend their favourite podcasts and speak to the people who make them.


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Presenters recommend their favourite podcasts and speak to the people who make them.




New releases for January - Nikesh Shukla on Brown Baby

Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan recommend some of the best new listening. Firstly, some comedy and entertainment shows to keep you laughing through lockdown: The Brian Butterfield Pod Pod Podcast Congrats On The New My Life In Tv Keep It! Nikesh Shukla joins to dicuss his new series Brown Baby - conversations about raising children with joy in uncertain times. And recommendations of more conversational podcasts and engrossing documentary series: Relatively The BBC Countryfile Magazine...


Evergreen podcasts

We often hear about the best new podcasts - but what about those that have been around for a while? This week Amanda Litherland and Imriel Morgan recommend evergreen podcasts - shows which have been well established, but you might not have got around to listening to yet. Firstly, some series which you can hear in their entirety: Bronzeville Capital Fight Night (iHeartRadio) Edith Bowman tells Podcast Radio Hour about her movie music podcast Soundtracking, which boasts over 200 episodes. Each...


Positive Podcasts for 2021

Amanda Litherland and Greg Cochrane recommend inspirational listening to start the year. Firstly, a pick of 2020's best - timeless series which are well worth getting stuck into. Hana Walker-Brown, executive producer at Broccoli content joins to discuss the hit show Anthems - each episode containing positive personal philosophies. Also recommended from 2020: The Golden House (Ross Sutherland) Rabbit Hole (New York Times) Vent Documentaries (VICE and Brent Council) The Log Books (Tash Walker,...


Podcast Radi-ho ho ho Hour

Amanda Litherland and Chris Pearson host a festive Podcast Radio Hour jam-packed full of great listens. We've invited some of our friends from BBC Sounds to suggest podcasts they'd give as a Christmas gift. And we'll also be showcasing some seasonal listening from festive BBC Podcasts of years past. In this episode: James Acaster, host of James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds. recommends The Three Track Podcast, Hip Hop Saved My Life, Wheel of Misfortune, and The Guilty Feminist. Sofie Hagen and Dr...


December New Listens and Christmas Specials

The holidays are almost here and Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan have recommendations of the best new listening for December - Christmas themed or otherwise. Firstly, some great new series: How I Found My Voice (Intelligence Squared) Fashioned (Audible) Strippers In The Attic Life Of The Party With Jodie Harsh In Strange Woods (Atypical Artists) Former MP and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson joins us to discuss his new interview show Persons Of Interest. What lead him from...


Winter Warmers - Cosy Audio Fiction

Amanda Litherland and Ella Watts recommend a selection of cosy audio fiction series to warm the winter nights. Faith McQuinn discusses writing her romantic comedy series Margaritas and Donuts. More recommended audio rom coms: -Fan Wars: The Empire Claps Back -Me and AU -Greenhouse -Deck The Halls (With Matrimony!) Then Gabriel Urbina and Sarah Shachat discuss creating the fantasy anthology series Unseen. We hear an extract from episode 2 - Into The Dark. More recommended fantasy/sci fi:...


History & You're Wrong About

Amanda Litherland and Caroline Crampton recommend the best podcasts about the past, from some of the most popular history shows to more niche focused series. Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes join to discuss their hit show You're Wrong About - a podcast that reconsiders people or events that have been miscast in public imagination. Recommended podcasts this week: We Are History You're Dead To Me The Dollop You're Wrong About The Rest Is History Giants of History History Extra The Constant: A...


Trees & Forests: Podcasts for National Tree Week

On the eve of the UK's National Tree Week, Verity Sharp and Moy McGowan recommend their favourite tree podcasts. And Adam Shaw talks about his podcast, Woodland Walks. Recommended listening which links science and the sacred, the practical and the magical properties of trees. Featured Podcasts: Forest 404 Branch Out Tree's A Crowd Emergence Magazine Podcast Woodland Walks Farmerama The Urban Forestry Radio Show & Podcast Go Wild BatChat Living Beeing Botanical Mind Tree Lady Talks


New listens for November + quizzing with Miquita Oliver

Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan recommend newly released podcasts from the worlds of comedy and documentaries. Plus Miquita Oliver talks about Quiz Chat repeat, a new daily quiz podcast. Featured Podcasts: The Sink Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat Harry Hill's Noise Dear Joan and Jericha The Orgasm Cult Quiz Chat Repeat (with Miquita Oliver) VENT Documentaries Intrigue: Mayday The Mentor Bed Of Lies The Lock In with Jeremy Paxman The Rest is History


A buffet of food podcasts

Chris Pearson and Amanda Litherland tuck into a buffet of food podcasts. For starters: a selection of food documentaries, including a chat with Simon Tulett, one of the producers on 'The Food Chain' from the BBC World service. And for main course: food conversations, from panel programmes to interviews. We hear from Suzy Chase, presenter of 'Cookery By The Book'. Then finishing off for dessert, a quick taster of some food comedy podcasts. Featured podcasts: Eat Drink Asia Podcast Gastropod...


