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Electronic Wireless Show Ep 88 - Our favourite cities

This week: the best cities in games. Alice B reckons the streets of Dishonored's Dunwall are perfectly safe. Brendan likes the upside-down buildings of the Hanging City from Outer Wilds. Meanwhile, Dave appreciates the big lights and fist fights of Kamurocho in Yakuza 0. We also talk about taxi murder-mystery game Night Call, the roguelike spaceship stormer Void Bastards, and another chaotic city in Streets of Rogue. Links: Everyday life in Yakuza’s Kamurocho:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 87 - The best horses in games

Horses, that’s this week’s topic. Big galloping buddies full of teeth and flies. Alice B likes the creepy horse from Kingdom Come Deliverance, who appears behind you like a tall ghost. Brendan likes Argo from Shadow of the Colossus, even though it’s NOT ON PC YOU IDIOT. And Sin Vega joins us for the first time to sing the praises of the woman who runs around like a horse in real life. Which is ALSO NOT A PC GAME. Honestly, gang, you have one job. Links: Sin Vega is our new staff writer:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 86 - The shipping forecast

Oh no. This week we're forcing game characters into romantic couples. It's the shipping forecast. Alice L reckons Chell from Portal and Lara Croft would make a good couple, raiding tombs together. Brendan disagrees, putting Lara into a doomed relationship with Adam Jensen from Deus Ex. And Nate thinks the Stardew Valley protagonist would have a four-month affair with the engineer from Factorio. We’ve also been playing stuff. Brendan is clawing through rubbish bins in Pathologic 2. Alice L is...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 85 - The post-E3 breakdown

E3 2019 is finished! More importantly, we have almost recovered from E3 2019. To celebrate their convalescence, Alice B and Matt piled into the podcast studio for a 40-minute post-show chat about their favourite games from the show, their thoughts on the many E3 press conferences, and why it's all a bit cult-like, really. Games discussed: Ubisoft's roller derby-derived future sport Roller Champions, Obsidian's stop-getting-the-name-wrong open world RPG The Outer Worlds, and the turn-based...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 84 - What’s happening at E3 2019?

E3 is getting started this weekend. Let us be your digital sherpa through the show. Matt and Brendan join Alice B to have a big group natter about the upcoming games. Halo Infinite has Brendan glancing furtively sideways. Alice B is pretending she hasn’t seen Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order when really she has. And Matt is bouncing his knee up and down with nervous excitement for his date with Cyberpunk 2077. Links: All the games confirmed for E3: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/?p=688727...


Soundbyte, Episode 3 - Why sex games are important

In this Soundbyte, we’re talking sexy, sexy sex games, why they’re interesting, and the queer erasure that comes along with blacklisting them from websites like Twitch. Astrid speaks to Robert Yang, NYU arts professor and renowned gay video game developer about the homophobic portion of his audience. Christine Love talks about the importance of consent through dialogue in her BDSM visual novel Ladykiller in a Bind. And Kenzie Stargrifter shares her excitement about trans cyberpunk porn game...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 83 - Journeys of discovery

Let's chat about games about discovery! Matthew likes the oceans and scoundrels of Sea of Thieves. Alice B likes finding things in the smaller locale of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. And Brendan enjoys getting his flippers wet in Subnautica. But we’ve been playing some games that fit the theme too. Outer Wilds has got both Matthew and Brendan chewing their cheeks to tell people how good it is. Meanwhile Alice has been poking her head around another abandoned village in Draugen. Links: Sea...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 82 - Games you might have missed in 2019 so far

This week: games you might have missed recently. Alice reckons you might like Glass Masquerades 2, a jigsaw puzzler about stained-glass windows. And Brendan wants more folks to try tiny chess game Pawnbarian. We’ve also been playing stuff. Alice is witholding her Life Is Strange 2 thoughts for another time, but Brendan is ready to spit with frustration at Pathologic 2. Links: Hurling is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmzivRetelE Pawnbarian is like Slay the Spire but chess:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 81 - The strongest friendships

We’re talking about good friends. Strong companions and fun-loving drinking buddies. Brendan reckons Biggs and Wedge from the Final Fantasies are a good pair. While Katharine enjoys the jibes of Aliya and her robot Six in Heaven’s Vault. But there's lots more. We’re also been playing stuff. Katharine has been rambling through Octopath Traveller, the Switch JRPG soon to be out on PC. And Brendan has been getting his head cut off in Mordhau. Links: The Biggses and Wedges throughout Final...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 80 - What game is the biggest "time sink"?

