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Anthony from The Bronx, Arnie from Puerto Rico, Geoff from the U.K., Ozzy from Cuba and Paul from Canada chat about video games both old and new.

Anthony from The Bronx, Arnie from Puerto Rico, Geoff from the U.K., Ozzy from Cuba and Paul from Canada chat about video games both old and new.


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Anthony from The Bronx, Arnie from Puerto Rico, Geoff from the U.K., Ozzy from Cuba and Paul from Canada chat about video games both old and new.




Our Unusual Top Picks For Couch Co-op!

Kelly, Arnaldo, Anthony, and Paul are working together toward a common goal today: talking about our top picks for couch co-op video games! After discussing odds on Mario carrying the torch in the upcoming olympics and our preferred co-op gaming partners, Anthony gets the ball rolling with A Way Out (19:00). Paul is up next with oft ported arcade oddball Gain Ground (35:00) followed by wizard abuse simulator, Trine (57:00). Kelly keeps the party going with Children Of Morta (1:07:00) and...


What Have We Been Playing? Nier Replicant, Astro's Playroom, Cat Quest, and more!

Arnaldo, Kelly, and Paul are joined by special guest from the future, Luke (@lukelikesgames on Instagram!) to talk about what video games we've been playing lately. Kelly starts us off with Sayonara Wild Hearts (12:30) and Nier Replicant (27:00). Luke is up next with Astro's Playroom (37:00) and Maquette (49:30). Arnie chips in with Tearaway (1:04:30), Cat Quest (1:13:50) and Earthbound (1:26:15). Paul rounds things up with video game tire fire, Time And Eternity (1:34:00), and the...


The Best And Worst Of Video Games Based On Movies

Today it's Geoff, Arnaldo, and Paul bringing you the best and worst (there's a lot of worst!) video games based on movies. The guys start out talking about when and why movies largely translate into bad video games (13:00) before Arnie rescues us with some picks for actual good games based on movies, including The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Scarface, and The Warriors for PS2 (26:30). Paul is up next with Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves for the NES and Super Star Wars for the SNES...


The Arcade 1up Takeover

Live from ATgames headquarters, Paul, Anthony, and Arnaldo are here to talk about the home arcade revolution! After a little catching up we start out talking about our earliest memories of the arcade and all the weird places we played arcade games at (21:00). Of course, it would be odd to talk about arcades without talking about the titan of arcades worldwide for the better part of a decade, Street Fighter II (38:00), followed by the overall decline of the arcade (47:30). Arcade 1up and the...


What Have We Been Playing? Loop Hero, Samurai Shodown, Moonwalker, and more!

Today it's Anthony, Paul, and extra special guest, Patron from Day 1 or possibly 3, Jay Berrones, talking about what video games we've been playing lately! After some discussion about swearing in other languages and people enjoying their accents a bit too much, Paul starts off talking about surprise PC hit, Loop Hero (15:30) before moving on to Total War: Shogun 2 (32:30) and Initial D: Extreme Stage (47:00). Jay is up next with Turbografx-16 classic Vigilante (1:04:00) followed by Pixeljunk...


Super Mario World! The Vacation Gone Right

Arnaldo, Kelly, Geoff and Anthony are extremely excited today to talk about arguably the greatest platforming video game ever made, Super Mario World! After catching up, the crew talks about the team responsible for Super Mario World and their own varied experiences with the game (10:50). The story, game mechanics and all the cool suits are up next (48:00). The show is rounded out with a discussion about the game's critical reception, legacy, and where we all think it ranks in the pantheon...


Why Didn't The PlayStation Vita Succeed?

Kelly, Arnaldo, Anthony, and Paul, are alone on Vita Island today talking about the underrated portable game system that almost could, the PlayStation Vita! After Arnie shares his story of getting Johnny Yong Bosch to sign a game he wasn't in, we start talking about the pre-Vita hype (17:00) and then the launch itself (36:00). Our anger at Sony rears its righteous head as we talk about the various reasons the Vita flopped (1:05:50) but we end the show on a fun note as we talk about our...


What Have We Been Playing? Persona 5 Strikers, Jurrasic World Evolution, A Short Hike, and more!

Arnaldo, Kelly, and Geoff are on deck today to talk about what video games they've been playing lately! At first, after catching up with some general video game and pandemic chat, Geoff gets the ball rolling with Jak and Daxter (14:50) followed by grooming raptors for killing guests in Jurassic World Evolution (22:40). Kelly chooses from among the obscene amount of games she's finished so far this year and comes up with Persona 5 Strikers (33:25), Octopath Traveler (45:45) and AI: The...


Rare: The Episode Where We Actually Praise The N64!

The Ultra Combo of Arnaldo, Kelly, Paul, and Geoff are diving into British video gaming royalty with a retrospective on Rare! After catching up with the madness of 8 player Killer Queen Black on the Switch and the relentless harassment of Duolinguo (5:30), we start the topic of the day with a look at Rare's early history in video game development (15:30) and their dive into the venerable Nintendo Entertainment System (34:00) followed by the SNES (44:40). The legendary Rare N64 catalogue is...


Did It Ever Get Better Than Chrono Trigger?

