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Relevant Rhetoric with a Dash of Dogma. Rants, raves, movie reviews, fun, and fodder. Editorials and social commentary to make you think, chuckle, and may even help improve your life.

Relevant Rhetoric with a Dash of Dogma. Rants, raves, movie reviews, fun, and fodder. Editorials and social commentary to make you think, chuckle, and may even help improve your life.
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Relevant Rhetoric with a Dash of Dogma. Rants, raves, movie reviews, fun, and fodder. Editorials and social commentary to make you think, chuckle, and may even help improve your life.








Failure to Follow Through

RR110 Failure to Follow Through on what we say and tasks to be done. How do we get over Akrazia? Why do we procrastinate? It has to do with the pleasure center of the brain (again)... Find out how you can help yourself and your children be more successful by be able to delay gratification. Like, share, comment, subscribe: https://riedrants.com/ @RiedRants on Instagram and Twitter https://www.patreon.com/RiedRants https://www.facebook.com/RiedRants/...


Deadpool 2 Film Review

RR109 Film Review Friday: Deadpool 2 EXPLETIVE WARNING: kick ass, pissed off (and perhaps others that may have been missed.) Not only did Ried finally get around to watching Deadpool 2, she watched it two nights in a row; partially to give you this review. How many ways to die? Let's count them. Ried got a count of seven, the husband disagrees. What do you think? Definitely watch this one if you are into the Marvel franchise, Ryan Reynolds and super hero stuff. But stay away if potty humor...


W.O.W. Trepidation

RR108 Word of the Week: Trepidation Ried looks at the definition for trepidation and although Cambridge and Oxford English dictionaries "basically" have the same definition the important difference is "may" vs. "going" ...to happen. She gets a little excited and her errant thoughts may be a little more vocal in this episode but still here is a new word that will be easy to add into your vocabulary. Research and Links https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/trepidation...


Fight or Flight Response Explained

RR107 Fight or Flight Response Expletives: Whoopass and Damn in the episode Ever wonder what goes on in your body and brain to trigger the fight or flight response? Well, Ried talks about how this works and touches on why some folks get PTSD and others don't. She talks about the HPA Axis and refers to a meta study which confirms that executive brain function is affected during the stress response. She also goes into the nuance of how the working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility...


List of Top Movies

Expletive warning RR106 List of my favorite movies because I could not get to Redbox this week and found nothing with promise on Netflix or Hulu. If you like some of the movies Ried likes give a listen to this list and maybe something new will come up. My favorite movies: 1991 Beauty and the Beast https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101414/?ref_=nv_sr_2 2010 Book of Eli https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1037705/?ref_=nv_sr_1 2005 Chicken Little https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0371606/?ref_=nv_sr_1 2003...


W.O.W. Rubicon

Word of the Week: Rubicon RR105 18.1010 This word seems to have a little bit of an identity crisis. Is it a story of Julius Cesar? Is it a way to score in a card game? Is it an easy way to refer to crossing the line...what ever that line is.... Ried goes over the origin of the word Rubicon and offers a few examples to make a bit easier to understand. You also get the added bonus of hearing her massacre the pronunciation of a few of the quotes in this one. Like, share, comment, subscribe:...


Truth vs. Trust

RR104 Truth vs. Trust Warning: God is used in this one a few times. This past week I was at work and fielded a call from a girl who wanted to know if her fiance made a purchase from the shop or attended a seminar in the venue space. She was checking up on him because he had been acting weird. Give a listen to find out what happened. Truth and trust are different but it is good if they go together. Like, share, comment, subscribe: https://riedrants.com/ @RiedRants on Instagram and Twitter...


FRF NextGen Movie Review

RR103 Film Review Friday: NextGen WARNING: Expletive "SmartAss"; Spoiler @5:33 (or so). Plus we lost a few seconds due to the glitch in the software. But you still get the weekly dose of movie review a la Ried. This movie did not blow the skirt up but still worth the watch if you like CGA and plucky comic relief. In this movie it goes by the name of Momo. Moral of the story could be: Remember the best parts of people you love. Like, share, comment, subscribe: https://riedrants.com/...


Feminism and Identity

Expletive warning: Asshat RR101 Feminism and Identity...less than I had hoped on feminism but Ried still managed to talk about how it is okay to be you and the opinion of others is best considered meaningless chatter. Ried had cut back on the research for the show while she is in business boot camp...along with work, along with surgery coming up and the usual housekeeping involved in life in general. We hope that you all will stay with us during this busy time. Like, share, comment,...


