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A weekly movie podcast focusing on psychotronic films -- horror, sci-fi, action, exploitation and everything in-between! Home of the Psychotronic Hall of Fame. Hosted by Gary Horne & Justin Bishop.

A weekly movie podcast focusing on psychotronic films -- horror, sci-fi, action, exploitation and everything in-between! Home of the Psychotronic Hall of Fame. Hosted by Gary Horne & Justin Bishop.
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A weekly movie podcast focusing on psychotronic films -- horror, sci-fi, action, exploitation and everything in-between! Home of the Psychotronic Hall of Fame. Hosted by Gary Horne & Justin Bishop.




Ep. 129 — JENNIFER'S BODY (2009) with Madelaine Hoptry

We've spent the entire month of May focusing on genre films directed by women. While we haven't really even scratched the surface on what the female perspective has to offer genre cinema, we've had a lot of fun diving into these films and highlighting the work of these awesome directors. For the fifth and final entry in this series, we're taking a look at a film whose feminism is front and center. Written and directed by women, with a main cast of women, JENNIFER'S BODY was misunderstood...


PFS Weekly: Terminators and Tarantinos

On this week's minisode, we discuss some stuff we've been watching lately, what we're looking forward to seeing this upcoming week, plus a few psychotronic movie news items! News items covered this week: The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD WARSKnights of the Old...


Ep. 128 — THE BABADOOK (2014) with Anna Seiler

On the fourth week of our Female Filmmakers series, we take a look back at the 2014 Australian horror film THE BABADOOK, directed by Jennifer Kent. On this episode, we're joined by special guest Anna Seiler to discuss how Jennifer Kent went from a semi-successful Australian television actress to major cult filmmaker with just one film, and how THE BABADOOK has helped to shape the current boom of "arthouse horror". We'll also dive deep into the film's themes of motherhood, grief, and mental...


PFS Weekly: JOHN WICK 3, MIDSOMMAR trailer, #RBatz, & more

On our latest PFS Weekly, we're diving into some recent movie news, including our reactions to the latest trailers for IT: CHAPTER 2 and MIDSOMMAR, plus our thoughts on Chris Rock's upcoming reboot of the SAW franchise, Robert Pattinson's casting as The Batman for Matt Reeves, and more! Plus, Justin's thoughts on JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM and Gary's reaction to a Joe Bob Briggs-assisted first time watch of STREET TRASH! As we also tend to do on these episodes, we go off on some tangents,...


Ep. 127 — TANK GIRL (1995) with Bunny Bishop

Our Female Filmmakers month continues this week with a look at a film that wasn't a pretty big financial failure upon original release, but has gone on to build a bonafide cult following, 1995's TANK GIRL, directed by Rachel Talalay and starring Lori Petty, Malcolm McDowell and Ice-T (as a kangaroo-human hybrid!). Based on a cult comic by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, TANK GIRL is definitely a product of the mid-90s Riot Grrrl movement, although it was severely neutered by the Hollywood...


PFS Weekly: AVENGERS: ENDGAME — Spoiler Review

This week's episode of Psychotronic Weekly sees Justin and Gary talking about the biggest movie of the year, AVENGERS: ENDGAME! We're getting very deep into spoilers right off the bat during this discussion, so if you haven't seen ENDGAME, do not listen to this episode! Go see ENDGAME! Then come back here and listen to what we have to say about it. We'll also briefly discuss the (spoiler-filled) new trailer for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, and whether or not it was actually necessary to...


Ep. 126 — THE VOICES (2014) with Stephanie Ibbotson

Our Female Filmmakers series continues this week with a look at the little-seen 2014 dark comedy THE VOICES! We're joined this week by special guest Stephanie Ibbotson to discuss this Ryan Reynold's vehicle. As always, we dive into the film's origins and the career of director Marjane Satrapi. How does this film fit into Satrapi's overall filmography (which before this point ran to the very-autobiographical)? What does her perspective bring to the film? And is this underseen gem a worthy...


Ep. 125 — AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000)

It's a new month, which means the beginning of a brand new series here at the Psychotronic Film Society and this week, we're celebrating women directors! Women have long been strong contributors to genre cinema and are, unfortunately, not always given their due, so this month, we'll be featuring genre films directed by women, beginning with Mary Harron's adaptation of AMERICAN PSYCHO! We'll trace the film's nearly decade-long development as it moved through the hands of several directors...


Ep. 124 — THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (2004) with Justin Vance

This week sees the conclusion of our month long series taking a look at films that depict the life of Jesus Christ (or in the case of LIFE OF BRIAN, a film that specifically doesn't look at the life of Christ), and we're capping it off with what might be the most interesting conversation so far: Mel Gibson's controversial mega-hit THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. We're joined this week by returning guest Justin Vance to discuss the film, its creation, its legacy and impact, and all of the...


