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DC Movies and More

This week Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) were unable to get together to record a new episode (so their thoughts on the DC signing of Brian Michael Bendis will have to wait until next week), so kick back and listen to an episode they recorded just in case something like this happened. With the Justice League movie coming out next week, what better time for them to talk all things DC Movies? There is a lot of DCU talk, but they also go back and talk all of the older DC movies as...


Ragmen and Revamps

This week Ronnie (@Ronbar316) answers a fan question about the new Ragman series, while Aaron (@AaronSBell) goes on a bit of a rant about what may be his new favorite DC title. Then the two of them dive deep into another listener question about character revamps. Which they've liked and which they've been a little iffy on. I know you all may find this difficult to believe, but Aaron may have had a few more dislikes than likes (even though they are all justifiably terrible). Send in your...


An Absolutely Spooooooky Episode

This week Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) went in a bit of a different direction. They decided to talk about some of their favorite Halloween themed comics. In all actuality, only one of the books they talk about has anything to do with Halloween, they're mostly just some DC horror stories. Once they finish covering those books, they answer some questions from their super awesome and 100% truthful friend Nick (who also had a terrific idea for a future episode that the boys...


Wild Storms and Heavy Metal

Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) spend a little time talking all things Dark Knights - Metal. They talk the series so far, the one shots, and the Gotham City Resistance tie ins. Want to know which of the new Batmans they prefer? It may or may not have come up, I'm honestly having a hard time remembering. Where does all this Metal talk lead? To a tangent where they talk about the Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow season premieres. There is also some talk about The Wild Storm...


Recapping NYCC 2017

NYCC was this past weekend, and with it came a LOT of DC announcements. Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) do their best to go over all the big news. From the upcoming Flash War to what's coming for Batman after Metal wraps up. From animated Constantine to Constantine coming to tv in Legends of Tomorrow. Action Comics 1000 to Wonder Woman Earth One vol 2. The 10th Anniversary of the DC Animated Universe and the 25th Anniversary of the Vertigo Imprint. And of course, the Doomsday...


Talking Titans

This week, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) decided to have a chat about one of their favorite books - Teen Titans. Not just the current run, but ALL things Titans, going back to their childhoods. They talk favorite and least favorite members, which storylines were their favorite, how they got into the Titans, etc. They even answer some listener questions not about the Teen Titans, THAT'S how committed they are! You can send all feedback to the show on twitter @DC_Absolute For...


Dumpster Fires and Rebirth Wrap-ups

On this week's full time return Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) give their full run down on all things Rebirth. Which series they love, which series they hate, which series they love to hate. Where there books they thought they'd really enjoy, but turned out to be let down by them? Books they assumed they'd dislike that are at the top of their stacks? Once they finish covering Rebirth, they tackle some questions from the twitter (@DC_Absolute). For information regarding your...


Episode 49: They're Baaaaa-aaaaack

Those Rebirthically boys are back, and better than ever!* After some time off due to busy schedules, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) decided that a re-branding was in order. Welcome to the all-new Absolute DC Podcast! Gone are the days when they will only talk DC Rebirth, now they will open the flood gates to talk anything DC related that comes to mind. From classic comics to new, to TV shows, movies, video games, etc. They're going to cover as much of it as they can. In this...


Ep 48: Who's Ready For Wonder Woman

Apparently not Ronnie (@ronbar316) and Aaron (@aaronsbell), as they both forgot to read the newest issue of the series. What did they remember to read to talk about? The Spoiler-centric issue of Detective Comics. The (maybe not as satisfying) conclusion of the latest Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns arc. The continuation of the surprise enjoyment they both find in Batgirl. Is JrJr still on Suicide Squad? How much Batman Beyond reminds them of the cartoon series. And a full recap of the...


Ep 47: Been A While

Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) are back! The guys go off the rails right off the bat as they talk about Justice League movie news and some Wonder Woman movie talk. Finally the Rebirth train gets back on track and the guys dive in over three weeks of books. Be warned as not every title is gone over in detail as the guys just talk about some of the things they enjoyed as well as the ending of THE BUTTON arc and many, many more on this all new episode of Rebirthically...


