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RCT EP 24: Crystal Mark "Who Are You and What Do You Stand For"

Crystal Mark, aka the queen of community advocacy is a myriad of things for whatever community she belongs to. Whether it is being one of the co-founders and executive Directors of the prominent Malton Mom's Group or the Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Children’s Aid, Hamilton, Crystal impacts change wherever she goes. Born in Canada, having lived in places such as Regent Park and Danforth, Crystal notes that much of her roots are locked within Malton's borders. Crystal is an...


RCT EP 23: Freddy Appiah "Use The Game, Don't Let The Game Use You"

Freddy Appiah is a multifaceted/multi-talented dude who puts Malton on his back no matter what. From growing up as a youth in Malton as a student at Ascension of our Lord Secondary School to now being an educator and head coach at ASCC through the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Freddy has stayed true to his roots and is daily pouring into the lives of Malton's Youth. Recently, after having coached multiple AAU teams, adult leagues and more, Freddy decided to focus on the...


RCT EP 22: Ryan Gurcharn "Changing The System From Within"

Ryan Gurcharn aka Mr. Malton himself is currently running for English Public School Trustee for Ward 5, Mississauga. With over 30+ years having lived and worked in Malton and after the endorsement of current Trustee Rick Williams, Ryan is ready to advocate for improved education for the youth, students, and parents of Ward 5. When the Mississauga News published an article referring to Malton as "Mississauga's Wasteland" Ryan was inspired to start his own newspaper called "The Malton Mirror"...


RCT EP 21: Bilal Dawson "The Best Things Come After The Hardest Decisions".

Bilal Dawson is one of the hottest/popping off Instagram/YouTube creators in Toronto especially after his "This is Canada" Parody of Childish Gambino's "This is America" went viral with over 6 Million Views on 9Gag. If he's not flooding your explore page, he probably is out being the CEO of his production company DaVision Digital shooting popular GTA music videos, documentaries and other client work as he has been an independent film maker for over 6 years now. Born in Burlington but raised...


RCT EP 20: Harmanjit Khakh "Trust Your Age"

Harmanjit Khakh cannot be described by a traditional title because he prefers to be defined as someone whose purpose is to exude, live and spread positivity. Apart from being a dope/talented individual, Harman places more of an emphasis on understanding your emotional intelligence, and realizing that what you give power to affects the outcome of your day. Harman's enlightened thinking and desire to help people caused him to pursue his current program at McMaster University in Addictions...


RCT EP 19: Jo-Anne Santos "Rest & Resiliency"

Jo-Anne Santos is a self-published author who in March 2018 released the popular "Growing Wings Book". By day she is an Early Childhood Educator and by night she is a writer/author who is currently working on resources to support up and coming authors who wish to self publish. Born in Toronto, Jo-Anne always had a passion for journaling and writing from a young age and in fact, in her dedication section of her book she writes, "To the 5-year-old girl who dreamt and knew herself. You Inspired...


RCT EP 18: Fly By Design (Sheldon Halstead) "Still Flying"

Sheldon Halstead is the founder and owner of one of the GTA's most popular custom clothing, graphic design and clothing line companies known as Fly By Design. Fly By Design made headlines when both the Huffington Post and the NBA reached out to him when he released Playoff graphics during the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Fly By Design would hit another milestone when he released the "Canada has been great" hat line, a play on Donald Trump's "Make America great again" hats which caught the eye of the...


RCT EP 17: Amelia Graciela Torres "It's OK To Be A Work In Progress"

Amelia Graciela Torres is a Child and Youth Worker who currently works with both Vita Centre and Malton Neighbourhood Services. She not only counsels and runs programming for youth in the community but she weekly counsel’s young moms and provides practical and powerful workshops to help them develop into successful women. Growing up in Rexdale, Canada Amelia was no stranger to CYW's and in fact due to a bad confidentiality experience with a CYW this led her to pursuing the field herself...


RCT EP 16: Olivia Orvis-Bowers "Finding The Next Level of Success"

Olivia Orvis-Bowers is currently an Administrative Coordinator with the City of Brampton having just finished working with the City of Mississauga in various administrative roles for the past 7 years. Olivia has excelled in finding her next level of success and at the age of 23, she has earned positions that would have normally taken much longer to achieve. Born and raised in Mississauga, Olivia started working for government at the age of 16, which fostered her love to serve communities,...


RCT EP 15: Leo Bailey "The Best Is Yet To Come"

Leo Bailey is a Senior Manager of Digital Risk & Governance with RBC in downtown Toronto. From a young age Leo was fascinated with the pace of City Life mixed with his passion for the financial field where Leo says the trip downtown to work never gets dull. Born in Rexdale, Toronto, Leo spent most of his younger life in the Rex but moved to Malton in his grade 12 year. It was the move to Malton that caused him to realize the deep need around him which caused him to be a part of the founding...