PFS Weekly: ENDGAME Footage Leak Reaction (Spoiler Free!)

On our latest edition to Psychotronic Weekly, we're mainly discussing our reaction to the news that someone leaked some very spoilery footage from AVENGERS: ENDGAME on the internet this week. And we are not happy about it. (And don't worry, there'll be no spoilers here!) We'll also discuss the new CHILD'S PLAY trailer, and GAME OF THRONES and how it continues to keep the watercooler culture of Event Television alive! News items discussed this week: CHILD'S PLAYAVENGERS:...



Our April look at Jesus-centric films continues with 1973's rock opera JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR! How does JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR differ in its depiction of Jesus' story? Other than, ya know, characters breaking out into song? We'll trace the film's beginnings from a concept album by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber to Broadway show to, finally, a cult classic film... and beyond! Where did the idea for the film come from? Who was originally slated to play Jesus? Why was the stage production...


PFS Weekly: PET SEMATARY, Disney+, & the STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Teaser Trailer Reaction

Our new bonus series continues this week, with our reactions to some announcements coming out of Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, including the launch date and price point for Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, and the world premiere of the first trailer for STAR WARS EPISODE IX. Gary also graces us with a spoiler free mini-review of the new PET SEMATARY! We're joined this week by special guest Justin Vance. WARS EPISODE...



Our Easter theme this week continues, but with a little detour. While we're spending the majority of this month taking a look at movies that depict the life of Jesus Christ, this week, we're discussing one that very specifically isn't about Jesus at all, but about a guy who was born sorta near him at sorta the same time. Of course, the fact that it wasn't actually about Jesus at all didn't keep MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF BRIAN from being incredibly controversial upon its original release 40...


PFS Weekly: News Roundup

Welcome to our new bonus episode series, Psychotronic Weekly (or PFS Weekly if ya nasty). On this new series, we'll be offering our off-the-cuff views on a variety of subjects, whether that be a roundup of recent psychotronic news, Top 10 lists, interviews, or... well, pretty much anything else we want that's not related to our main episodes. These episodes will be unscripted, with minimal editing, so if you ever really wanted to hear our opinions on the state of current psychotronic...



A new month brings a new theme, and for the month of April we're celebrating Easter by watching four movies that four totally different points of view on the life of Jesus Christ. We're kicking the month off with Martin Scorsese's controversial 1988 portrayal of the life of Jesus, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. We'll track LAST TEMPTATION's evolution from a novel (which was nearly as controversial as the film) through nearly a decade of development to a big screen adaptation. And you can't...


Ep. 120 — TIMECRIMES (2007)

On the conclusion of our Time Travel series, we're taking a look at what's probably the most obscure entry in the series so far, but one with a small cult following nonetheless, Nacho Vigalondo's 2007 Spanish language time travel thriller TIMECRIMES! TIMECRIMES, possibly even more than the rest of the movies we've covered on the series, spawns a lot of discussion regarding the rules of time travel, and how those rules are used differently by different filmmaking, depending on their...



For the next entry in our Time Travel series, we decided to lighten things up a bit after a couple of pretty heavy weeks, and what better direction to go than with fan favorite BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE?! Starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE tells the story of a couple of non-heinous dudes who have to travel back in time to kidnap a bunch of historical figures so that they can save the future through the power of rock n' roll! Ya know what? It...


Ep.118 — PRIMER (2004)

It's week three of our Time Travel series! When we started telling people we were gonna start covering time travel movies, we had countless requests for this week's film. This week, we're taking a look at a film that's widely regarded as one of the most realistic portrayals of time travel ever committed to film, 2004's PRIMER! PRIMER is regarded not only for its innovative portrayal of time travel, but also for the inventive ways that it tells its story on an incredibly low budget! We'll...


Ep. 117 — THE TERMINATOR (1984)

Our Time Travel series continues this week with one of the most popular time travel films of all time, and one that started one of the biggest film franchises in the world, James Cameron's THE TERMINATOR! This is the film that birthed Gary's hangups with time travel films in general. Has he softened on it or is he standing his ground? As usual, we'll discuss the origins of the project, from Cameron's early days as a set painter for Roger Corman to the creation of the film itself and how it...


Ep. 116 — 12 MONKEYS (1995)

We're starting a new series on the show this week: TIME TRAVEL! We'll be spending the next month(-ish) taking a look at some of our favorite time travel films, tearing them apart, analyzing them, and deciding if they're worthy additions to the Psychotronic Hall of Fame! We're kicking the series off with a listener suggestion: Terry Gilliam's popular 1995 dystopian sci-fi flick 12 MONKEYS. This is the movie that helped (along with PULP FICTION) to revitalize Bruce Willis' career and was...