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Host Robert Kelly discusses Giant Monster Movies with his friends and family, and sometimes a very special guest or two.


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Host Robert Kelly discusses Giant Monster Movies with his friends and family, and sometimes a very special guest or two.




A Record All Monsters Quick Look at Jaws

To prepare for all the madness to come, Robert sits down with his friend Angie, a filmmaker who's been heavily influenced by Steven Spielberg, to talk about Jaws, its legacy, and how it paved the way for a thrid wave of Giant Monster Movies and inspired the Kongsploitation genre. Find us online: Buy our crap:


RAM Reports: Last Voyage of the Demeter

Robert and Courtney talk about Last Voyage of the Demeter in the first ever Record All Monsters Special Report. Find us Online! Buy Our Crap! Give us a Money!


Announcing the RAMmies Nominees!

Vote in the Record All Monsters Awards Show and Ceremony! Find us online here: Buy our crap! Join us on LetterBoxd: Give us money pleeeeeeease:


S2E21: Terror of Mechagodzilla with Nathan Marchand and Jimmy From NASA

Some friends come to visit and we talk for too long about Mechagodzilla and Robot Girlfriends. Find us online here: Find Nathan and the Monster Island Film Vault here: Our Tee-Public Store: Our Patreon:


The Record All Monsters Winter Holiday Special

Who is the real monster in 1964's Rudolph? Find us Online:


S2E20: Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla with My Mom (wooo!) and Aubrey!

The long awaited Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla episode! Partially complete for more than a month, historians once considered it lost. Recent excavations in host Robert's phone and laptop found the sound files labeled "RAMS2E20_godzilla_v_mechagodzilla interview" and "RAMS2E20_godzilla_v_mechagodzilla essay" inside of a digital folder named "RAMS2 all sound files" on the desktop. When asked for comment, host Robert Kelly answered, "Nothing was lost. I just haven't had the time to finish it. Are you pulling the same thing as the ad campaign for Space Monster Wangmagwi's DVD release? That's low. I hope I can still get an interview with the SRS Cinema guy." Lovingly restored and released for the first time ever, Record All Monsters, S2E20: Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla with My Mom (wooo!) and Aubrey!, an installment that many feared would never see the light of day, is presented in pristine, lossless monaural audio files. Take home this once lost classic today! Find us online: Amberly's GoFund Me: Our TeePublic Store:


S2 E19: Godzilla vs Megalon with Stephen White

It's a-me, Megalon! Stephen White from Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo finally stops by to talk about a magical movie for which I have made many t-shirts. You can buy them by finding us online: // And you can find Stephen here:

S2E18: Godzilla Vs Gigan with Jon and Austin

We close the book on another foundational person in the history of Godzilla, before Jon and Austin join us for a look at a surprisingly well thought out late entry in Godzilla's Showa era. Find Austin: and and Find us, including sources and Patreon links here:


2E17: Godzilla vs Hedorah LIVE

On July 14th 2022, we did a live show at the New Braunfels Public Library! It got rave reviews from all the people who saw it, of which there were many. Even our game show, New Hotness or Old and Busted, was done live with an actual prize! Brought to you ad free by New Braunfels Public Library, to whom we extend a hearty thanks and heartfelt handshake. You can find them online and get a virtual library card here: Find us online here:


S2E16: Gamera vs Zigra with Courtney!

Courtney and Robert talk about pretty much anything EXCEPT Gamera vs Zigra, and then play a game about the not quite Ancient Internet, more like the Renaissance Era Internet maybe? Anyway, here's the links:


S2E15: Voyage into Space with Amberly and Aubrey!

An essay is read about an 8 year old boy with a gun and a robot. A discussion is had about an 8 year old boy with a gun and a robot. A game is played that has nothing to do with an 8 year old boy with a gun and a robot. Find us online: Amberly's GoFundMe:


S2E14: Space Amoeba with Ryan Lengyel

Find us online: Find Ryan Lengyel: Find Cowgirls vs Pterodactyls: Find The Beast from Twenty Zillion Years Ago:


S2E13: Gamera vs Jiger with Brian Livingston

After Robert gives some background on Expo '70, Brian Livingston, author of The Habits of Squirrels, swings by for a chat about what some consider the best, or at least, most balanced, Gamera movie of the Showa era. Then, they play the Surgery Edition of our recurring game, What's In A Name? Find us online: Find Brian here: Author Brian Livingston | The Habits Of Squirrels Out July 12, 2022 ( Brian Livingston (@brianlivingstonbooks) • Instagram photos and videos Author Brian Livingston (@LivingstonBooks) / Twitter Author Brian Livingston | Facebook The Habits of Squirrels | The Habits of Squirrels: Livingston, Brian: 9798985804805: Books Find Today's Movie:


S2E12: Godzilla's Revenge With Courtney!

How'd ya like that, weirdo? Robert delves into a lengthy and heartfelt defense of what is broadly considered to be the worst Godzilla movie before joining Courtney in a conversation on the movie. Find us online! Find today's movie on: -VHS: -DVD: -Special Edition DVD: -Blu-ray: -Streaming:


RAM Quick Look: The Valley of Gwangi

A quick look at Ray Harryhausen's last dinosaur movie. Find us online! Find today's movie!


S2E11: The Mighty Gorga with Derek M. Koch

Monster Kid Hall of Famer Derek visits to discuss a movie that's... definitely a movie. Find Record All Monsters- including our Patreon and TeePublic Store!- at this brightly colored hyperlink! Find Derek and Monster Kid Radio on the World Wide Web. All sources are listed on our website, which may or may not need to be updated. Courtney should not let me write the show notes. We'll see if she sees this. Hee hee hee.


S2E10: Gamera vs Guiron with Kaiju Hime

Artist Kaiju Hime tells us about her Twitch channel and talks to us about her love of Gamera before we discuss Gamera vs Guiron and play the game What's in a Name: Gamera Monster Edition


S2E9: Destroy All Monsters with Kaiju Weekly

Travis and Michael from Kaiju Weekly stop by to discuss our show's namesake before they play a poorly thought out game about band names. Find us online Find Kaiju Weekly and Kaiju Ramen Find Today's Movie


S2E8: Gamera Vs Viras with Parker and Q!

Parker and Q are back, and that can only mean we're covering a Gamera movie! This time, Gamera is fighting an outsized squid who whizzes through space in a ring of bumble bees. Our game touches on a different kind of formula than the Gamera movies have come to rely on.... Find us online! Hear us on Unquote! Find today's Movie!


A Public Service Announcement from Record All Monsters

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