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Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 46: The Blood Oranges

Can a movie set in the '60s and filmed in the '90s really feature a polyamorous quad? Joreth reviews The Blood Oranges for a little-seen poly structure to see if there is any polyamory in it at all. "Husband and wife Cyril and Fiona explore new ground and new relationships when they take a vacation in the tropics. While on holiday, the pair meets another couple, Hugh and Catherine, and their three children. Relationships become intertwined when Cyril and Fiona lose their inhibitions and...


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 45: The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

How well does this particular fan recommendation hold up to Joreth's poly critique? Sometimes I think that maybe I'm actually speaking a different language from everyone else, and maybe I have some kind of universal translator or babelfish so that I can't tell, but that the translator is buggy or slightly off in some ways. Because people don't seem to use words in the same way that I do. Even with a dictionary, people use words differently, and I find that I am constantly having semantics...


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 44: She's Gotta Have It (movie)

Can Spike Lee's inaugural film really be a poly movie as everyone claims? Joreth watches this groundbreaking movie to find out! There's something about student films and classic French movies that just do not work for me. Maybe it's the penchant for black and white even in a color era, or maybe it's the frequent complete lack of musical score or soundtrack, or maybe it's the excruciatingly slow pace and shitty acting, or maybe it's all those years I spent as a film student, forced to...


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 43: The Mentalist

Polyamory in the wild? Can a TV show that isn't about polyamory at all really have an episode with polyamorous characters in an open marriage and treat the subject well? Joreth reviews an episode of The Mentalist to find out!


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 42: Family

Can a web series about a poly triad really be about polyamory? Yeah, it probably is. Joreth reviews the show Family, a creative endeavor by Teresa Greenan, a polyamorous filmmaker based out of Portland, OR.


Episode 41 - Le Bonheur

Ah, French ... the culture of love! Where "alternative" relationship structures are not frowned upon and the people understand the power of passion! Or do they? Joreth reviews a movie filmed in the Swingin' '60s on recommendation from a listener, to see if there is any polyamory or ethical non-monogamy in this film made during a time of exploration and experimentation, or if it will just confirm monogamous tropes.


Episode 40 - Keeping The Faith

A priest and a rabbi walk into an airport ... to meet their childhood best friend, a tomboy who has grown up into a beautiful, intelligent, independent, CEO. As she visits her hometown and her two best friends, the men struggle with their growing romantic feelings for the same woman. Could this really be a tale of polyamory, snuck into mainstream cinema? Joreth reviews this Ben Stiller film to see if a polyamorous MFM vee could really make it onto the silver screen. I think this is one...


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 39: A Strange Affair

Can a made-for-tv movie about a broken marriage have polyamorous content in it? Joreth reviews this Judith Light film to see if there is any polyamory in a low-budget, '80s flick. The Netflix summary reads: "Judith Light stars in this sexy made-for-TV drama about a married woman who discovers that her husband of 23 years has been unfaithful. Just as she finds passionate love in another man's arms and prepares to divorce her husband, he suddenly has a stroke and becomes physically...


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 38: Fling

Can a mainstream movie about an "open marriage" really have some polyamory in it? Joreth reviews the movie Fling, starring Brandon Routh, Steve Sandvoss, and Courtney Ford, to answer that very question.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 37: Esmeralda Comes By Night

Can a movie about a woman charged with bigamy on the day of her 6th wedding really be about polyamory? Joreth reviews this quirky Spanish film that challenges the standard narrative of a man and his harem, and questions everything a conservative judge ever thought he knew about love and relationships.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 36: Sleep With Me

Sleep With Me promises "raucous laughter" and sexy fun times with sexy Eric Stoltz, Meg Tilly, and Craig Sheffer, but does it deliver? Joreth reviews this "romantic comedy" for polyamory, romance, and comedy.


Episode 35 - Rita, Sue, & Bob Too

Rita, Sue, & Bob Too! was hailed as a landmark comedy in the '80s in Britain, and also passed around polyamorous online groups as a poly film. But is it? Is it both? One or the other? Neither? Joreth reviews this wildly acclaimed movie for any hint of polyamory, open relationships, or consensual and ethical non-monogamy to see if it lives up to the hype.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 34: Blow Dry

Could Alan Rickman possibly have started in a poly movie?! Joreth reviews this unusual film to see if a happy polyamorous V or triad family can be found among the backstabbing, vicious world of competitive hair styling.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 33: Sex Monster

This movie occasionally gets mentioned in discussions of poly movies. But is it? Joreth reviews Sex Monster for traces of an open marriage, triads, or any polyamory.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 32: Lutine

New(ish) polyamory mockumentary, Lutine, gets Joreth's special coverage to see if it's really polyamorous! Does this French fictional documentary do poly justice, or does it stick with the same old, tired, "opening up" stories and open marriages?


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 31: Shortbus

Is the indie film Shortbus really a poly film? This movie claims to have it all - alternative sexuality, BDSM, polyamory, consensual & ethical non-monogamy, swinging, "free love", and more.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 30: Kiss Me Again

Can a movie that actually describes itself as a "cautionary tale" make the Polyish Movie List? Joreth watches Kiss Me Again to see if this couple can open up their marriage to a bisexual women into a happy polyamorous triad, or is it yet another case of bad Unicorn Hunting?


Episode 29 - Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

Sex! BDSM! Bisexuality! Comic books! Joreth checks out what all the hubbub is about the new biopic, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, in theaters right now! Here's your chance to check out a polyamorous movie on the big screen.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 28: Story of O

Is the popular adult film, The Story of O, really a poly movie as so many people claim? Joreth takes one for the team and watches this erotic film to scour it for polyamory.


Poly-ish Movie Reviews - Episode 27: Amelia

Was Amelia Earhart really polyamorous? Joreth reviews the 2009 movie with Hilary Swank to see what this version of the story has to say about it.