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Witness & Lancaster with Staci Layne Wilson & Matt Fahnestock | RRH #102

Red River Horror Founder Eddie Caiazzo brings with him two very special guests to celebrate the remastering of a fantastic film from the 1980s -- "Witness" Staci Layne Wilson, a regular contributor to Red River Horror, was recruited as the film historian tasked with creating a visual essay packaged with the brand new 4K UHD re-release of the film. Matt Fahnestock from Discover Lancaster brings us local knowledge from where the majority of "Witness" takes place, including places you can visit from the film. Did you know the phone booth that Harrison Ford used still exists in Intercourse, PA? Learn all that and so much more in episode 102 of the Red River Horror podcast. Important Links from this Podcast: Purchase the Limited Edition 4K UHD Release of WitnessDISCOVER LANCASTERLoKal Experiences


Happy Halloween! | RRH #101

Happy Halloween, everybody -- from our Red River Horror family to yours. Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo talk about the frights and flicks that made up their Halloween 2023 season, and how to make next year even better.


Red River Horror 100th Episode (The Clip Show) | RRH #100

Come along and celebrate 100 episodes with Red River Horror! Host Joe Zakrzewski puts together some great moments that have transpired with some great guests over the course of three years and 100 episodes. Has it really been 100 trips down the Channels of Fear? You bet! Hear the celebration featuring some of our top guests like Daniel Farrands, Courtney Gains, Olivia Luccardi, Jeffrey Reddick and one of the latest members of the Radio Hall of Fame -- Steve Morrison. Thanks for joining us for the ride, as we continue to travel down the next 100 Channels of Fear.


KING ON SCREEN - Interview with Director Daphné Baiwir | RRH #99

Someone has FINALLY put a documentary together gathering horror master Stephen King's stories that have been adapted to television and the silver screen. What's it called? KING ON SCREEN. Who made this new film? The great Daphné Baiwir, of course! On episode 99 of the Red River Horror podcast, Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo speak with Baiwair about wrangling up the directors that have adapted Stephen King's works and brought to the screen some of the most popular stories ever told. KING ON SCREEN will be in Theaters on August 11th and available On Demand and Blu-Ray on September 8th, 2023.


Mary Gallagher Talks Philly & Her Film HOLISTAY | RRH #98

In episode 98 of the Red River Horror podcast, filmmaker Mary Gallagher speaks with Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo about her brand new film HOLISTAY out now on VOD. Gallagher was also a longtime reporter in the city of Philadelphia, so naturally Joe and Eddie have to know about her favorite local haunts, the film industry and anything else related to the city Red River Horror calls home. Watch the HOLISTAY trailer. Watch HOLISTAY on Amazon.


Horror Preview & Movies with Stephen Beason | RRH #97

Summer has arrived and it's time to preview all the horror that awaits with the newest member of the Red River Horror team -- Stephen Beason!


Tubi or Not Tubi? | RRH #96

Tubi, the free-of-charge entertaining streaming app, continues to create and purchase more original content in the world of horror. Every time a Tubi Original project arrives, the great media team over there reaches out to keep the Red River Horror family informed. In episode 96 of the Red River Horror podcast, Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo take a peek to uncover the horror scene on the underrated streaming app.


Scream VI - Where Does it Rank? | RRH #95

The Scream franchise is held near-and-dear to the hearts of podcast host Joe Zakrzewski and Red River Horror founder Eddie Caiazzo. They've mentioned several times throughout the history of the Red River Horror podcast how important these films are to them. With a new Scream trilogy in-progress, Joe Z and Eddie C. review the latest installment -- Scream VI -- and place it in the order they see it respectively with regard to the other films in the franchise. Joe D. from Different Take is also there in spirit as he provided his ranking and notes for each movie. Put the Jiffy Pop on the stove and get ready to SCREAM!


Evil Dead Rise - Red River Horror Pt. 3 - RRH #94

We laughed, we cried, we bled...and we awarded some boats. The Red River Horror team goes to the theater to see Evil Dead Rise. If you have yet to see the film, DO NOT listen to this episode -- it is full of spoilers. Thanks for taking this journey with us through the Evil Dead franchise, as the team concludes their thoughts and rates the new film. "Hail to the king, baby!"


Evil Dead - Red River Horror Pt. 2 | RRH #93

Evil Dead Rise is DEADLY close, and Joe and Eddie want to celebrate a generation of Deadites that sprung up at a "Cabin in the Woods" for the first time some 40+ years ago. This episode (Pt. 2), will cover Evil Dead (2013), Ash vs. the Evil Dead, Evil Dead Rise and so much more. Longtime friend Steve Feese from Keystone Retro is along for the ride bringing not only his knowledge of the series, but what collectibles to look out for if you are the ultimate Evil Dead fan. Grab your boomstick and hunker down for a Red River Horror celebration of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and all things Evil Dead. "Groovy!"