Today Arnaldo and Paul welcome previous guest and new member of the RFG rotation, Kelly (sierranight) to talk about what is commonly considered one of the best video games of all time, Chrono Trigger! After a brief interlude into the world of phallic Personas, the crew starts off talking about their first experiences with Chrono Trigger, including how unimpressed Paul was (14:45). For a glimpse into Arnaldo's terrible taste in game mechanics, look no further than (36:20) and his disdain for...


Why Did These Game Franchises Fail?

Arnaldo, Paul and Geoff are joined by RFG podcaster emeritus Ozzy Garcia for a special Patron request episode discussing why various video game franchises have failed! After rightly embarrassing Ozzy for his love of the Filet O' Fish, we start off with Patron Joao's first suggestion, Final Fight, and its not very streetwise descent into mediocrity (8:50). The disappearance of the lovable, pettable fuzzies of Bloody Roar are up next (43:40) and the show is concluded by our discussion of Wave...


What Have We Been Playing? Ratchet And Clank, Fire Emblem, Rocket Slime, and more!

Today, Geoff, Arnaldo, and Paul talk about what video games they've been playing lately! Paul starts things off with Oxygen Not Included (8:15) and bizarre DS cult favourite, Rocket Slime (28:30). Geoff is up next with a few quick hits including Hades and Dark Souls 3 (41:00) followed by Fire Emblem: Three Houses (47:00) and Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (1:01:20). Arnie wraps things up with a bucketful of Ratchet And Clank games (1:12:40) and one of the more surprising franchise...


The Bad Video Games We Adore, Part 2: Adore Harder!

Today it's Paul, Arnaldo, and Geoff on deck with another choice selection of the best/worst video games ever offered! After some catching up with dogs and horrible house odors, Geoff starts us off with the classic Die Hard Trilogy for the PS1 and Saturn (13:00). Paul is up next with Die Hard Trilogy's video game spirit animal, Technocop on the Genesis (28:15) followed by Arnie with a mouthful of Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries Of Fujisawa (45:45). The parade of delightful mediocrity continues with...


How Team 17 Revolutionized The Indie Genre

Today Geoff and Paul are joined by special guest and artist extraordinaire, Ryan Medlock (@videogamebear on Instagram) to talk about arguably the most successful British gaming developer and publisher, Team 17! First we catch up with Ryan and get some of his favourite platforming picks before heading into the Amiga era (of course!) and the birth of Team 17 (15:00). We talk about Alien Breed and some of their other earlier efforts (31:00) before moving on to the game that launched a thousand...


2020 Year In Video Games!

Today Arnaldo, Ozzy, Anthony, and Paul are here to celebrate the end of a miserable year in general, but a pretty good year for video games! The guys start the show catching up and talking about a bizarre year before getting on to the never confusing favourite non-2020 video game of 2020 including classics like Dark Souls and wish-they-were-classics like Chibi Robo (32:30). Some of our video game disappointments of 2020 are up next (54:00) followed by our picks for 2020 video game of the...


WCW/nWo/RFG Revenge! An Early History Of Wrestling Games

In our most personally anticipated episode of the year, Arnaldo, Ozzy, Geoff, and Paul talk about the wrestling video games they grew up with and which ones managed to climb the ladder and grab the championship belt! We start off talking about our early experiences watching wrestling (04:30) followed by the earliest 8-bit wrestling games featuring King Slender and Doctor Guildo (15:00). A discussion of our favourite wrestlers comes next (The Rock may or may not be mentioned) (40:30) followed...


How Final Fantasy IV Changed RPGs Forever

Today Arnaldo, Geoff, and Paul are joined by special guest Chris Coplien of the Retro Hangover Podcast to talk about our (mostly!) favourite RPG of the 16-bit era, Final Fantasy IV! We start off the show getting to know Chris and discuss his time flying in airplanes for a living and sneaking around on the Big Shell (2:30), followed by an intro to Final Fantasy IV and our experiences with this superlative video game (15:30). The all-star team of developers is up next along with their stories...


The Next Generation Of Gaming Is Here!

Today Arnaldo, Geoff, Anthony and Paul talk about the release of the next generation of video game consoles, including the Xbox Series X, the Playstation 5, and the Nintendo Game & Watch! We really did actually get immediately distracted by the Game & Watch before getting to business with Anthony's hatred of UPS, our experiences trying to purchase these systems, and Anthony's surprising experience with the improved performance of the XBSX (04:00). Next we talk about what Microsoft will have...


What Have We Been Playing? Star Wars: Squadrons, 13 Sentinels, Firewatch and more!

Today Arnaldo and Paul are joined by special guest James Moller (@pintsandplatformers on instagram) to chat about what video games we have been playing lately! Arnaldo starts us off with the terrified teenagers of Until Dawn (16:30), followed by Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (24:30), and the toothbrush wielding Chibi Robo (30:30). James is up next with the stress of Darkest Dungeon (43:00), Supergiant's artful gem Transistor (47:30), and not-a-peeing-simulator Firewatch (55:00). Paul closes...


Dark Souls - Miyazaki's Beautiful Twisted Masterpiece

For this Halloween-centric episode, Ozzy is joined by Geoff and Arnie, with special guest Josh (a/k/a @NinjaArtorias on Instagram) to discuss the game of the decade that was Dark Souls. The crew goes for a deep dive on FromSoftware's beloved title, exploring its story and lore, the beauty of its gameplay loop and the type of imprint they believe the game will leave behind. It is a super fun episode with knights, dragons and more souls talk than you can shake your hilt at. Visit...