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Presenters recommend their favourite podcasts and speak to the people who make them.

Presenters recommend their favourite podcasts and speak to the people who make them.


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Presenters recommend their favourite podcasts and speak to the people who make them.




Audio Art and Found Sound

Amanda Litherland and Caroline Crampton delve into the world of soundscapes, audio art and found sound podcasts - recommending the most relaxing and intriguing series they can find. We speak to Eleanor McDowall, the producer behind 'Field Recordings', an international collection of ambient recording from locations around the world. And Michelle Macklem talks about the podcast 'Constellations', which offers sound artists a platform to experiment in. We hear an extract from Phoebe Wang's piece...


Press Play - video games and children's podcasts

Amanda Litherland is joined by Chrystal Genesis to present a goody bag full of podcast recommendations. First - great children's podcasts: Tai Asks Why (CBC) The Week Junior Eleanor Amplified (WHYY) Peace Out - Meditation for Kids Kyla Slaven, producer of ABC's Short and Curly joins to discuss the philosophy show for kids. And then we celebrate glorious video games and some of the best podcasts to stay up to date and entertained: Women Of Marvel (episode Women of Video Game Journalism...


New releases for Autumn, wellbeing tips with Dr Chatterjee and raving with Chris Warburton

Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan recommend great podcasts and meet the people who make them. This week Dr Chatterjee talks "Feel Better. Live More.", a health podcast focussing on intimate, authentic conversations. Amanda and Scott recommend other great conversational listens. Then we're focusing on documentaries - and Chris Warburton discusses Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave, a documentary drama blend focussing on rave culture. Featured Podcasts This Week: Feel Better, Live More Great Scot...


Sporting stories and a visit to the Socially Distant Sports Bar

Chris Pearson and Amanda Litherland tackle sports podcasts. This week, Stef Garrero, Elis James and Mike Bubbins discuss their lockdown sports podcast The Socially Distant Sports Bar podcast. Then Adrian Koenigsberg joins us from New York to discuss her podcast Quell Party which celebrates and showcases women and non-binary people in Skateboarding. Plus recommended listens from the world of Sports, including: Don't Tell Me The Score The Game Changers Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football...


US Politics Special - featuring Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel

Amanda Litherland is joined by the podcaster and journalist Greg Cochrane to recommend podcasts to keep up to date with the US Election and understand some of the history that's made the country what it is today. Also Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis discuss making the BBC's Americast - how is reporting for the podcast different to radio or TV broadcasting? And are there fans of the podcast on both sides of the Atlantic? Podcasts mentioned this week: Slate's Political Gabfest FiveThirtyEight...


Pens, Pipe Organs and Portable Toilets - Niche Podcasts

Amanda Litherland and Becca Bryers explore niche podcasts from around the world. From pipe organs to portable toilets, there's a podcast out there about almost everything, and in this week's Podcast Radio Hour Amanda and Becca explore a wealth of listens. Myke Hurley from Relay FM joins to talk about "The Pen Addict", a stationery podcast with more than 400 epiodes. Then Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos from "Love to Sew" discuss their craft podcast, which covers a range of topics from...


Innovative storytelling with Cathy Fitzgerald and Ross Sutherland

Amanda Litherland speaks to two innovative audio makers. Ross Sutherland reveals some of the thinking behind his puzzling new fiction podcast 'The Golden House' - a mini series from Imaginary Advice stuffed full of codes and secrets. Later, the award winning documentary producer Cathy Fitzgerland discusses her latest project 'Witness' in association with Amnesty International - a podcast which skilfully tells sensitive stories from some of the world's darkest places. Cathy also speaks about...


Steve Coogan on Alan Partridge's return to audio

It's been 29 years since the character of Alan Partridge made his debut in the Radio 4 satirical radio show On The Hour. Since then Steve Coogan's inept Norfolk broadcaster has seen huge success with various TV shows and even a feature film, Alpha Papa. This week Alan makes a return to audio with a brand new podcast 'From The Oasthouse' - available to download from Audible. Steve Coogan chats to Amanda Litherland about the benefits of making comedy that's for ears only, and shares some of...


Listener Week

This week Amanda Litherland is joined by producer Chris Pearson to hear a variety of podcast recommendations sent in by listeners. We hear voice notes and emails recommending: Just The Zoo Of Us The Countryside Hour (BBC Radio Norfolk) The Ballad of Billy Balls The History of English Floating The Stoop Constellation Prize Small Doses Decoder Ring Theatre Plus, listener Blossom joins to talk about her wellness podcast Tea with HB.


Glorious game shows - and Avery Trufelman on The Cut

Amanda Litherland is joined by Caroline Crampton (podcaster - Shedunnit, writer - HotPod newsletter) to recommend great podcasts and speak to creators. Firstly, a round up of some addictive new listening: Nice White Parents (New York Times, Serial) You're Wrong About The Comb (BBC World Service) Bad People (BBC Sounds) The culture podcast The Cut from New York Magazine has recently relaunched with a new host - Avery Trufelman. Avery joins to discuss what's in store for the new podcast, and...


