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A weekly transmission from the Pop Cult Compound breaking down movies, tv shows, video games and whatever else comes up that week. News, reviews and features from the world of pop culture from the perspective of Cult leader Tompott. Check us out on Spotify, Itunes and Stitcher

A weekly transmission from the Pop Cult Compound breaking down movies, tv shows, video games and whatever else comes up that week. News, reviews and features from the world of pop culture from the perspective of Cult leader Tompott. Check us out on Spotify, Itunes and Stitcher
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A weekly transmission from the Pop Cult Compound breaking down movies, tv shows, video games and whatever else comes up that week. News, reviews and features from the world of pop culture from the perspective of Cult leader Tompott. Check us out on Spotify, Itunes and Stitcher




#015 - We're in the Endgame now - Avengers Endgame, Sonic and Vin Diesel?

We're in the Endgame now! Tompott dives into the Avengers latest flick! Not before going through the news and trailers though. Including questioning the need for a Bond press conference, paying respects to John Singleton and trying to figure out what the hell Vin Diesel is talking about. Trailer Trash- We look at the insanity of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, the Men in Black International trailer that launches a conspiracy and the Oh My God....zilla King of the Monsters trailer. I review and...


#014 - Here Comes Trouble: Disney + MCU Phase 3

Whelp, it's a long one folks and Here Comes Trouble! Tompott looks at a lot of trouble productions in Hollywood this week including Y: The Last Man, Swamp Thing and Doctor Dolittle. Then he goes into detail on Disney's streaming service; the content, the price and what this means for the future. Finally he looks at the PS5, it's specs the rumour and what it could mean for the next generation of consoles. Trailers: We look at Child's Play, Dark Phoenix, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and The...


#013 - Rise of Skywalker, fall of Hellboy and more Marvel - MCU Phase 2

I Skywalk it like I talk it! Tompott talks the news and trailers we got from Star Wars Celebration including Rise of the Skywalker, Cinemacon including Terminator Dark Fate, Sonic the Hedgehog, Hobbs and Shaw, Dark Phoenix and It: Chapter Two. WB decide to try make Akira again and Black Adam is still happening apparently. Trailers: We look at the Martin Scorsese's Joker directed by Todd Phillips with no involvement from Scorsese. The Lion King the most realistic film with talking and singing...


#012 - An Episode Where I review Shazam and Us and fail to make a funny title

In the long overdue return of the Pop Cult Pod, we get a tweaked intro an attempt at a new sign-off and some questionable spoilers. Tompott talks about Apple's streaming service, The Disney/Fox Merger, Marvel/DC/He-Man/Space Jam 2 and Chucky casting, Borderlands 3, Bill and Ted 3, the end of Supernatural and the return of the real Avenger, the Toxic Avenger. We look at trailers for Dora and the Lost City of Gold (wut?), John Wick 3: Parabellum and Avengers: Endgame Weekly Watch/Box Office...


#011 - Disney get their Gunn as the Endgame is nigh!

Tompott's time off is dashed by the Mouse as James Gunn gets rehired, Endgame drops a new trailer and Toy Story 4 gets existential. Along with Google getting into gaming, Ezra Miller getting into scriptwriting and Transformers getting eh...something. Trailers for Toy Story 4, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Stranger Things and Avengers: Endgame. No Feature this week as there was no pod planned but still plenty of talk about movies, tv shows, video games and nonsense. NEXT WEEK: Shazam Review...


#010.5 - Tá céad agat dul go dtí an leithreas! Focal plans for the weekend hun! (As Gaeilge)

Cad é an craic? Is maith liom technó! Sé an 'episode' ón seachtain seo chaite aistrithe go dtí an Gaeilge, de bharr sin tá sé níos garbh is gairid ach mar céiliúradh don teanga roimh Lá Fhéile Phádraig seo duit an podcast as Gaeilge! TRANSLATED Whats the craic? I like Techno! This is this week's episode, (episode 10) done through the Irish language(Gaeilge)because of that it's a bit rough and a bit shorter (I tried my best thought)but as a celebration for St. Patrick's Day here is the Pop...


#010 - Oh Captain My Marvel! Screw You Nancy Drew!

In this 10th installment, Tompott talks the Amazon's Lord of the Rings series, James Gunn's Suicide Squad, Marvel Television, DC Television and Hello Kitty.... WTF? Oh and he finally snaps at Nancy Drew, cause she deserves it. We take a look at new trailers for Game of Thrones and Aladdin, one features a blue animated Will Smith, the answer may surprise you! We finish up with a review of Captain Marvel and some Spoilery talk too....


#009 - Who Watches the Watchmen? Dick Dastardly!

