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We're an almost weekly podcast that looks at nerd culture, focusing mostly on cartoons, comic book films, and horror movies, and more. We're just starting our 4th year and are excited to have moved to PodBean.

We're an almost weekly podcast that looks at nerd culture, focusing mostly on cartoons, comic book films, and horror movies, and more. We're just starting our 4th year and are excited to have moved to PodBean.


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We're an almost weekly podcast that looks at nerd culture, focusing mostly on cartoons, comic book films, and horror movies, and more. We're just starting our 4th year and are excited to have moved to PodBean.








134 the gough and the hilarious!

NOTES Originally recorded July 11th and July 13th of 2021 Making his sixth appearance on the podcast is our friend from down under GOUGH! We catch up from the last year and talk about his new short comedy film Book Club, his new podcast, and how he survived the last year of the pandemic. Then John finishes it up with some stupid questions. QUOTES "Is it weird that I really want to see him get insulin injections?" -John "Everybody has the capability to be a jerk." -gough META-PLOT...


133 Godzilla vs Kong

NOTES To start off Frank and John do a little housekeeping and discuss the current release schedule of the podcast. Then we talk about the Monsterverse and cinematic universes and their potential future. Frank then runs down the plot of the film, and John and he discusses their thoughts on certain plot elements used in the movie. Up next they dive into the characters, and their relationships to each other, and to the monster. Then they discuss the fights between Godzilla and Kong and how...


132: The Lost Episode: Tremors

NOTES We originally recorded this episode in June 2020. Because of various circumstances, many of which are personal and touched on in Episode 129, we could not release until now. I hope you enjoy it. Frank and John go over the Tremors franchise, a series of movies that Frank enjoys, and John, well, listen to see Johns's thoughts about it. They discuss the problems with the franchise, issues with the overall treatment of certain stereotypes, and what makes an episode of the podcast a John...


131 Sweet Home

Notes John and Frank chat about the Netflix series Sweet Home. They briefly talk about the plot and then go over the characters, the differences between the series and the Webtoon it's based on, and their thoughts about both. Quotes "He's not just a cop, he's a dirty a cop." "My problem with the romance in the comic is, it's very tropy." Metaplot John advertises it's newest product: Twistes Desire Curse. Credits Episode 131: Sweet Home Produced by: Relevant to Our Interests Hosts:...


130 Gyo

Notes: Recorded on April 11th 2021 Frank and John dive into Junji Ito's Gyo. Frank talks about the plot. Then he dives into the themes: Discussing WMDs and the ecological horror they can bring, as well as the constant escalation between powers. Frank discusses scientific hubris and ethics. Then he discusses the carnival that appears later in the story and its relation to the idea of worshiping weapons and violence. John discusses the plot structure and the work’s emotional themes and...


Episode 129: WI We're Back! (Again)

Frank and John are back. After ten horrible months, we sit down and chat about life in 2020. Frank opens up a bit about his horrible year. Frank talks about where he wants to take the podcast in the future. Then the guys discuss upcoming and current projects. There's sadness, hope, and dosage of the usual shenanigans. Yazmine's Twitch Channel is here. John and Richard Sander's upcoming project together can be found here at Black Ocean Books. You can read some of Frank's writing on...


128 gough dammit!

NOTES Originally recorded May 10th gough it back to chat about his latest film How to Treat Women. We chat about that, how things are down in Australia with the coronavirus, plus a whole lot more. And gough answers some amazingly stupid questions. We get to find out what gough's drunk food is. Quotes "A Chupucabra!" -John Meta-plot [Bored out of their mind gough appears to help alleviate the guys boredom, only for Frank to forget it all happened. Turns out he's been using the mind ball...


127 Uzumaki

Notes Originally recorded April 20th 2020 We talk about Junji Ito's masterpiece: Uzumaki. Frank goes over the overall plot. Then they dive into their thoughts about the manga including how the horror themes are conveyed through the art and the writing, and how it measures up as a cosmic horror story. They then discuss the "lost" chapter and how it fits into the story and the problem it causes to the overall story if it had been included. They also talk about how the story being contained in...


126 WI: We're Back

Notes Originally Recorded April 14, 2020 Frank talks about this past winter, and the current state of the podcast with his day job, and the corona-virus pandemic. Then we dive into a recent Jimquisition about spoilers that John shared recently on Facebook, and our thoughts about both that video and spoilers. We also discuss, briefly, Junji Ito's work and the manga Uzumaki (which the next episode is all about). We then jump into the current games that we're playing. John's playing Animal...


