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Episode 7 – Kent Teo, Co-Founder & CEO of Invade Industry

Along with international commerce and a vibrant food scene, Singapore is renowned as a shopper’s paradise. For the locals, shopping is a favorite pastime; and millions of tourists pass through the malls and boutiques along Orchard Road and across the island, enticed by brands and products from around the world. Just like everywhere else in the world, retail in Singapore is in a state of flux. Demographic changes and the rise of Internet shopping are forcing retailers to evolve and become...


Episode 6 – Rafie Chua, Craftsman/Owner of Plane & Bevel

When I first started coming to Singapore about 10 years ago, my initial impression of the city was probably typical of what most tourists saw: gleaming office towers, bustling malls, and a thoroughly modern city built on international finance and trade. Other than the delicious food from the hawkers, it never occurred to me that anything is produced locally. Whether it’s fresh produce, designer clothes, or outrageously expensive cars, everything appeared to be imported. But having lived here...


Episode 5 – Rabbi Mordechai Abergel, Religious Leader of Singapore’s Jewish Community

When you think of the most widely practiced religions in the world, you may think of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. And you may also think of Judaism, which is considered one of the oldest monotheistic religions, or religions believing in one god. Judaism is practiced by about 14 million people in the world. Most Jews today live in Israel, the United States, and Canada, but the Jewish diaspora is spread throughout the world, including Singapore. In fact, if you were to look...


Episode 4 – iNCH Chua, Singer/Songwriter/Artist

It is not easy to pin down iNCH Chua. Starting as a singer/songwriter in her teen years in Singapore, she has since branched out and tried on other roles, including: producer, actress and artist. As I found out in talking to her, she doesn’t care much for labels. For the past 10 years, she has been a steady presence on the Singaporean indie music scene. She first gained mainstream recognition in 2009, when she digitally distributed her first solo recording, The Bedroom, over the Internet....


Episode 3 – André Chiang, Chef & Restauranteur

Chef André Chiang grew up in Taiwan and Japan, but left for France at the age of 15 to study French cuisine. What was to be a 2 to 3 year apprenticeship became a stay of ten plus years. After working at some of the most renowned restaurants in France, Chef André moved to Singapore in 2008. His restaurant here, Restaurant André, has collected numerous accolades over the years. New York Times has called it one of “ten restaurants [in the world] worth a plane ride.” Most recently, in 2017,...


Episode 2 – Danelle Woo, Fashion Designer & Founder of Aijek

Danelle Woo is the designer and owner of the Singaporean fashion label, Aijek. Although not trained as a fashion designer, Danelle has nevertheless built a brand known for its use of intricate laces in luxurious, yet affordable, dresses. Danelle founded her company in 2011 while living in Shanghai, shortly after she gave birth. Starting with a small collection, Danelle has since steadily grown her business around the region and is now building a presence globally. I caught up with her right...


Episode 1 – Intro to “Profiles of Singapore” (or How It Came to Be?)

This is the introductory episode of "Profiles of Singapore," the podcast series featuring the personal stories of the Doers, Makers, and Influencers of Singapore. What are their stories? What drives them? What can we learn from them in how they have made an impact? If you are curious about how they are making a difference, and learn, perhaps, how we can all make a bigger impact with our lives, then keep listening.