WOW Contraindication

RR102 Word of the Week: Contraindication (medical) Disclaimer: My Opinion from my knowledge base. Be sure to do your own research. Ever wonder what it means when prescription inserts use the term contraindication? Then you have come to the right place. Ried talks about what contraindication means and also touches on the words comorbidity and dual diagnosis. Errant Fact: October 4 is National Taco day so go out and get yourself a taco. Previous defined word used today is conscientious. The...


Whole Lotta Nuttin 100th Episode

FINALLY! WooHoo! RR100 Whole lotta nuttin 100th Episode. Explitive WARNING: Hell Ried talks a bit about the history, challenges and motivations for hosting the show. Find out who that donkey is on the cover art anyway. Thank you for you support! Like, share, comment, subscribe: https://riedrants.com/ @RiedRants on Instagram and Twitter https://www.patreon.com/RiedRants https://www.facebook.com/RiedRants/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/riedrants/id1234080385?mt=2...


WOW Travesty

RR099 Word of the Week: Travesty This word came up while talking to the husband about how our healthcare system is broken. It also refers to some things that are not so weighted. One synonym for travesty is parody and some movies make us laugh so maybe that is the lighter side of the definition for this word. OUR NEXT RECORDING WILL BE THE 100TH RIED RANTS EPISODE. That should be interesting.... Like, share, comment, subscribe: https://riedrants.com/ @RiedRants on Instagram and Twitter...


Try Listening

RR098 Try Listening (to others). WARNING Expletives (sort of): Pissed Off, Hellfire. Free wheeling unscripted rants on how others, especially heath care providers, don't listen because of bias or preconceived notions. Ried talks a little about how in conversation when someone has a preconceived idea or bias it can color how (or if they listen to you. A few disclaimers: As always MY opinion. "doctors" means most NOT all doctors. Teacher means some not all. Certainly some folks are able to put...


Black Panther Film Review

RR097 Friday Film Review: Black Panther WARNING: contains the phrase "kick ass" twice There is so much to say about this movie which falls outside the boundaries of this podcast so we will not tackle them today. This movie had some great qualities and also had some let downs for me. I would not deter anyone from watching if you are a marvel comic fan. If you would like some SciFi that is on Earth and if you can forgive the gluttonous serving of CGA. Want more details? Give a listen. ...and...


WOW Allegory

RR096 Word of the Week: Allegory Some how this word creeped into my psyche. Not sure how and Allegory is similar to metaphor and a few other words. But remember nuance is important. Allegory is more involved than some other words of similar meaning. Give a listen and see what you think. Research and Links https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/allegory https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/allegory https://literarydevices.net/allegory/...


BCC vs. CC

RR095 Should you use the BCC option on your email? Ried discusses reasons for and against. She also touches very slightly on the GDPR but also has a very informative link below if you like to read and read and read some more. This came up because sometimes people and businesses will send out email messages with your email info for the world to see. And, I don't know about you, but I get enough spam. Research and Links https://www.diffen.com/difference/Bcc_vs_Cc...


Blockers Film Review Friday

RR094 Film Review Friday: Blockers **Warning: Mature subject matter** This is perhaps the first movie that I have reviewed and poo poo'd. Despite having a few funny scenes this movie really is lacking. Sure there is some interesting back story sure there are redeeming comedic scenes but not enough to warrant the watch. Yes, I am giving it away in the description here but I am in a that kind of a mood. Research and Links https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2531344/...


W.O.W. Peckish

RR093 Word of the Week: Peckish (A little late due to doctors appointments today...BLAH.) Queen's English is different from American English. Many words are different that us Floridians are used to e.g. loo vs. toilet/bathroom etc. Words are important. Nuance in words is important. Words can be quite specific and synonyms matter. Not only will you learn what peckish means; you will learn what it does not mean...along with the usual digression and a few flub ups on the way. Including a little...


Humidity Friend or Foe?

RR092 It's the humidity not the heat. Many of us have heard this phrase. But is it true. Is all humidity bad. Could it even be good. Germs can grow at either extreme. Health concerns reside at each pole as well. Listen to what Ried had found out and will share with you. Also be sure to read the articles associated with the links below to get more details. Research and Links http://www.ac-heatingconnect.com/homeowners/why-humidity-control-is-important-in-the-cooling-season-2/...


Wish I Was Here Film Review

RR091 Friday Film Review: Wish I Was Here Recently watched this 2014 movie on Netflix with an indie feel that had some good spots of messages mixed in to the journey. Surprising that this movie was crowdfunded. There are also several raves that this movie get for having a moral and attempting to teach us. Research and Links https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2870708/ https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/wish_i_was_here/ https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/wish-i-was-here-2014 Like, share, comment,...