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A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast providing a weekly report on all things Star Trek - Films/TV, Games, and more!

A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast providing a weekly report on all things Star Trek - Films/TV, Games, and more!


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A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast providing a weekly report on all things Star Trek - Films/TV, Games, and more!






FINALE - All Good Things...

ELIO Well, here we are… at the end of another year. Despite a concerted effort to try and rush towards a return to some form of pre-pandemic life, the impact of this global catastrophe will ripple for years to come. In one way, shape, or form - all our lives have been changed. Now, many of us are looking ahead and thinking of what’s to come in 2022. Cautiously optimistic and hopeful that things will gradually continue to improve and change for the better. On behalf of the entire...


535 - A Departure To The New Normal

This week on Episode 535 of Priority One: Content deals continue at ViacomCBS, so you’ll see what IP Bob can guarantee to be on TV. A touching farewell to Tilly, with the character’s far future plans on the tip of Mary Wiseman’s tongue. In gaming news, some fresh and refreshed games to add to your Trek catalog, and Mudd is back with a fresh Intel in a big ship bundle. And before we review the most recent episode of Discovery, Dr. Robert Hurt tells us how we’re looking for planets not...


534 - Farewell, Nichelle, and Thank You

This week on Episode 534 of Priority One: Kurtzman talks crossovers and Nichelle Nichols dances the night away; in gaming, two new starships are available to add to your Star Trek Online collection! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Kurtzman's Crossover Qualifications By Rosco McQueen Considering the amount of new Star Trek series either on screen or in development, you may be thinking it’s more than likely there will be a crossover event of some kind. Turns...


533 - Hell Is Frozen, And All The Sweaters Are Here

This week on Episode 533 of Priority One: ViacomCBS tries to make amends to the world; First Contact celebrates 25 years; Badgey finally makes it into Star Trek Online; and we continue our S4 review of Star Trek: Discovery! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds How World War III Really Starts By Elio Lleo Before we left you for our Thanksgiving break, we reported that ViacomCBS had pulled Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix, leaving our friends outside of the US...


532 - Why Can’t The World Have Nice Things?

This week, on Episode 532 of Priority One: ViacomCBS upsets most of the world; Star Trek Explorer Magazine debuts; Star Trek Online introduces a new 32nd century starship–plus, we start our S4 review of Star Trek: Discovery. TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Sheer ****ing Hubris, ViacomCBS By Cat Hough Well, the news broke early on Tuesday the 16th that international fans of Star Trek: Discovery will have to wait until 2022 to be able to watch Season 4–and...


531 - On the Verge of a New Discovery

This week on Episode 531 of Priority One: News is sparse as we gear up for the next season of Star Trek: Discovery, but there’s plenty to discuss in the world of Star Trek gaming! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Power Seating on Star Trek: Discovery By Rosco McQueen Sonequa Martin-Green is on the interview circuit in the lead up Season 4 of Discovery. She spoke with SFXMagazine about the feeling of finally sitting in the captain’s chair, and the answer...


530 - Trek's Better Than Wars? That's Debatable

This week on Episode 529 of Priority One: New Jersey settles the age old question–which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars; Star Trek wins several awards; Star Trek Online gets some quality of life improvements; and we’re joined by Star Trek: Discovery’s Noah Averbach-Katz! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Great NJ Debate! By Elio Lleo, Local Correspondent As we record this episode of our show, it’s Election Night in the United States for several important...


529 - Prodigy Opens Frequencies To The New Generation

This week on Episode 529 of Priority One: We power up for Star Trek: Prodigy, with the cast and crew promotion peaking as the premiere prepares to play–plus we get some more details on the explosive new additions to Star Trek Online! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Star Trek: Prodigy Promotion Peaks in Premiere Preparations By Rosco McQueen This week the Trek universe welcomes a brand new adventure to our screens, with Star Trek: Prodigy to make its debut...


528 - Unpacking Pakleds, and the Cat's Out of The Bag

This week on Episode 528 of Priority One: We delve into the whale-filled washup of the season finale of Lower Decks, Anson Mount discusses literally sitting in the captain’s chair, and is that a star on top of the Christmas tree or a Borg baby spray-painted gold? In gaming news, we take a closer look at Star Trek Online’s Halloween event, and roll for shield strength in a new release from Star Trek Adventures! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds What’s the Deal With All...


527 - New York Comic Con 2021

This week on Episode 527 of Priority One: William Shatner returns to earth, NYCC returns and includes some amazing Star Trek announcements, Los Angeles has a new Star Trek destination, and things get spooky in Star Trek Online– Plus our review of the season 2 finale of Lower Decks! TREK IT OUT Edited by Jake Morgan and Thomas Reynolds Shatner Slips The Surly Bonds Of Earth By Elio Lleo Space. The Final Frontier. And our first captain, James T. Kirk went on an...


