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What Does ”SCREAM” Mean to You? | RRH #71

Scream 5 (simply titled Scream) is the franchise's return to the big screen. This latest installment is the first film in the series without horror legend Wes Craven in the director's chair and that prompts Joe and Eddie to explain what Ghost Face, Sidney and the gang mean to them. Is SCREAM perhaps the best franchise in the slasher subgenre of horror? What does SCREAM mean to you?


Happy Horror New Year 2022 | RRH #70

While 2021 provided some wonderful scares, it's onward to 2022! Movie theaters are open again, and while Candyman, Jigsaw, Michael Myers, Godzilla and Kong had their first-run streaming debuts last year, Ghost Face will make her (or his) return to the big screen this year! Let the new year of horror BEGIN!


The Horror in Christmas | RRH #69

Merry Christmas! Joe and Eddie talk about some scary (and not so scary) horror flicks surrounding the holiday season.


Ghostbusters: Afterlife | RRH #68

The Red River Horror team are all HUGE fans of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters. With a so/so sequel that Gen X hates, a 2016 reboot that most everyone (except for kids) hates -- how does Ghostbusters: Afterlife fare? Joe and Eddie share their thoughts.


Halloween Kills Marinated | RRH #67

Red River Horror's Joe Z. and Eddie C...did not like Halloween Kills. But, that's OK! They've given it more than a month to marinate before sharing their thoughts publicly. While many Halloween fans enjoyed Kills, episode 67 of the RRH podcast roasts the latest installment of the franchise.


Red River Joe UNRAVELs with Spektra Pulse | RRH #66

There's a new type of haunted attraction, and it can be found right in Red River Horror's home city of Philadelphia, PA. RRH podcast host Joe Zakrzewski (@RedRiverJoe) got to experience it -- all a secret location right here in the City of Brotherly Love. Welcome to Joe's tale of Spektra Pulse's UNRAVEL; an immersive horror experience.


Along Comes Scary Audio from Jennifer Knighton | RRH #65

The Audio-streams continue down the Channels of Fear as Eddie Caiazzo catches up with with audiobook narrator Jennifer Knighton on her latest release Rock & Roll Nightmares: Along Comes Scary: '60s Edition Short Stories. Why is Eddie's favorite number 27 so important? Find out in the music, humor and horror from musical horror tales set in the 1960s!


Songs of the (Halloween) Season | RRH #64

Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo speak frequently about music on the Red River Horror podcast. This week, they enlist the help of Melissa Caiazzo to formulate the perfect song selection for spooky season. But, this isn't your typical Halloween playlist. This episode gets into songs ranging from Halloween radio classics, movie themes and soundtracks, genre artists and much more.


Zombie Dave‘s ”As Good As Dead” | RRH #63

As Zombie Dave Reda's new short film As Good As Dead hits the festival circuit, Red River Horror's Joe and Eddie learn all about the film, the indie filmmaking process, and yes...ZOMBIES!


Gory Days with Andy Garrison | RRH #62

Spooky season continues with another great audiobook for your listening pleasure -- Rock & Roll Nightmares: Gory Days: '80s Edition Short Stories. Andy Garrison, the narrator of Gory Days was kind enough to spend some time talking about the book, and his full-time gig as an acting coach and owner of the Actor Training Studio in Kansas City, MO. Don't let these gory days pass you by in the wink of a young girl's eye, boss -- enjoy the show!


Red October Part 2 | RRH #61

Red River Horror providing their own 31 Days of Halloween film list? Yes. It's called Red October, 2021 -- "We'll do it live!" On episode 61 of the Red River Horror podcast, Joe and Eddie put on their first live broadcast with help from their buddy Joe D from the Different Take YouTube Channel. The goal? To give YOU a movie to watch each day in the the month of October. Pull up your calendar and be ready to jot down what you'll be watching this spooky season. RED OCTOBER...


Turn on the Tele‘ | RRH #60

Media consumption this time of year goes heavy on the horror movies. But, what about the TV shows? This week on the Red River Horror podcast, Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo discuss some exciting horror TV shows, some of which are debuting this spooky season. Grab the clicker, turn on the tube and settle in for some great shows on the Small Screen.


Preparation (H)alloween | RRH #59

As Spooky Season inches closer, you need to be prepared. Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo give you some of the tools to prep for October-including your film viewing, your costume, and which haunted attraction to visit.


Rock n‘ Roll! Do You Fear Audio Like We Do? | RRH #58

When you're traveling the Channels of Fear, it's important to explore something new. For the first time on the Red River Horror podcast, Joe and Eddie welcome two audiobook narrators and voice actors to the program -- Vincent Lee Grayson and Lillian Yves -- to speak about their latest release Do You Fear Like We Do: Rock & Roll Nightmares: '70s Edition Short Stories. If you like sex, drugs, a lotta Rock n' Roll, with some nightmarish evil thrown in, then your earbuds have come to the right...


Say it to the Mirror | RRH #57

Let's not let Candyman have all the fun with mirrors! As Candyman (2021) receives its much anticipated theatrical release, Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo talk about some other creepy things you can see and summon through a mirror. If the eyes are a window to the soul, a mirror is a window to your bloody end.


Oh the Horror! With Steve Morrison | RRH #56

Steve Morrison loves horror movies. In the mornings, he's busy on one of the most popular radio shows in the country -- Preston and Steve. But, when the sun goes down, it's clear Morrison is invested in the many things that go bump in the night. So...which horror movies does Steve like? Find out that and so much more about the radio legend in episode 56 of the Red River Horror podcast with Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo.


Pumpkin Spiced | RRH #55

All hopped up on pumpkin coffee, Joe and Eddie start to think about the fall season and all of the great flavors that come with it. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin coffee, maple glaze, cinnamon sugar, and most importantly pumpkin beer. Grab your flannel shirt and your favorite mug. Prepare to be PUMPKIN SPICED!


Play it Again, Angus! | RRH #54

Getting nostalgic? Host Joe Zakrzewski and RRH founder Eddie Caiazzo feel like going back and watching some horror flicks they enjoy. Why? When the pandemic (and the podcast) began, Joe and Eddie's first goal was to watch all five Phantasm films. After finally seeing the entire saga...they want to watch it, and many other horror films, all over again.


Who You Gonna Call? | RRH #53

"Who you gonna call" -- Joe and Eddie from Red River Horror? Probably not, but they are calling up the latest Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer to see if it could really be as good as it looks. After Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters (2016), could Afterlife be the sequel OG fans like Joe and Eddie were truly looking for?


A Year in Review in the Channels of Fear | RRH #52

Did Red River Horror really release one episode every week for 52 weeks straight? YES! Pod host Joe Zakrzewski and RRH founder Eddie Caiazzo break down the interviews, films and stories that made up the podcast's first full year. Which horror movie is THE favorite of the stars? Which interview was Joe and Eddie's favorite? Red River Horror makes the (local) news? It's all here! Thanks for celebrating one year in the Channels of Fear.