Ep 46: Backed Up For Two Weeks

Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) are back! the guys are here to talk about as many of the past two week's books as they can cram into an episode. What's become one of Aaron's top books? Who's Ronnie's standout bat family member? They finally get to The Button story, but does it live up to the hype? All that as well as Batman Beyond, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Justice League, and many, many more on this all new episode of Rebirthically...


Ep 45: Magic School Bus Ride

On this week's episode, Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) can’t get together to record. Aaron front loads the first half and does his impression of I Am Gotham and gives his thoughts on this past week's books, then passes it off to Ronnie who is suppose to follow suit. Ronnie doesn’t follow the rules like normal and calls in Darrell (@thevoice123) to have a late night DC chat about everything from Death of Superman, Breaking the Batman’s back… Judas Contract animated and what’s...


Ep 44: What Makes You Happy

On this week's episode, Aaron (@aaronsbell) is in a particularly good mood. What's the cause of this happiness? Ronnie (@ronbar316) gets the answer as they guys discuss this past week of DC Rebirth releases. Does the finale of I Am Bane live up to the hype? Were they able to drink down this issue of H2O? Will the Blind Assassin slay them again? Why must Nightwing Die? All of these questions and more are answered in the newest episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically,...


Ep 43: 5th Wednesday Power Outages?

Being a 5th Wednesday of the month, there are only a handful of books that Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Martin (@geekvine) go over. What happened to Ronnie (@ronbar316)? Well, he's there are the start, until storms knock out his internet. Once it's clear he's not coming back, Aaron and Martin talk highs and lows of Rebirth. What they hope comes in the future. What book has been coming on the strongest lately. Which book has been falling off a little?You can get in touch with the show directly...


Ep 42: All By Myself

Aaron (@aaronsbell) gives a quick take on this weeks Rebirth books, as Ronnie (@ronbar316) is in full swing with his baseball season (get it?). Lots of great reads from Detective Comics to Batgirl and the always terrific Deathstroke. In fact, Aaron doesn't have many bad things to say at all in this episode. Maybe the secret is keeping them under 30 minutes? Maybe there will be a guest on next week for the 5th week of the month? Maybe you can send in questions to the show (@NLRebirthically,...


Ep 41: Mister Mxexoplexostixandstones

This week on Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically Rebirthically@gmail.com) Aaron (@aaronsbell) laughs as Ronnie (@ronbar316) tries to pronounce Mister Mxyzptlk's name. Besides that, they go into this week's DC Rebirth releases. How does Trinity hold up now that Francis Manapul is no longer writing it? Is this the week Aaron finally drops some books that he's been threatening to drop for weeks now? Is the end coming for Ronnie's love of all things Aquaman? How fantastic was Super Sons? No,...


Ep 40: Flashbacks and Red Hoods

On the latest episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically, Rebirthically@gmail.com), Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) do what they do best, and argue over which one of them is correct in liking or not liking this past week's DC Rebirth books. What was the title they disagreed on the most? Could it be the always spectacular Deathstroke? The resurgent Wonder Woman? The super weak reveal in Action Comics? Did this just give it away? Give a listen and find out! For information...


Ep 39: Don't Fade Away

On the newest episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically, Rebirthically@gmail.com) Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) surprise themselves with how much they enjoyed two books that have been previous disappointments. Which books are they? You'll just have to listen and find out. They also go over the parallel lives of Bruce Wayne and Bane, The relationship between Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne, as well as the (as always) Fantastic issue of Superman. For information regarding your...


Ep 38: Uber Clowns

This week, Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) completely lose their minds when talking about how great Deathstroke is. The madness continues as they move the discussion to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Action Comics, Batgirl, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League of America. What causes their descent into madness? Could it be the new art team on Suicide Squad? Was it Creepy Clark Kent (editor's note - see episode 38 - AB)? Tune in to...


Ep 37: Switching Places

This week Aaron (@aaronsbell) calls Ronnie (@ronbar316) chat it up about some of the books that came out this past week. Is there a moment or two that the guys switch stances on a book or two? What Earth is this? The guys also talk about DC’s new “Rebirth” of The Wild Storm. What did they think of the first issue? With Ronnie having not read or remember anything from the 90’s series... is his obsessive comic book reading over new/old things work with this title? What does Aaron feel will get...