RCT EP 14: Savy Jay "There's No Bunk Beds In Caskets"

Savy Jay Aka AJ, the Founder of $AVTEAM is a Malton Based Singer, Rapper, Songwriter and Music Producer who has been popping off in the Greater Toronto Area. With close to 9k Instagram followers, Savy Jay attributes his fame and success to both his YouTube Channel and Soundcloud followings. Born in Jamaica, Savy Jay moved to Canada where he would grow up and be raised in Malton, Mississauga. He notes that his success today didn't happen over night as he worked multiple side jobs to pay for...


RCT EP 13: Basir Ahmad BFX "If You're Not Living Your Brand You're Faking It"

Basir Ahmad aka BFX is the founder and photographer of BFX Photography and is the founder of Click Clique 6ix a page that features talented GTA Photographers. Unlike some creative’s, Basir thoroughly enjoys his 9-5 working as a Digital Marketing Associate/Graphic Designer for a corporate company in downtown Toronto. Born in Regent Park, Toronto but later moving to Brampton, Basir pursued a degree is Communication, Culture and Information Technology with a minor in political science and...


RCT EP 12: Jess Spagnolo "Don't Think of Yourself as Worthless, You Have Value"

Jess Spagnolo is a multi-talented visual artist/free lance painter and a professional singer, songwriter, and musician playing across Toronto and the GTA. Recently Jess launched some of her artwork on a site called Society 6 where you can turn your high res art into merchandise. Born in Toronto and being mixed, Jess navigated life being both Mexican and Italian, which allowed her to become more versatile in her ability to serve the world. At the age of 12 Jess suffered the loss of her...


RCT EP 11: Manvir Bhangu "It Might Take Some Time, But You'll Find Your Way"

Manvir Bhangu is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization, "Laadliyan", Celebrating Daughters. Recently, Manvir received an award from the Brampton Board of Trade as one of Brampton’s Top 40 under 40 for her outstanding work in her community. While Manvir balances her non-profit, by day she is a Newcomer Youth Settlement Worker for Malton Neighbourhood Services helping youth educationally, personally, and developmentally. Born in Toronto but having grown up in...


RCT EP 10: Shawayne Dunstan "- Find What's Calling You and GO Towards That"

Shawayne Dunstan is a spoken word artist/poet and is a published author with five books sold locally in the Greater Toronto Area and on Amazon. Shawayne fell in love with poetry when he was young and inspired by his school teacher and other influences, he decided to take his writing more seriously. Originally born in Kingston, Jamaica, Shawayne grew up in Toronto and North York but came to Malton in 2009. In 2017 Shawayne was awarded Mississauga's Young Citizen of the Year and now has 2 of...


RCT EP 9: Allison Morris "Being a Boss, Comes With a Cost"

Allison Morris is the CEO and Fashion Designer of the high-end fashion, sportswear, and street wear company known as N I Q U E. She is not limited to just this role as she also is currently working for Canada's sixth largest city as a Development Services Analyst and formerly held roles as a Committee of Adjustments Technician, a Planning Assistant, an Administrative Assistant, and a Customer Service Representative. Born to Jamaican parents, Allison was born in North York, Ontario but grew...


RCT EP 8: Cornel (DJ Big C) Davis "If you don't love it, don't do it"

Cornel Davis, aka DJ Big C, is a well-known multi-faceted DJ, MC, and Event Host within the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area event scene. He has coordinated 10,000 people + events such as the popular Jamaica Day Celebration, and was also the founder of the sound crew formerly known as M.A.D.E (Make a Difference Entertainment). His parents, originally from Kingston Jamaica, both met in Toronto where Big C was born however he grew up in Malton, Mississauga for the majority of his life. Before...


RCT EP 7: Sheldon Douglas "From Selling Chocolates to Selling Homes"

Sheldon Douglas is a real estate agent/sales representative who works for ReMAX West, under one of the most popular GTA real estate teams, The Brij Team. Sheldon tirelessly mixes his passion for helping people and his community with his ability to gauge an ever-changing real estate market to ensure his clients find the perfect home. Originally born in Toronto, Canada, in the Jane and Finch Area, Sheldon moved to Malton, Mississauga where he currently resides today. Before real estate,...


RCT EP 6: Omran Omaid "Meeting the Right People at the Right Time"

Omran Omaid is a creative content producer for one of the most popular ecommerce software companies known as Shopify, which serves over 600,000 businesses. Along with our guest from Episode 3, Omran is currently working on the popular web series "Courtside". Born in Afghanistan, Omran along with his family came to Canada when he was young and were assisted through the Red Door Family Shelter, which assists Families, Refugees and Women Who Are Fleeing Violence. Omran grew up in Flemingdon...


RCT EP 5: Riaz Mohammed "Life is Subjective"

Riaz Mohammed is a researcher and is currently a Doctor of Chiropractic Student at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, one of the most prestigious Chiropractic schools in Canada, and arguably the world. At CMCC he is the Vice President of the Student Canadian Chiropractic Association and sits on student council. Originally from Parkdale, Toronto, Riaz moved to Malton, Mississauga where he would discover his passion to become a Chiropractic Doctor by meeting his current mentor in the...