526 - Sit Back And Zap Open An Old One

This week on Episode 526 of Priority One: the Next Generation of tours is in full swing at Ticonderoga, set photos from Picard Season 3, Star Trek Online gets spoOoOoOoky in their first Halloween special, and we review the latest episode of Lower Decks: "wej Duj"! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Touring the Next Generation in Ticonderoga By Elio Lleo Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of attending some phenomenal Star Trek themed events and exhibits...


525 - Star Trek Online's Stunning Steamrunner

This week on Episode 525 of Priority One: Jeffrey Combs speaks in evil robot about his appearance on Lower Decks, Prodigy showrunners drop some details about the series a month out from the premiere, and it’s confirmed - the TNG cast really are one big happy family. In gaming news, a new T6 remaster of a classic workhorse starship comes to Star Trek Online, and finally we enter the holo-pod and look at the latest episode of Lower Decks “I, Excretus”. This week’s Community Question...


524 - Dress Uniforms For The Job You Want

This week on Episode 524 of Priority One: New York Comic Con is ready to Trek Out; the community rallies behind Wilson Cruz; Star Trek Online updates its minimum system requirements; mobile games cross to desktop; and we review Lower Decks’ “Where Pleasant Fountains Lie”–but not before we chat with Cryptic Studios’s Content Creator Ryon and Environment Artist Gianna! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Trekking Out the Big Apple By Elio Lleo Convention season...


523 - Reflections In The Razor's Edge

This week on Episode 523 of Priority One: the Roddenberry Foundation continues to promote a positive future, while Star Trek already wins some Emmys this year; in gaming, Star Trek Online takes us through a mirror darkly with “Reflections” and On Screen: Lower Decks Season 2 Episode 6! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Star Trek Wins at the Emmys By Elio Lleo On the heels of the Star Trek Day event, the franchise had cause for more celebration. During the...


522 - All Trailers, No Tribbles: It's Star Trek Day!

This week on Episode 522 of Priority One: Happy Star Trek Day! New trailers for Picard, Prodigy and Lower Decks, and a formal introduction to the Enterprise crew voyaging to Strange New Worlds. In gaming news, the Mirror Universe inspires a new TFO in “Operation: Wolf,” new gear on the way inspired by Lower Decks, and some good old Trek games get a PC refresh. TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds 55 Years Of Trekking Across The Universe By Cat Hough This...


521 - Mugatos On The Left, Mariner On The Right

This week on Episode 521 of Priority One: Star Trek: Prodigy drops several news items just as Star Trek Day nears, Star Trek Online tries to entice new players and existing players to start a brand new character, and we throw a unicorn horn on a white gorilla suit in On Screen, with Season 2 Episode 4 of Lower Decks! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Prodigy Pulls Some Great Cast Gets By Elio Lleo The newest iteration of Star Trek, Nickelodeon’s animated...


520 - Wine, Dilithium, And The Great Bird

This week on Episode 520 of Priority One: the week belonged to Gene Roddenberry in celebration of his 100th birthday, the Star Trek Online community gets stirred up by some recent changes, and we look On Screen to Season 2 Episode 3 of Lower Decks! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds One Hundred Years Of Gene By Elio Lleo This week, the Star Trek community celebrated what would have been Gene Roddenberry’s 100th birthday. If you’ve been following the...


519 - Models, Warbirds, and Guitar Solos | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector’s annual SUMMER OF TREK Sweepstakes. Score the year’s best deals on the world’s widest range of Star Trek collectibles and enter for a chance to win one of more than 250 incredible prizes – including the Grand Prize of an Ocean View Voyage for 2 aboard the SOLD OUT Star Trek: The Cruise V. For details and to enter, go to This week on Episode 519 of Priority One: Kurtzman and Trek,...


518 - Donny, Courage, and Comic-Con | Priority One, A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

This week on Episode 518 of Priority One: Comic-Con@home brings us new trailers for Star Trek: Prodigy and Lower Decks, and Saru and Stamets look ahead to season four of Discovery. In gaming news, we go back and forth on the Courage-class coming to Star Trek Online, and some new shiny textures for your favourite Romulan Captain. TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Comic-Con@home - Lower Decks By Cat Hough As we anxiously await the premiere of Season 2 of Lower...


517 - Pahvo, VR, and More LeVar | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

This week on Episode 517 of Priority One: The virtual becomes reality on the set of Discovery Season 4, meanwhile the Disco captains reflect on their past and future in the center seat on the bridge. In gaming news, Pahvo is under attack on the ground and orbit in the third Event Eampaign installment in Star Trek Online, and Dr. Robert Hurt shares the importance of the Hubble Telescope’s return! TREK IT OUT Edited by Thomas Reynolds Is This The Real Life? Is this...