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Real Community Talks: On Self Love, Relationships and Dating

Happy Valentines Day RCT Family! On today's episode our host sits down with his valentine to talk Self Love, Relationships and Dating. We talk everything from the hook up culture, relationships in a social media generation, breakups, singleness, setting standards, waiting and settling, learning to be the right one, fighting right and having relationship mentors. Tune in to also hear our hosts talk a bit about how they got together and how they do relationship. Shannon's Instagram:...


Who do you wan't to be when you grow up?

Our host had the awesome opportunity to return to his old stomping grounds and deliver a talk on Identity and purpose to the boys and girls clubs of Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School! A part of RCT is not just having conversations within the same four walls but going out to share knowledge and give back to the same communities which helped foster who we are today. If you enjoyed todays video and want to see more content beyond guest interviews, drop a comment below and show some love....


Annihilating Anxiety [Chat With Matt]

This week, our host, Matt Da Silva sits down with us and shares some strategies on how he tackles crippling fear and anxiety in his life. Closing Instrumental: "West Coast" Prod. By Homage Matt's Instagram: Matt's Facebook: Matt's LinkedIn: Matt's Youtube: Matt's Website:...


RCT S2 EP 6: Oshane Howard "Choose Which Side You Wanna Be On"

Oshane Howards is a professional Free Lancer and a commercial, fashion Photographer, videographer and creative Director. On this episode we talk about creating timeless vs. disposable art, adding value and professionalism to your work, how it's ok to be lazy sometimes, and his biggest motto "don't tell me show me", in relation to your visions and dreams. Oshane's Instagram: Oshane's Facebook: Oshane's LinkedIn:...


RCT S2 EP 5: Sam Demma "Small Consistent Actions"

Sam Demma is a Youth Speaker who travels the country speaking to multiple students about the power of Small Consistent Actions. On this episode we talk about how Sam's identity in soccer was crushed when he was injured three times, the power teachers have to change a student's life, his recent TEDx talk, and how big change can result from small consistent actions. Sam's Instagram: Sam's TEDx Talk: Sam's...


RCT S2 EP4: Khaled Iwamura "It's All About Sacrifice"

Khaled Iwamura is the founder of QuickBite News, a media company comprised of, and which is now one of the largest digital only media companies in Canada., and combined have 1,300,000 unique visitors per month, 3.5 million page views per month, 2.2 million video views per year (2018) and has the biggest social media following in the western GTA with well over 175,000 followers. Khaled Iwamura is half Japanese,...


RCT S2 EP3: Mahfuz Chowdhury "It's Important To Be Consistent With Your Head Down"

This probably isn't the first time you're hearing about Mahfuz Chowdhury as he is one of the more prominent social media influencers/Marketers in the city! The author of the book "Project Reinvention", the host of the popular Ride With Me Podcast and the Account Manager at Candy Box Marketing, Mahfuz has developed a powerful online footprint over the past 10 years and is continually building up people and impacting lives through various seminars, speaking engagements, and via his initiative...


RCT S2 EP 2: Mayor Bonnie Crombie "Balance Is Tough To Achieve"

Bonnie Crombie is the Mayor of the sixth largest and the greatest city in Canada, Mississauga. Prior to becoming Mayor, Bonnie was a Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville as well as the Ward 5 Councillor for Malton and Britannia. Before entering public service, Mayor Crombie enjoyed a twenty-year career in business working for global businesses including McDonalds, the Insurance bureau of Canada and The Walt Disney Company. She has an MBA from York University's Schulich School of...


RCT S2 EP1: Jodianne Beckford "Even if you're scared, do it anyways"

We are amped to Launch the FIRST episode of Season 2 with the talented Jodianne Beckford the host of one of the hottest most relevant entrepreneur podcasts in not only our city but in Canada! If she isn't hosting an episode of The E Project it's because she works full time as a Disability Support Worker (For the past 10 years) helping people with a variety of disabilities, with a specific focus on autism. When she isn't doing either of those, Jodianne is a freelance creative director,...


Should You Lead? "The COST to Calling" [Chat With Matt #2]

On this episode I talk about the idea that not everyone can lead and sometime's it might benefit you to be a follower. Most people want to lead but they want to do so for superficial reasons. There is a COST to Calling. Background Track #1: "Sway" Instrumental by Homage Background Track #2: "Grandeur" Instrumental by Homage Connect with Matt: Subscribe to this Matt's Youtube Channel:...


