"Bohemian Twat"

THIS WEEK: - Who bought all the Badu Pussy? - Maybe Black folks just shouldn't do chicken commercials... - Why do people think flats are better than drums? - What took the FBI so long to label White Supremacist groups as terrorist organizations? - How dope was the All-Star Game? And did anybody else notice Giannis picked all the Africans? - What's the best porn name you can think of? And some other shit, too. PRESS PLAY!!!!!



THIS WEEK: - Forehead tattoos?! Seriously? - We believing Snoop's apology? - Is this Jay Electronica shit real? - What if Pac was still alive? - Why is The Masked Singer so popular? - Howcome Wayne still doesn't talk about anything in his music? - How can the NBA revive the All-Star Game? - What's up with Taxstone and NORE? Among other random shit... PRESS PLAY!!


"Funky Doghead Bitch"

THIS WEEK: - What the fuck was Gayle thinking? - Who wants to smell like somebody's pussy? - How many "Power" spinoffs will there be? - When did Jamaica get dispensaries? - What's wrong with fuckin' in the snack aisle? - Rush fuckin' Limbaugh?! And some other shit, too... PRESS PLAY!!!



THIS WEEK: - What are some of your favorite Kobe moments? - What happened to all the thugs in the NBA? - Is divine intervention real? - Did she really say "Nakers" or is she full of shit? - Who in the fuck is Billie Eilish? Amongst other things... PRESS PLAY!!!!!


Who Stole The SMANG?

THIS WEEK: - Are whitefolks trying to steal "smang it"? - Who is the most gangsta Looney Tunes character? - Does Laila Ali really want smoke with Claressa Shields? - When we say Akon has his own money, we mean he has HIS OWN MONEY!! - When did Prince Akeem get a babymama and who the fuck is she? Amongst other things... PRESS PLAY!!!


Gangstas Don't Frolic

THIS WEEK: - DaBaby is on EVERYTHING!!! - Boosie knew. - A man from Japan gets stranded in the 'Land. - Why boxing is more dangerous than MMA. - Fuck it -- just let ALL baseball players cheat. - Female rappers need to love one another. - Eve is a legend. - Real niggas don't frolic or giggle. Amongst other random shit... PRESS PLAY!!!!!


Episode 50: Impossible

THIS WEEK: - Is this REALLY the 50th episode? - What were the best on-campus fights we saw in college? - Is Trump taking us to war? And why is he so ugly? - Netflix is shittin' on Disney+. - How altering the way you shit can change your life! - Is Samuel Leroy Jackson the greatest actor of our generation? And some other shit, too. PRESS PLAY!!


The Fuckin' G.O.A.T.

THIS WEEK: - Who the hell told Charlamagne that Beyonce is a better performer than Michael Jackson?! - Why is the legal weed in Illinois so damn expensive? - Wanna know why buying from your local weed man is sometimes better than dispensary shopping? -How similar are Da Baby's videos to classic Redman joints? - Will Apple come and repo your phone if you don't pay on the lease? - Why do dudes wear jeans with holes in the knees? Amongst other things... PRESS PLAY!!!!!



THIS WEEK: - A man amongst girls. - The comics from the now-famous SNL pic, RANKED. - Planet Fitness: Great concept, SHITTY execution. - Kenan ain't that funny, fam. Sorry. - Butterscotch and tea tree oil vaginas. As well as some other shit. PRESS PLAY!!!


Rich Off Cocaine

THIS WEEK: - Why are we talking about drug dealers? - What precedent will it set if Tekashi 6-9 gets back to business? - Why Ray Kroc do the McDonald brothers like that? - Why Ted Turner try to steal Vince McMahon's shine? - Why is Slink Johnson so funny? And some other random shit, too. PRESS PLAY!!


Move The Crowd

THIS WEEK: - Can OG rap acts play larger venues? - Which of the OGs need to stop making new music? - Retard Strength vs. Crackhead Endurance: Who wins? - Why Lizzo have her booty out? - Does Nick Cannon REALLY want that Eminem smoke? Amongst other things...


"I Wish A Muthafucka Would"

THIS WEEK: -Can SUPER famous people "creep" around with each other? -Why is George Zimmerman still a thing? -Fuck forgiving these muthafuckas. -HIGH expectations for Bad Boys 3. -School bus drivers in the 90s were fuckin' NUTS! -Seventh-grade whores. -"Big-ass dead titties." -Why would a man want to wax his balls? -Names vs Pronouns. Amongst other randomness...


"I'm Back"

After a long-ass hiatus, The World's Most Disorganized podcast makes its triumphant return with one new host, a few new sounds and the same old shit-talking and uneducated opinions on a buncha shit nobody asked us about! *This episode was recorded on 11/21/19, over a week before it was released. We delayed it so we wouldn't have to miss a week due to the holiday. One day we'll learn how to schedule shit responsibly.


LeBron James Would Latrell Sprewell Luke Walton

THIS WEEK: Why would LeBron go to the Lakers?! The 90s Cavs had some ballers. The death of XXX Tentacion. Ronda Rousey, CM Punk, UFC, WWE. That Hov & B -- pardon me, that B & Hov -- album dropped just like we said it would. AND MORE!!


Naw, Hov.

THIS WEEK: The worst Hov & B pic ever. Who wants to hear a Hov & B album? Not us. Wayne gets free. The fuck is "IHOB"? Must-see TV. Boxing without gloves / Boxing vs. MMA. AND MORE!!


Stop The Fight!!

THIS WEEK: Pusha T murked Drake. Why Drake have to mention Push's woman? Why Drake drop a statement instead of a record? J. Prince says a Drake response exists and it's LETHAL -- where it at, doe? ALSO: That one time The Rockers won the tag titles but then didn't. Talib gets Me Too'd. LeBron's beard is weak. Also, this episode is long as shit, but fuck it though. PRESS PLAY!


After The Fact

THIS WEEK: We get caught up on a bunch of shit we missed by not recording last week. What shit, you ask? Well, shit like... - This Is America (NOT a dope record). - Kanye (still wildin'). - That new Royce album (he spits hot fire). We also get into some new shit. What shit, you ask again? Well, shit like... - Dr. Jan Adams (he didn't kill Ye's mama). - That J. Cole video with Kevin Hart in it (fuck that shit, son). - Max-El's psychoanalysis skills (he has none). AND MORE!!



THIS WEEK: Kanye thinks Obama should apologize to him. Down goes Cosby. Milkshake vs Escobar. Tennessee State University makes heroes. LL did all that shit first. No support for CyHi? AND MORE!!


The Episode That Was Supposed To Drop Last Week

Yeah... so this episode was supposed to drop last week. But Max-El went outta town and couldn't remember the Soundcloud password, so it didn't. Our bad. Anyway... THIS WEEK: Whiteboys are good at gettin' high. Kendrick's bars vs. Kendrick's theatrics. Farts from a Giant. Angry Black Mannin'. AND MORE!!


Holy Ghostin'

THIS WEEK: Max-El went to church. Niggas was holy ghostin'. Threesome stories. Floyd needs to diversify his bonds. RIP Backpage.com. Wrestlemania. AND MORE!!!