In the latest edition of the Pop Cult Pod (certainly the latest to be uploaded!)we cover a lot of ground. Including but far from limited to Spielberg's fight against Netflix, the status of the final Fox X-Men films and take a deep dive into the Wikipedia hole to examine who really is Dick Dastardly. The answer may surprise you. We explore the new trailers for Dark Phoenix (X-Men 3: It happened again), Hellboy (It happened again), Shazam (it's still happening) Finally we look at Watchmen on...


#008 - MCU Phase 1 - Avengers Assemble including Rocketman, The Incredible Hulk Hogan played by Thor

The Avengers Assembled quicker than this episode came together! In this week's episode we finally bid farewell to the Oscars, talk about Hulk Hogan brother brother and we get another impression of a James Bond actor (SPOILER: it's Brosnan) then we look at the trailers for Rocket Man, The Dirt and others that were less memorable. Feature: The first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Iron Man to The Avengers. The highs, the lows and the Nick Fury taking the time to dip vintage cards...


#007 - Oscars vs The Grouch

IT'S HOLLYWOODS BIGGEST NIGHT! *cough. Oscar season is upon us and Tompott reviews all the Best Picture nominees, ranks them and looks at what nominations are worthy. We gush over the trailer for Frozen II: Icicle Boogaloo, Talk Marvel on TV and DC in cinemas, Bond, James Bond news (including a dodge Sean Connery impression and an outdated meme) and we finally take one last look into the eyes of Alita before laughing. With apologies to Carlton!...


#006 - A is for Alita, Aladdin, Akira, Aquaman and A-Terminator-Sequel

Welcome to the James Cameron smiletime variety hour hosted by Tompott featuring Avatar news, Terminator 3 (again), Walking Dead shuffles on. The Lego Movie 2 falls at the box office like someone who stood on a piece of lego barefoot. Trailers for Child's Play, Shaft and Aladdin featuring Will Smith as Blue Will Smith. Reviews for The Lego Movie and Alita Battle Angel too In our feature, Hellraiser we look at AKIRA, the long developing manga live-action adaptation why it fails and whether it...


#005 - Batman v Super Bowl: Death of Movie Games

Better that the Super bowl Halftime show, it's the 5th installment of the Pop Cult Pod in this epic auditory adventure Tompott talks about Batman.... a lot! Along with Hot Wheels, Monsters and Zombies and makes his grudge known against movie titles* We look at the latest footage from Avengers: Endgame and Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn): A Star Wars Story for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. In our weekly feature: we look...


#004 - Breaking Glass, Willem Dafoe is a Rapper, Bryan Singer is a [REDACTED]

This week's broadcast discusses the most feminine franchise there is; The Fast and the Furious, Bryan Singer being something my lawyers say I can't refer to him as, thoughts, surprises and snub with the Oscar nominations and we finally learn Willem Dafoe's rapping alter ego! Feature: We look at M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable (Eastrail 177) trilogy of Unbreakable, Split and review Glass (Non-Spoilers and Spoilers) Where we talk puddles, Poochie and people who are barely superheroes!


#003 - Who Killed Roger Rabbit? John Wick!

Cult leader Tompott breaks down the week's news including new details on Ghostbusters 3, Mortal Kombat 11. EA's Star Wars troubles, Harley Quinn movies and also the trailers forJohn Wick 3: Must Love Dogs, Spider-Man: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust and Nancy Drew for some reason. We begin our feature, Hellraiser; where we look at films trapped in Development Hell, this week; Roger Rabbit 2. We look at why it wasn't made, whether it could still be made and look at one of the most insane scripts...


#002 - Gabbagool! Captain Marvel, Tony Soprano and Kevin Hart won't host the Oscars

The Sophomore recording from the Pop Cult Compound. We look at the news including Marvel news aplenty, whether Kevin Hart is still not hosting the Oscars, I make some bad jokes and eat some of my words. Yummy! In our new feature, The Revolution has been televised we look at The Sopranos. In an extensive essay we explore it's impact, legacy and the character of Tony Soprano along with favourite episodes, moments and THAT darn ending. Gabbagool! You can contact the pod by : Email;...


#001 - I'm Coming for you Joe Rogan, Awards for Everyone!

The inaugural episode of the Pop Cult Pod, Cult leader Tompott breaks down the week's news including Aquaman coming up on 1 Billion, Stranger Things and the new Batman. We also give out Awards for the 2019 films we haven't even seen yet when we look at every film from Avengers: Endgame to A Dog's Purpose from Star Wars: Episode IX to 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Then we look at the Golden Globes and the box office for the last weekend. You can contact the pod by : Email; popcultpod@gmail.com...


#000 - Emergency Broadcast- The Pop Cult Pod begins

An emergency brodcast from the Pop Cult compound, the Pop Cult Pod begins....soon