Evil Dead - Red River Horror Pt. 1 | RRH #92

Evil Dead Rise is ALMOST here, and Joe and Eddie want to celebrate a generation of Deadites that sprung up at a "Cabin in the Woods" for the first time some 40+ years ago. There's so much Evil Dead love, Red River Horror fans will be treated to a celebration of the franchise in two parts. This episode (Pt. 1), will cover The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. Longtime friend Steve Feese from Keystone Retro is along for the ride in both episodes also bringing not only his knowledge of the series, but what collectibles to look out for if you are the ultimate Evil Dead fan. Grab your boomstick and hunker down for a Red River Horror celebration of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and all things Evil Dead. "Groovy!"


Shane Cashman Interview in The Inverted World | RRH #91

Have Joe and Eddie found gold? In Georgia!? Well...not exactly. But, podcaster and author Shane Cashman heads down south to the Peach state to write an article about lost gold from the Civil War, and ends up returning with tales of demons, ghosts, witches and even UFOs. What was supposed to be an article turned into the new book Tales From the Inverted World: Ghosts of the Civil War. Cashman shares some of his stories from his trek to Washington, GA with the Red River Horror podcast in a not-to-miss journey down the Channels of Fear.


What’s Good, What’s Bad - Q1 Horror of 2023 | RRH #90

The Red River Horror podcast returns with Joe and Eddie talking about the good, the bad and the ugly to close Q1 in horror for 2023. Joe also heads to Reddit (Dreaddit?) to ask Eddie some genre questions posed in the platform.


The Last of Us on TV | RRH #89

Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo finally bring their good friend and artist Joe Griffin (@joeillustrated) on the pod to discuss HBO Max's rendition of The Last of Us. Joe Z. has been mentioning Joe G. on the program for quite a while and we finally get a chance to talk to him.


They’re Here...Again! | RRH #88

After a sabbatical of sorts, Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo return for the Red River Horror podcast. But, they didn't want to bring the show back alone, so they brought in one of the best in the horror biz to kickoff the new year of shows -- STACI LAYNE WILSON! Joe, Eddie and Staci catch up on the year that was 2022 in horror, and look forward to 2023 as the genre kicks off it's slate of TV shows, movies and books. There's another killer doll in the mix courtesy of James Wan, and also Staci's next book Rock & Roll Nightmares: True Stories, Volume 2 coming in January 2023. Grab Rock & Roll Nightmares: True Stories, Volume 1 here while you're waiting for the sequel to drop in a few days. It's a new year with new Channels of Fear. Buckle up and get ready for an energetic welcome to horror's new year.


Halloween Movies - Try This, Not That Pt. 2 | RRH #86

It's the stunning conclusion to Joe and Eddie's "Watch This, Not That" October Horror viewing schedule. It's 31 Days of Halloween where the gents offer different movie suggestions for the different days of the month. Sit back, relax and listen for the flicks selected to be viewed October 16 - October 31, 2022.


Red Rooms Director Joshua Butler Interview, FirstGlance Philly Giveaway - RRH #87

The limited web series Red Rooms will have its debut at FirstGlance Philadelphia Film Festival 25 on Friday, October 14, 2022 at the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. Director Joshua Butler dishes to Red River Horror on his latest project Red Rooms that will kickoff the slate of films on night one of the fest with the red carpet premiere of episode three -- "Be Honest." Want to walk the red carpet and watch the Red Rooms premiere with Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo from Red River Horror? Email with the subject line RED ROOMS and put the word PHILLY CHICK BROOKE in the body of the email and we'll select one winner who will receive two (2) tickets. Why PHILLY CHICK BROOKE? Because friend of the show and Philly native Brooke Lewis Bellas produced and stars in Red Rooms and wants horror fans in her hometown to have the red carpet experience!


Halloween Movies - Try This, Not That Pt. 1 | RRH #86

There are lots of "31 Days of Halloween" lists out there -- and that's a beautiful thing! We love all of them. We get so excited for those kind of lists we even made our own with Red October in 2018 and Red October II in 2021. Doctor Halloween even provided his list to Red River Horror in 2020 - Part 1 and Part 2. In episode 86 of the Red River Horror, Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo provide a new movie to watch related to in style, but not quite the same as 2021's Red October II. Here are some more flicks that cover October 1-15, 2022. Happy "Spooky Season" to all, folks!


”The Ghost Lights” Interview with Director Timothy Stevens | RRH #85

As Red River Horror celebrates five years, it's time for the interviews to begin again! This week's podcast features Timothy Stevens -- writer and director of the brand new film The Ghost Lights. Joe and Eddie speak with Stevens about conspiracies, urban legends, myths ...and of course his new film in which "a new X-File opens" (as one of the promotional announcements for the film states). See the trailer for The Ghost Lights in Red River Horror's August 2022 Horror Preview. Catch The Ghost Lights out NOW on Amazon.


Joe Goes To Concerts, Loves Anthologies & Watches ”Prey” | RRH #84

Red River Horror podcast host Joe Zakrzewski sees a boatload of musical artists (in the horror space) all in one concert. American Horror Stories returns...and Joe loves anthologies. RRH founder Eddie Caiazzo loves the slow burn horror film, but not the depressing slow burn horror film. Visit for all the latest articles, movie reviews and other horror content.