Podcasts for the planet

Amanda Litherland and Greg Cochrane recommend climate focused podcasts to inform and inspire. From tips on greener living to interviews with leading activists in the environmental movement, this week we highlight listening that encourages a brighter tomorrow. We speak to the team at 'Outrage and Optimism': Tom Rivett-Carnac, Paul Dickenson, and Christiana Figueres. Christiana is the former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and was the lead negotiator on...


Podcasts that go bump in the night

Amanda Litherland and Ella Watts showcase supernatural scares - podcasts perfect for Halloween listening. Jeffrey Nils Gardner and Eleanor Hyde discuss their gothic horror series Unwell, set in an American boarding house with some unusual residents. And we speak to Cassandra Tse, creator of Apocalypse Songs, a supernatural thriller set in a New Zealand radio station. Plus Ella has a whole host of recommendations from around the world of audio fiction, perfect for whatever level of Halloween...


Audio Art and Found Sound

Amanda Litherland and Caroline Crampton delve into the world of soundscapes, audio art and found sound podcasts - recommending the most relaxing and intriguing series they can find. We speak to Eleanor McDowall, the producer behind 'Field Recordings', an international collection of ambient recording from locations around the world. And Michelle Macklem talks about the podcast 'Constellations', which offers sound artists a platform to experiment in. We hear an extract from Phoebe Wang's piece...


Press Play - video games and children's podcasts

Amanda Litherland is joined by Chrystal Genesis to present a goody bag full of podcast recommendations. First - great children's podcasts: Tai Asks Why (CBC) The Week Junior Eleanor Amplified (WHYY) Peace Out - Meditation for Kids Kyla Slaven, producer of ABC's Short and Curly joins to discuss the philosophy show for kids. And then we celebrate glorious video games and some of the best podcasts to stay up to date and entertained: Women Of Marvel (episode Women of Video Game Journalism...


New releases for Autumn, wellbeing tips with Dr Chatterjee and raving with Chris Warburton

Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan recommend great podcasts and meet the people who make them. This week Dr Chatterjee talks "Feel Better. Live More.", a health podcast focussing on intimate, authentic conversations. Amanda and Scott recommend other great conversational listens. Then we're focusing on documentaries - and Chris Warburton discusses Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave, a documentary drama blend focussing on rave culture. Featured Podcasts This Week: Feel Better, Live More Great Scot...


Sporting stories and a visit to the Socially Distant Sports Bar

Chris Pearson and Amanda Litherland tackle sports podcasts. This week, Stef Garrero, Elis James and Mike Bubbins discuss their lockdown sports podcast The Socially Distant Sports Bar podcast. Then Adrian Koenigsberg joins us from New York to discuss her podcast Quell Party which celebrates and showcases women and non-binary people in Skateboarding. Plus recommended listens from the world of Sports, including: Don't Tell Me The Score The Game Changers Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football...


US Politics Special - featuring Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel

Amanda Litherland is joined by the podcaster and journalist Greg Cochrane to recommend podcasts to keep up to date with the US Election and understand some of the history that's made the country what it is today. Also Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis discuss making the BBC's Americast - how is reporting for the podcast different to radio or TV broadcasting? And are there fans of the podcast on both sides of the Atlantic? Podcasts mentioned this week: Slate's Political Gabfest FiveThirtyEight...


Pens, Pipe Organs and Portable Toilets - Niche Podcasts

Amanda Litherland and Becca Bryers explore niche podcasts from around the world. From pipe organs to portable toilets, there's a podcast out there about almost everything, and in this week's Podcast Radio Hour Amanda and Becca explore a wealth of listens. Myke Hurley from Relay FM joins to talk about "The Pen Addict", a stationery podcast with more than 400 epiodes. Then Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos from "Love to Sew" discuss their craft podcast, which covers a range of topics from...


Innovative storytelling with Cathy Fitzgerald and Ross Sutherland

Amanda Litherland speaks to two innovative audio makers. Ross Sutherland reveals some of the thinking behind his puzzling new fiction podcast 'The Golden House' - a mini series from Imaginary Advice stuffed full of codes and secrets. Later, the award winning documentary producer Cathy Fitzgerland discusses her latest project 'Witness' in association with Amnesty International - a podcast which skilfully tells sensitive stories from some of the world's darkest places. Cathy also speaks about...


Steve Coogan on Alan Partridge's return to audio

It's been 29 years since the character of Alan Partridge made his debut in the Radio 4 satirical radio show On The Hour. Since then Steve Coogan's inept Norfolk broadcaster has seen huge success with various TV shows and even a feature film, Alpha Papa. This week Alan makes a return to audio with a brand new podcast 'From The Oasthouse' - available to download from Audible. Steve Coogan chats to Amanda Litherland about the benefits of making comedy that's for ears only, and shares some of...