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Reality Breached is a Podcast about Video Games, Movies and…well, I guess we are still trying to figure that out. Things tend to get weird, enjoy…subscribe and tell your friends.

Reality Breached is a Podcast about Video Games, Movies and…well, I guess we are still trying to figure that out. Things tend to get weird, enjoy…subscribe and tell your friends.


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Reality Breached is a Podcast about Video Games, Movies and…well, I guess we are still trying to figure that out. Things tend to get weird, enjoy…subscribe and tell your friends.






Birds of Harley Quinn (Ep. 118)

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is quite a confusing name, but attached to it is a pretty good film. Here is Sergio and Reid arguing over what makes a this movie good and breaking down what being "good" even means. It gets a bit weird. Enjoy.


Wha’cha’ Playin’ 016 – A Scorch of Charmanders (Ep. 039)

It's time for another lost episode and another Wha'cha' Playin'! Life gets in the way and we have to record this one in segments. First up is Reid Walker to talk about not-video games, then Josh Alcaraz jumps on to actually fit the need of the podcast. How did ReBre get so off the rails?


JXN Spotlight: Jackson Indie Music Week 2020

Every year the Reality Breached team hits up Jackson Indie Music Week. This year, we had access to the Rock Artist Showcase at CSs. Robert Moris and Sergio Lugo II chatted it up with some of the artist slated to perform, along with some other JIMWeek personalities. Fun was had by all, and more importantly great music was heard. Check out the talent we spotlighted in this episode, The Quiet Calm, Stonewalls, Direct Current Concourse, Mr. Fluid, and Ty Trehern


Lee of “Relativity” (Ep. 117)

Relativity is an exciting Sci-Fi serial podcast written, directed by and starring Lee Shackleford. He's here to talk about the show and how this whole adventure started.


The Force Flex-Seal (Ep. 116)

Here it is, our epic-length The Rise of Skywalker episode. We didn't plan on making a 2.5 hour podcast, each of our segments just ran long. All of our experts had ALOT to say and to put it simply, opinions were mixed. So, grab a chair, and get some coffee, Rebre 116 is a long one. Note: Everything about this movie will be spoiled, so you might want to watch Episode 9 first.


Reality Breached #115 – IDW TMNT Turns 100

The IDW TMNT comic that launched in 2011 has been going strong for nearly 200 books (if you count side stories) as the ongoing comic crosses #100, we take a look at how the Turtles got to where they are today. Kyle from Discussing Comics joins us for this very special cross over episode, enjoy!


Albums of the Teens: Part 2 (Ep. 114)

Here's part 2 of our decade-spanning look at music of the teens. Alden and Sergio break down 20 of the best albums of the past 10 years in the exciting conclusion to this ReBre and dead scene kids crossover event.


Games of the Teens (Ep. 038)

Just in time for the new decade, Reality Breached's OG crew is back to tell us about their favorite games of the teens! Everything from Breath of the Wild to Metal Gear to SuperHot hits the spotlight in this special event episode. This'll also be the last "lost episode" of the year. We will see you in 2020!


Albums of the Teens: Part 1 (Ep. 114)

The decade is rapidly coming to a close, so it's time to weigh in on the Teen's contribution to music! Alden Kirkland from the dead scene kids podcast is here to talk our favorite albums of the decade.


Fredality Breached: Part 2 (Ep. 113)

Here it is, the conclusion to our 2019 Halloween Event, Fredality Breached! In this episode Sergio and his wife break down the second half of the Nightmare on Elm Street films! We cover Nightmares 5-7, Freddy vs Jason and the 2010 Reboot!


Fredality Breached: Part 1 (Ep. 113)

ReBre loves Halloween, so to celebrate the spookiest of holidays were diving into some horror films. More specifically, The Nightmare on Elm Street series. Ariel Blackwell makes her triumphant ReBre debut in the first part of our 2 part series. Fredality Breached!


JXN Spotlight: Gabe Porter of True Local Market

Download The Interview | Subscribe To Reality Breached JXN Spotlight: Gabe Porter of True Local Market Gabe Porter is a local farmer and owner of one of the coolest markets in town. Its the...


Video Game Trilogies (Ep. 037)

We're back with a brand new lost episode. This time we dive deep into Video Game Trilogies. What makes a good trilogy? What are your favorite trilogies? Can a series with 5 games have what is considered to be a trilogy? Get all your answers in this newest episode of Reality Breached!!!!


The Keanusance Part 2: Gun-Fu and Dog-Fu (Ep. 112)

Here's part 2 of our epic Keanu Reeves podcast! This time around we break down the 2 latter Matrix films, Constantine, The Lake House, 47 Ronin, Knock Knock, and the reason we gathered to do this in the first place, the John Wick Trilogy. Enjoy the Show!


JXN Spotlight: Ashlee Kelly of JXN Transplants

JXN Transplants is a podcast that bills itself as Jackson Mississippi's welcoming committee. Ashlee Kelly is the host of this wonderful cast and our ReBreachers had a chance to sit down with her and talk about life in Jackson and what it's like being a long-time college student in the capital city.


The Keanusance Part 1: Hero Keanu-Man (Ep. 112)

It's finally here, the Keanusance is upon us. We're all huge Keanu Reeves fans, and it's time for us ot appreciate everything he has given to us over the years. In this special 2-part episode the Reality Breached team will disect and review a large chunk of Keanu Reeves most popular films.


ReBre Emergency Cast – Spider-Man Leaves the MCU

With the dreaded news out of Deadline yesterday, we pull together an Emergency Podcast to discuss the real possibility of Spiderman no longer being in the MCU. We are at DefCon 1, this is not a drill!


Violence in Games (Ep. 111)

After beating around the bush for 8 years, the ReBre team finally tackles an important topic, violence in gaming. With the recent rise in mass shootings in America and the predictable scapegoating of video games, ReBre feels it necessary to talk about this often controversial topic.


A Burned Cassette (Ep. 110)

Reality Breached introduces the dead scene kids Podcast! Things go sideways immediately, and we spend the rest of the hour righting the ship. Check out the dead scene kids Podcast on, and all of your favorite podcast networks.


Embracing the Peter Tingle (Ep. 109)

Spider-man Far From Home is in theaters ushering the end of Marvel's phase 3. The ReBre is excited to talk about everything from Tony Stark's influence on the story to Jake Gyllenhaal's performance as Mysterio.