The Anxiety of Algorithm's [Chat With Matt #1]

What's up RCT FAM! As promised, I told you that between seasons I would work on releasing some bonus content where I switch it up from just interviews to maybe some host episodes where I cover different topics or what I'm feeling that day. Today marks the FIRST "Chat With Matt" episode on RCT, I hope you enjoy it! As a content creator, social platforms while extremely useful for exposure, often punish the creator who doesn't post as frequently. In this video I talk about how creating out of...


RCT EP 27: Matt Da Silva "Excellence Requires Discomfort"

Merry Christmas Everyone! As a gift to all of you Matt Da Silva, our HOST of Real Community Talks, sit's down with us for the last episode of Season 1 and shares his story! Matt has a wealth of experience representing both the public and private sector with positions in the Private Security Field, Public Sector Administration, and recently was a Municipal Youth Engagement Coordinator with Canada's sixth largest city. His focus is on both holistic community development and capacity building...


RCT EP 26: Noyz "Even The Quiet Ones Have A Story To Share"

One of the more socially conscious and dopest artists/lyricists, Noyz, joins us for the LAST guest episode of Season 1 of Real Community Talks! If Noyz isn't delivering insane bars at a live event or in the studio it's because he is either at work as a Concurrent Disorders Counsellor & Case Manager or he's co-hosting an episode of the Immigrant Hustle Podcast. A Maltonian by birth, Noyz has a special place in his heart for Malton as he lived here until around age 11. It was from there that...


RCT EP 25: Phil Nguyen "Live and Breathe Toronto"

Phil Nguyen is the CEO of the popular clothing brand "Patriarch Supply" and is a well-respected fitness coach and personal trainer throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Phil is passionate about celebrating Toronto's culture and diversity especially through his company's slogan, which is "Live and Breathe Toronto". Having pursued post secondary education, Phil soon dropped out to pursue his love for fitness. He knew that he couldn’t pursue something that wasn’t going to give him sustained...


RCT EP 24: Crystal Mark "Who Are You and What Do You Stand For"

Crystal Mark, aka the queen of community advocacy is a myriad of things for whatever community she belongs to. Whether it is being one of the co-founders and executive Directors of the prominent Malton Mom's Group or the Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Children’s Aid, Hamilton, Crystal impacts change wherever she goes. Born in Canada, having lived in places such as Regent Park and Danforth, Crystal notes that much of her roots are locked within Malton's borders. Crystal is an...


RCT EP 23: Freddy Appiah "Use The Game, Don't Let The Game Use You"

Freddy Appiah is a multifaceted/multi-talented dude who puts Malton on his back no matter what. From growing up as a youth in Malton as a student at Ascension of our Lord Secondary School to now being an educator and head coach at ASCC through the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Freddy has stayed true to his roots and is daily pouring into the lives of Malton's Youth. Recently, after having coached multiple AAU teams, adult leagues and more, Freddy decided to focus on the...


RCT EP 22: Ryan Gurcharn "Changing The System From Within"

Ryan Gurcharn aka Mr. Malton himself is currently running for English Public School Trustee for Ward 5, Mississauga. With over 30+ years having lived and worked in Malton and after the endorsement of current Trustee Rick Williams, Ryan is ready to advocate for improved education for the youth, students, and parents of Ward 5. When the Mississauga News published an article referring to Malton as "Mississauga's Wasteland" Ryan was inspired to start his own newspaper called "The Malton Mirror"...


RCT EP 21: Bilal Dawson "The Best Things Come After The Hardest Decisions".

Bilal Dawson is one of the hottest/popping off Instagram/YouTube creators in Toronto especially after his "This is Canada" Parody of Childish Gambino's "This is America" went viral with over 6 Million Views on 9Gag. If he's not flooding your explore page, he probably is out being the CEO of his production company DaVision Digital shooting popular GTA music videos, documentaries and other client work as he has been an independent film maker for over 6 years now. Born in Burlington but raised...


RCT EP 20: Harmanjit Khakh "Trust Your Age"

Harmanjit Khakh cannot be described by a traditional title because he prefers to be defined as someone whose purpose is to exude, live and spread positivity. Apart from being a dope/talented individual, Harman places more of an emphasis on understanding your emotional intelligence, and realizing that what you give power to affects the outcome of your day. Harman's enlightened thinking and desire to help people caused him to pursue his current program at McMaster University in Addictions...


RCT EP 19: Jo-Anne Santos "Rest & Resiliency"

Jo-Anne Santos is a self-published author who in March 2018 released the popular "Growing Wings Book". By day she is an Early Childhood Educator and by night she is a writer/author who is currently working on resources to support up and coming authors who wish to self publish. Born in Toronto, Jo-Anne always had a passion for journaling and writing from a young age and in fact, in her dedication section of her book she writes, "To the 5-year-old girl who dreamt and knew herself. You Inspired...