"Time sinks". That’s what we're talking about this week. Games that eat up your precious minutes and hours and days. Nate says Civilization V is the worst contender. Alice B points a cannibalistic finger at Graveyard Keeper. And Graham turns the whole show into a sports podcast by talking about Football Manager. Links: The Yule Lads are terrifying: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icelandic_Christmas_folklore#The_Yule_Lads Graveyard Keeper is like Stardew Valley but in a cemetery:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 79 - Betrayal, backstabbery and rebel scum

This week is all about treachery, traitors and multiplayer backstabbing. Graham tells the story of his traitorous actions in sci-fi strategy game Neptune’s Pride. Brendan enjoys the double-crossing of Eve Online. And Nate remembers the turncoat star fighters of Star Wars: Tie Fighter. Links: Have you played… Star Wars: TIE Fighter? https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/10/30/have-you-played-star-wars-tie-fighter/ The Neptune’s Pride chronicles:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 77 - Live at EGX 2019!

You can watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/qIu_e75a6qs This podcast takes place in a real room in front of a real audience! At Rezzed in London, we thought it’d be fun to re-enact three of the most memorable scenes of PC gaming, exactly as you remember them. Three 100% faithful adaptations of the most notorious moments in our hobby. Honest. Links: Nate is our new writey man! https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/author/natecrowley/ He writes our Dwarf Fortress diary:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 78 - Goodbye to Alec and John

That quiet sobbing is coming from the RPS treehouse. Alec has left us. And John is leaving later this month. The boards will creak no more with the weight of their knowledge. The last of the old guard is waving goodbye. But we grabbed them for one last podcast, and forced them to tell us their proudest work, and to pass on their wisdom of over a decade in games journalism. They might be off, but the treehouse they’ve built will remain. (If you're wondering "where is episode 77?" - it was a...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 76 - Games we changed our minds about

Sometimes you change your mind about a game partway through. John realised the caves of Spelunky weren’t so bad after all. Alice B’s feelings on the castles of Dark Souls flip-flopped all over the place. And Brendan’s early scepticism about the Yakuza games was eventually washed away. We also have time to talk more about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. And the Bloodlines sequel! John and Alice recently saw a demo for the vampirism RPG , and they are quietly excited to see how it turns out. Links:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 75 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - what we think so far

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the new demi-Souls from those sadists at From Software. It’s about being a ninja with a sword and a grappling hook for an arm. Matthew and Brendan have played a few hours. Here’s what they think of it so far. They've also been playing some of The Division 2. They like the bullet-dodging and don’t care much about its vague political hand-waving. The shooty robots are what matter most. Links: Matthew and Alice L play a bit of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 74 - Our proudest gaming achievements

Warning: contains some icky eyeball chat... Be proud of your achievements! Even if they are just in a game. Matt is proud of getting all the achievements in Spelunky. Brendan is pleased he got through Alien: Isolation at all. And Alice B was proud of her victory over the deadly final boss in Fight Night Champion. We’ve also been playing stuff. Brendan clicks buttons in galactic sim Objects In Space. Alice is nosy in the 80s Britain of first-person snooper The Occupation. And Matt has been...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 73 - Lies, tricks and twists

LIES. Not a game is made without some use of smoke and/or mirror. Dave’s favourite lies come from Frog Fractions, which seems to be a child’s maths game. Brendan likes how enemies in shooters are programmed to miss. And Alice enjoys cheeky-but-friendly lies, such as the “chance to hit” something in XCOM. We’ve also been playing games. Alice and Dave have been frowning at Anthem. But we’ve also been liking Ape Out. Links: A good Twitter thread about developer trickery:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 72 - What are our favourite puzzle games?

A ten-sided shape appears in your hands. It's this week's podcast! And it's all about puzzle games. John enjoys number puzzles like Hexcells and Globesweeper. Matt enjoys the Jindosh box of Dishonored 2. And Brendan likes being a pretend hacker in Zachlikes. But we’ve also played non-puzzle games. Apex Legends has been keeping Matt happy with its bullets and crows. While John is liking the unserious shooting of Far Cry: New Dawn. Brendan still just wants to punch people in Yakuza Kiwami....


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 71 - Guns, guns, guns

This week: the best guns. The pod squad are stocking a chest full of videogame firearms. Matthew is stocking a laser pointer from Gears of War, Alice wants the exploding teddy gun from Sunset Overdrive, and Brendan is taking Symmetra's energy gun from Overwatch. But we've also been playing games! Come hear our thoughts on post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus and Inkle's upcoming translate 'em up Heaven's Vault. Links: Matthew’s video on Metro Exodus:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 70 - The best booby traps

Oh, grow up. Booby traps as in “dangerous mechanisms that kill over-confident explorers”. Be they in temples, tombs or tunnels - traps can be anywhere (so long as it begins with a “T”). Katharine celebrates the hungry foxes of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. Brendan is fond of the jail cells of the Resident Evil 2 remake. And Alice B appreciates Half-Life 2’s barnacles. We also play a little "death traps quiz". Links: Katharine’s graphics cards coverage is pretty thorough, actually:...