Holidays In Your Headphones

Staying at home this summer? No problem! Amanda Litherland and Chrystal Genesis suggest podcasts that let you visit museums, art galleries and the great outdoors all over the world - from the comfort of your headphones. And there's something to keep the little ones entertained too! CBeebies star Maddie Moate discusses her new podcast Maddie's Sound Explorers - and chats about the rise of family friendly podcasts. Recommended this week: The National Trust Podcast Women Who Travel - Conde Nast...


Anti-racist activism, bingeworthy documentaries and other new listens.

Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan recommend great new podcasts and speak to creators. Firstly, some bingeworthy documentary and real life podcasts: The Town That Didn't Stare (Nick Hilton & Podot) Rabbit Hole (The New York Times) Real Dictators (Noiser) The Reality of Reality TV with Fleur East (Planet Radio) We hear from Shade podcast creator Lou Mensah about her series of discussions around creativity and anti-racism. And a selection of other notable new listens: The Joe Wicks Podcast (BBC...


British Podcast Award Winners 2020

Following on from this week's British Podcast Awards ceremony, Amanda Litherland speaks to some of this year's winners. Firstly, the awards co-creator Matt Deegan takes up behind the scenes at the virtual ceremony, which involved 19 outside broadcasts. Then we hear from the team behind Best New Podcast, The Log Books. Tash Walker, Adam Smith and Shivani Dave discuss how they used the archive logs of Switchboard - the LGBTQ+ helpline, to tell stories from the community in the 70s and 80s....


Neil Gaiman and Audio Fiction

Neil Gaiman speaks to Amanda Litherland and Ella Watts about the new audio adaptation of his DC comic book series The Sandman, out next week on Audible. Neil discusses his love of audio fiction, and the Radio 4 dramas and comedies that have inspired him since childhood. Also, David Devereux from Tin Can Audio discusses his new podcast The Dungeon Economic Model. And Kaitlin Statz and Travis Vengroff from Fool & Scholar Productions offer tips on crafting adventures in your headphones.


Movie nostalgia and podcasts without borders

Take your seats for a showcase of movie podcasts. Suchandrika Chakrabarti joins Amanda Litherland to talk about the podcasts that have caught their attention this week, from bees to media giants. Plus Isabelle Roughol talks about her new project Borderline. Featuring: Oh Hello, the p'dcast Land of the Giants Living Beeing Obsessed With... I May Destroy You You Must Remember This Scriptnotes Black Men Can't Jump (in Hollywood) Unspooled The Next Picture Show


Podcasting in 2020: a half-time report

Greg Cochrane joins Amanda Litherland to offer a half time report into podcasting in 2020. Which episodes have particularly captured listener's attentions? What are the trends? How is podcasting adapting to new challenges as a business, and as an art form? Also, there's no getting away from talking about the effects the pandemic has had. Adam Fleming reflects on the challenges of reporting the last few months' news on The Coronavirus Newscast, and shares details on what's next for the...


Pride podcasts and Refugee week

Amanda Litherland and Scott Bryan recommend great podcasts and speak to their creators. First, a selection of new series: Boom/Bust: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia (The Ringer) Nut Jobs (Audible) The Stubborn Light of Things (Melissa Harrison) Changes with Annie Mac Her Spirit Podcasts And as we are in the middle of Pride month, some recommended LGBTQ+ listening from: Pride And Joy (BBC Sounds) Anthems - Pride (Broccoli Content) I'm Grand Mam Growing Up With Galdem Then we speak to podcaster...


Let's Go Outside

Recorded outside in a London park (socially distanced!) Amanda Litherland and Chrystal Genesis recommend some great podcasts and speak to creators. Firstly, following on from the Black Lives Matter protests happening across the world, a selection of podcasts to help you learn about the history of race and racism, and actions you can take now. Including Scene On Radio series 2 Seeing White, About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge and NPR's Code Switch. Also suggestions of nature podcasts which...


Podcasting in the pandemic - with The Archers, Deborah Frances-White and more

How have podcasts changed under current circumstances? Amanda Litherland speaks to cast and crew from The Archers about their new format - we hear from Sunny Ormonde (Lilian Bellamy) and producer Jessica Bunch. Deborah Frances-White discusses how The Guilty Feminist has adapted and continued despite live audience recordings being impossible for the time being. And a variety of Podcast Radio Hour listeners reveal how the situation has affected their podcast production, both positively and...


Super short series, Jacob Hawley, and other new releases

Amanda Litherland and Caroline Crampton recommend super short podcasts. And Jacob Hawley chats about his latest series for BBC Sounds, 'Jacob Hawley's Job Centre'. Recommended this week Short series to learn something: The World According to Sound 50 Things That Changed The Modern Economy The Story Behind On This Day In Esoteric Political History Short fiction/story series: Listen, Rinse, Repeat Chompers The Roommate From Hell Havisham Kills Time Sam Walker's Desert Island Diaries Short...