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Episode 6 - Designer Babies, CRISPR & Genetic Engineering

Are designer babies going to become a reality in the near future? Will you someday be able to upgrade your own DNA, purely for enhancement and cosmetic reasons? What will be some of the ethical implications along with that and what exactly is genetic engineering technology like CRISPR actually being used for today? On this episode Cormac speaks to former NASA employee and biohacker Josiah Zayner who sells CRISPR DNA kits for use at home, Director for t [...]


Episode 5 - Trial By Social Media

In episode 5, Trial By Social Media, we ask is online public shaming a necessary outlet to allow people to seek some form of justice, when traditional legal channels have failed them? Or is it a dangerous return to uncivilised witch hunting? Is there a risk to your presumption of innocence? Could the guilty get off by not being able to receive a fair trial? Should mobs of people, often reacting online to nothing more than the headlines, have a say in shouting for some form of...


UNCUT: Noeline Blackwell CEO of The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

UNCUT: This is an interview I had with Noeline Blackwell, CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC). I interviewed her for episode 5, about online shaming and the explosion of allegations and accusations that came out online against people in 2017. For the first time in this series, I thought it was important that I release the entire interview unedited and uncut, as the amount of important information in it needed to be heard. Noeline speaks about the impact things like the #MeToo...


Episode 4 - Why Do We Get Offended?

Why do we get offended? What’s the biological basis for it and what are some of the social pros and cons to being morally outraged? Or, in this 21st century, are we becoming too emotional, hyper senstitive and far too easily offended? Featuring in this episode is James Damore, the former Google employee who wrote the infamous Google Memo on diversity, Professor Stepnahie Preston a psychologist from the University of Michighan, Dr Zachary Rothschild who has researched extensively into...


Planet of the Influencers

In the online world, there has been an explosion in the amount of people claiming to be ‘Influencers’. However, what exactly is an influencer, what do they do, do they make any money and why are so many people growing frustrated with the entire practice of ‘influencer marketing’ online? This episode explores the growing world of influencers and delves into the psychology of influence itself. Psychologists, media CEOs, medical doctors and self proclaimed ‘influencers’ feature on this...