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Episode 17: 1993

1993 was a big year for a popular radio personality, beginning in New York, and witnessed the demise of many beloved performers. Skirt lengths were unrestricted, and the grunge look hits hard! It also began the love of writing for a young boy in Tasmania, Australia, and we have the honor of speaking with him on this episode! As you listen, visit Craig Shepherd's website and follow him on Twitter! He would love contributions to his writing foray! Tweet him...


Episode 16: 2012

In 2012 we survived the end of the world, lost the voice of an angel, and got our Star Wars hopes set high. Mars becomes a bit less foreign, we learn a horsey ride that would sweep the world, and mommies fell in love with a billionaire named Christian. Listen to our very special interview with Dee Doanes, artist and photographer extraordinaire, and listen as she shares her unique perspective on health, wellness, the outdoors, and even green tea! She is a self exclaimed "tree hugger in...


Episode 15: 1840

Why 1840, you ask? Listen as Mattie Garcia tells us an amazing, heartfelt story about his first trip out to sea-and how a book shaped his dreams.


Episode 14: Special Interest Topic

Listen to two very intelligent and passionate women speak about their convictions about the topic of adoption. Each will tell her own story. Also, visit one of our guest's own podcast at


Episode 13: 1949

Listen as we take a trip back to 1949 and talk about how and when the term "Murphy's Law" was coined. Tiphaine Boyer tells us two stories that epitomize the term. This episode includes a transcript for the interview.


Episode 12: Kodiak Middle School Special Project

Ever wonder what middle school boys talk about? In December (2016), I was asked to teach a tutorial on podcasting, at our local middle school. No girls were interested, but I have 12 boys sign up. Some chose not to record, but here is a sample of those that did. It is sweet and entertaining. Thank you to David for the special ukelele music, and to Rylan, Kaleb, Justin, Zach and David for participating in this very fun project with me! Special thanks to the Kodiak Middle School for having...


Happy New Year 2017

Rewind's friend, fan club president, and #1 fan, Teri, reads a special Christmas story for you and tells you about her Mystery Christmas activities.


Episode 10: 1980

1980 was a year that saw much political change, fraud that stripped awards from several women, and upcoming hall of fame athletes. We witnessed a "live" broadcast suicide and an international hostage situation that resulted in an unusual Olympic Games event. Maggie Wall of Kodiak's Leghead ( tells us a story about an exciting US Coast Guard rescue of the Princedam (


Episode 9: Mutual Mentoring

Kay and I both work for the University of Alaska's Kodiak College. Education is extremely important to both of us. For this reason, we gladly gave up one of our episodes to the Guidance 194 class of Fall, 2016, so they could publish some of their research in a medium with which they were very intrigued by; podcasting. They did all the work on this episode. We are so proud of them and feel that they have contributed to our own creative endeavors in a positive and meaningful way. We hope...


Episode 8: Special Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this episode, which sways from our usual format a bit, but is worth every second! We share some Halloween history, a few scary stories, a few funny quips, and a very interesting interview with Darrell King, author and self-made publisher, regarding his book Hayabusa-about a very haunted crotch rocket from a haunted forest in Japan.


Episode 7: 2007

2007 was bombarded by Hollywood sequels, retro fashion and the election of Argentina’s first female president. Ohio witnesses the longest execution in history, Florida is on fire and experiences unprecedented victory in the sporting scene, and the Mitchell Report identifies an ongoing problem in the arena of professional athletics. We present a very special guest on this episode-check out his FaceBook page


Episode 6: 1957

1957 was a year when Elvis makes his first appearance in movies and his final appearance on a very popular television show. We learn about a new sport in Britain, and the ladies fashion scene is very feminine. Movies, still largely in black and white, focus on war, secrets, delinquencies, scandals, politics, prostitution, the legal system, thugs, hot rods and werewolves.


Episode 5: 2000

2000 was a year when the Concorde sees its last air, the Mississippi River overflows with sludge and the nation gains a new pastime! Bieber rules the hairstyles, and we begin to see the results of drug testing in professional athletics. Tune in to this episode and hear a very special interview with one of our own service men as to how he spends his rare free time!


Episode 4: 1971

1971 was a year when the space race was in full swing. Earth day is founded, and a serial killer and his followers are judged by their peers. The Vietnam War continues, and it sees its troop numbers decrease dramatically, and experiences much public dissension as voters get younger. Christie's auctions a fake, and we saw the beginning of the e-book era. Meanwhile, the movie scene is filled with drama and popular music saw everything from disco to ballads to jazz. Hot pants, bell bottoms...


Episode 3: 1985

1985 is a year when England sees the most devastating disaster in history of sports arenas, Pokeman Go! Gets its unexpected beginning, a recluse, domestic terrorist, anarchist and mathematical prodigy murders his first of many victims, and our U.S. road system loses a significant historical highway that will later be depicted in many animated movies and songs. Our beverage choices are tested, and we lose a beloved writer who introduced us to a kind, motherly arachnid and her friends in the...


Episode 2:1963

1963 was a time of political upheaval, with the delivery of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and later the same year, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, though there is still much debate about that. The music scene is turned upside down in the United States, by the release of the Beatle’s second U.S. album, called “Please Please Me”, all recorded in just one day, mind you; just one year past them being rejected by an American record label, Decca Records, on January 1,...


Episode 1:1997

1997 was a year when a comet came as close to the earth as it will again until the year 4397, and 39 people attempted to follow it. The atmosphere at Buckingham turned to mourning and two boys were left without a mother. An unsinkable ship crashed into theaters, as dinosaurs once again roamed the earth. Also, the city of Cleveland is devastated.


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