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Lady Bird

This week the boyos discuss the Oscar announcements, the new Bel Canto trailer, and the indie hit of 2017, Lady Bird. Strap yourself in, it's the club!


Princess Mononoke

You just can't keep these boys down! They are BACK! This week they cover Princess Mononoke in full plus Jonah Hill's Mid90s trailer, Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade, and Blindspotting.



Back from the dead to please your ears, it's the brothers! This week to make up for the lost week while Eli moved the bois covered a whole array of delicious treats. From Equalizer 2, Sorry To Bother You, Mamma Mia 2, the new Aquaman Trailer, to David Fincher's Zodiac. It's an episode packed with tasty exposition. Grab your butter, it's the brothers!


It's Such a Beautiful Day

A milestone episode for the boys this week as Eli is making the move to Memphis for a new job and the future episodes will be recorded long distance. Hear them review the first ever Trailer Watch movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the new trailer for Mary Queen of Scots (mmm yes indeed quite jolly old chap), as well as dive in to Eli's first pick in almost a month, the animated masterpiece by Don Hertzfeldt, It's Such a Beautiful Day. It's mean, it's green, it's existential; it's the...


Moulin Rouge

Like the cat you fed once, the boys just won't go away! They are back again this week with the latest from the movies, internet, and more. Tune in to hear them review The Incredibles 2, Glow Season 2, the trailer from the (remake) of Predator cleverly titled "The Predator", as well as a peek into the early 1900's and Paris as they talk one of Isaac's all-time favorite films Moulin Rouge.


Pride Month - The Kids Are All Right

Final week of Pride Month with the brothers! Updates about the latest releases Won't You Be My Neighbor? and American Animals, trailer watch for new dual-memoir film Beautiful Boy, as well as a full review and discussion of The Kids Are All Right to wrap up the month. It's the club!


Pride Month - The BirdCage

The 6 month anniversary of the brothers! :party-popper-emoji: Join them as they journey into the land of movies with updates on the latest releases this week: First Reformed, Oceans 8, Tag, and the teaser trailer for Tim Burton's remake of Disney's Dumbo. Don't BE a DUMBO; check out the podcast and hear the brothers' analysis of the latest review for Pride Month - The Birdcage starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.


Episode 23 - Pride Month Series Pt.2 - Milk

Part 2 of the boys Pride Month Series continues with Milk! Hear about the only movie that has made Eli cry this year. Plus, an in-depth (and spoiler free!) review of chiller, thriller Hereditary as well as a trailer-watch featuring the new star-studded, female-led Widows. Pop, lick, and salt it; it's the club!


Episode 21 - The Matrix

Deja Vu? A glitch in the matrix? You bet it is! The brothers are BACK. Hear them tackle La Vie En Rose, the new trailer for Destination Wedding (also in fact starring Keanu Reeves), and the sci-fi, action, early-2000s-as-hell cinema classic, The Matrix. Plug that big ole tube into the back of your head and instantly teach yourself to fly a helicopter or listen to sweet, sweet dialogue for about an hour; it's the club!


Episode 20 - Pleasantville

Possibly the most PLEASANT episode yet, the brothers are back! Catch up with the latest movies in theaters as the brothers cover Bad Samaritan, the latest trailers with the soon to be Adrift, and a turn of the millennium classic, as chosen by Isaac; a complete review of Pleasantville. Doesn't that sound PLEASANT? Grab your butter, it's the brothers!


Episode 19 - MCU Finale - Infinity War

The big kahuna, the mahi mahi, the grilled salmon, the megalodon, the prime rib, the episode to end all episodes (in this mini series)... IT'S INFINITY WAR. Now that you have had time to see it, hear what the experts think! The brothers get in deep and dirty and rough up Marvels big moment with all sorts of hot takes. Mystery, intrigue, MURDER; heat with this side up, it's the club!


Episode 18 - MCU Series Pt. 4 - Civil War

The last episode before the MCU Infinity War finale has arrived. Hold on to your butts as the bois take you through Civil War and catch you all the way up to the long-awaited INFINITY WAR. Plus they review A Quiet Place, Super Troopers 2, and the official trailer for Venom!


Episode 10 - MCU Series Pt. 3 - Age of Ultron

Strike one, strike two... AND STRIKE THREE! Here come the brothers again with a three pitch strikeout as they dive straight into the third episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Series with a look at Avengers Age of Ultron. Also they cover the cult documentary Wild, Wild Country as well as the new trailer for The Incredibles 2. Grab your cape and fly with the brothers!


Episode 15 - MCU Series Pt. 2 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The boys are back in town! The MCU series continues as this week's ep. takes a deep dive into the espionage and subversion of 'The Winter Soldier'. Plus a review of 'Ready Player One' from the movies and watch of the brand new trailer for Neil Gaiman's 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties'. Buckle up; this plane is definitely crashing because it's the club!


Episode 15 - MCU Series Pt. 1 - The Avengers

Live from Nashville, Tennessee... bringing you the latest and greatest in pop culture movie review... THE BROTHERS ARE BACK (*ACDC's 'Back In Black' begins playing on your speaker*) and this time they are bringing your eyes up and close and personal with the biggest cinematic universe of all time: Marvel. They begin with the infinity stones, what they are/where they came from and tie up everything YOU need to know about the Tesseract before jumping into everything Avengers. It's the club!


Episode 14 - The GOAT Series Pt.3: Inglourious Basters

*DING!* Was that the microwave? I didn't turn it on or put food in there... OH MY GOD! It's the Popcorn Brothers! They are coming out of the microwave and into my living room bringing the good tidings off the final episode of the GOAT series! The jump through the microwave has them disoriented and possibly sick with radiation but they want to let you know that this week cover's Quentin Tarantino's Nazi-killin extravaganze Inglourious Basterds, the new trailer for The Spy Who Dumped Me, and...


Episode 13 - The GOAT Series Pt. 2: Black Swan

Back in black! We hit the sack! We've been gone too long and we're glad to be back with... BLACK SWAN. Here come the "boooiiiis" with the latest and greatest in cinema talk. They start things off with a little bit of "This Week at the Movies" covered in True Grit, and Ingmar Bergmann's The Seventh Seal. Next they squeeze the juice out of 2 minutes of Tag in this weeks "Trailer Watch". Lastly they are back in "black" indeed as they dive into the deep, dark caverns of Aronofsky's mind with a...


Episode 12 - Pan's Labyrinth

Episode 12 is here! The brothers are back in action with a brief look back at the Oscars, a review of the latest movies in theatres (no spoilers) and a preview of "Sorry to Bother You" before going in depth on one of their all-time favorite's: Pan's Labyrinth. Take the Faun's advice and join us as we dive into the mind of Guillermo Del Toro following his big win at the Oscars. You bring the butter, they'll bring the heat; join the club!


Episode 11 - Academy Awards/Oscars special

Special episode alert! The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, is the ultimate event each year where movies are fairly decided to be the best in a number of categories... or is it fair? Has it ever been? What's the history of this esteemed event? What's caused the recent Academy controversy? And who will win this year? The brothers break all this and more down for you in this quarters special episode, The Academy Awards


Episode 10 - "Do you believe in Miracles?"

Draped in olympic majesty and patriotic glory, the brothers are coming out with an over-fresh cast. In this Week "What's on Netflix?", a trailer watch for Amy Schumer's new role in "I Feel Pretty", and the boys talk Winter Olympics, "Miracle", and about sports movies as a genre. Join the club, it's the popcorn brothers!