125 What's Interesting, The Lost Episode.

Notes Originally Recorded January 7th, 2020 In this lost episode of the podcast Frank and John talk about the fires in Australia. Then they go over their thoughts briefly on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. John and Frank talk about the video games that have been dominating their free time: Borderlands 3, Graveyard Keeper, Grandia, and the Sinking City. John discusses our friend, Richard Sanders, new small press publishing house and some upcoming projects that he's working with Richard on....


124 Rare Exports

notes Frank and John talk about the Christmas Horror movie, Rare Exports, and the two companion shorts Rare Exports Inc. and Rare Exports Safety Instructions. They go through the plot and their thoughts about the film. Then they dive into the themes of Christmas as a commodity and the idea of violence in black Friday. It's on to final observations, specifically with the can do, and make do nature of the village that is the setting of the film. Finally it's our final thoughts. quotes -"I...


123 WI Playstation

NOTES: Frank talks about one of his favorite consoles: the original Sony Playstation. He talks about some of his favorite games. John talks about some recent Switch pick ups. Frank and John give a shout out to See You Next Tuesday podcast. Frank also gives a shout out to the Not Religious podcast and shout out of the Darkside of Hive podcast that is releasing next month. Finally John's Bad Advice. JOHN'S BAD ADVICE Student loan debt is good debt? -Ki F · What kind of sauce should I use for...


122 WI Tales of a Chemical S--t Storm

NOTES: Frank and John sit down for a pre/post Thanksgiving episode. John gives us the low-down on his health issues. Frank talks about the Google Stadia train-wreck and streaming services. John waxes poetic about Chthulhu Wars the board-game while Frank waxes poetic about the Call of Cthulhu Starter Box. Frank talks about the one thing he really enjoys about Disney+ so far. John talks about the Good Place and British Panel shows. And the guys give thanks. Plus John's Bad Advice. JOHN'S BAD...


121 The Dark Crystal - Series

Notes: Frank and John discuss the first season of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. They give a synopsis and discussion on the plot, with comments and thoughts about the puppetry and vocal performances. Then they dive into themes: Frank talks about classicism and revolution, which is at the forefront of the series thematically. The guys also discuss the them of environmentalism and natural resources. Finally John talks about the idea of shirking's one's duties as well the tragedy of the...


120 wi smorgasbord of Geek

notes Frank talks about what's going on with the podcast, and the corn maze. John gives us an update on his health and his surgery. Frank reviews IfPW #4 on Comixology John comes out as non-binary Frank and John talk about Spider-Man being back in the MCU and Kevin Fiege becoming CCO for Marvel. John talks about his visit to Evermore, a new theme park in Pleasantgrove Utah. Frank talks about the author and YouTuber Seth Skorkowsky's Youtube Channel and his plans for a Fate game and Call of...


119 The Dark Crystal - Film

Notes Frank and John tackle the Dark Crystal. Frank gives a quick run down of the plot. John and Frank then discuss the films characterizations and some of the plotting. They then discuss some of the conventions that appear in the film that are dated. They also discuss some of the limitations of the film. They then shift gears to talk about the Hero's Journey: Frank then gives an overview of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, with commentary provided by John. Then they dive into a...


118 What's Interesting: Comics, Video Games

Notes: After an unintended hiatus the we’re back! Frank gives an intro and a shout out to new followers here on PodBean in a short intro. Then he gives a shout out to Blake and Brian from the Not Religious Podcast to start things off. Frank then talks gives a review of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, a comic written By: Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions with art by Dan Schkade. John talks about the web-comic Kill Six Billion Demons. Then it’s back to Frank to...


117 The Boys Season One

notes The Boys season one is the topic of this episode. We're joined by Chris Thames of Christopher Case Photography and we go through the plot of the series. Frank does some comparison with the comics as they go, and points out some of the many differences. They then talk about the themes: The idea of the self of the brand. Don't meet your heroes, including some celebrity encounters in the past. Using the admiration of individuals as a means of influence. There's a lot to unpack here, and...


116 3Below Season 2

notes 3Below season 2 is tackled on this episode of the podcast. After going through the major plot points Frank and John dive into the themes and discuss how this series takes on the theme of sacrifice from the perspective of accepting others sacrifice. Then we get personal when we discuss about accepting your parents as mortal. Finally we touch on the theme of forgiveness and the process that it entails during the series with several of the characters. Then we talk some observations and...


115 Stranger Things 3 JHWYL

notes John tears into the third season of Stranger Things, we touch on the plot points and the good and bad factors of each. Then we discuss themes, including the ordeal of change, the fear of the other and bullying. John goes over the problems he has with the characters of Hopper and Billy. Then it's observations: 80's action flick! There's a lot of problems to the tone and plotting that the Duffer's have to this genre, and John touches on several of them. For instance: how cliched the...