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You love them. You hate them. We are here to eviscerate them. This is the RomCom Killjoys podcast: a social distancing project about films, feminism, and friends.

You love them. You hate them. We are here to eviscerate them. This is the RomCom Killjoys podcast: a social distancing project about films, feminism, and friends.


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You love them. You hate them. We are here to eviscerate them. This is the RomCom Killjoys podcast: a social distancing project about films, feminism, and friends.






Bridgerton: Race, Casting, and Historical Fantasy

As part of our ongoing series on Bridgerton, Eliza and Jonelle take a deep dive into how Bridgerton portrays (and glosses over) racial and/or cultural difference. Your hosts tread lightly into the difference between American and British representation; color conscious and color blind casting; and why it's weird that anyone thinks people of color didn't exist in early modern England. Support the show (


Bridgerton (2020-Present)

Spoilers abound, dear listeners ... Eliza and Jonelle (finally) tackle Regency juggernaut Bridgerton (2020-Present). Herein your heroines discuss race and speculative history for the British Empire; the perils of #GirlBoss feminism; and a truly shocking encounter with a bee ... don't tell the mamas ... Support the show (


Emma (2020)

Our Regency Romance series continues as Eliza is joined by special guest Kelsey Fast to discuss Emma (2020), including the relative hotness of Mr. Knightley; the particular perspective of our middle-aged authoress; and why Austen endures. Support the show (


Pride and Prejudice (1995/2005)

Aaaaaaand we're back -- and with a new format! Kicking off our mini-serious on Regency romance is a Pride and Prejudice (1995/2005) double-header. Within we discuss the cinematic language of mise-en-scene; romantic leads post-masculinity; and the proto-feminism of Jane Austen. Support the show (


A Yule Log Christmas Spectacular

Why watch a romcom at Christmas when you could watch the destruction of wood in real time? Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from your favorite Killjoys. Support the show (


Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (2021)

Jonelle and Eliza take on simulacra of a simulacra Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (2021), including forgoing generic norms; forgoing the spirit of Christmas; and the missed opportunity for weird saint relics. Support the show (


Single All the Way (2021)

Jonelle and Eliza tackle Netflix's first queer Christmas romcom Single All the Way (2021), including homonormativity; the benefits of self-aware cliches; and why you should buckle-up along the New Hampshire border. Support the show (


A Castle for Christmas (2021)

Jonelle and Eliza kick off a Very Netflix Christmas with their banner film of the season -- A Castle for Christmas (2021) -- including plausible but fantastical love stories; the underutilization of Cary Elwes; and why we were surprised by Brooke Shields' comedic chops. Support the show (


Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

Jonelle and Eliza are joined by special guest Alexandra Huber-Weiss to discuss obvious rom-com Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002), including the challenges of back writing for a prequel; hegemonic love and fascism in the Star Wars universe; and why you are better off falling in love with R2-D2. Support the show (


LIVE! Addams Family Values (1993)

Jonelle and Eliza kick off a month of Rom Coms that are not Rom Coms but are absolutely Rom Coms with our first live, in-person recording! Up for discussion is Addams Family Values (1993) including alternative families; finding your Gomez; and why Anjelica Huston's eyes in the film are otherworldly perfect. Support the show (


Notting Hill (1999)

Jonelle and Eliza tackle Patreon-pick Notting Hill (1999), including the star texts of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant; how much our perception of fame has changed; and whether charming leads can make up for a milquetoast script. (Yeah, we said it.) Support the show (


Never Been Kissed (1999)

Jonelle and Eliza discuss the ick factor of Never Been Kissed (1999) including irresponsible representation of student-teacher relationships; why 90s movies hate the popular kids; and the sexualization of teenagers in high school romcoms. Support the show (


But I'm A Cheerleader (1999)

Happy National Coming Out Day! Jonelle is joined by special guest host Melissa Englander for a discussion of queer cinema classic But I'm A Cheerleader (1999), including the tension between bleak reality and camp satire; femme representation and compulsory heterosexuality; and the most important issue of all -- the movie's iconic soundtrack. For resources on the fight against conversion therapy, please visit Support the show (


10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

We burn, we pine, we perish. Jonelle and Eliza throw it all the way back to the last millennium with 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), including 90s feminism and intersectionality; smart adaptations of problematic Shakespeare plays; and why you can't take your eyes off of Heath Ledger. Support the show


Bedazzled (1967/2000)

Jonelle and Eliza close out Brendan Fraser month by discussing both the original and remake of Bedazzled (1967/2000), including the rise of self-objectification at the turn of the Millennium; uncomfy indentity-based humor; and why actors so often make deals with the devil to make it in Hollywood. Support the show (


The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy (1999) is a romcom. We will be taking no more questions at this time. Eliza and Jonelle are joined by Jodi McIntyre to discuss this film's undeniable orientalist lens; its chaotic bisexual energy; and jawlines so sharp you could light a match with them. Support the show (


George of the Jungle (1997)

This month we celebrate the one and only Himbo King of Hollywood -- Brendan Fraser. Eliza and Jonelle kick it off with personal favorite George of the Jungle (1997), including why the himbo and Brendan Fraser are both making a comeback; the importance of sensual intelligence; and how the second demographic transition is about to make a househusband out of you. Support the show (


Love, Guaranteed (2020)

Jonelle and Eliza discuss Netflix's borefest Love, Guaranteed (2020). Topics include sad spinster tropes, better courtroom dramas, and the existential anxiety spiral of online dating. Support the show (


The Perfect Date (2019)

Jonelle and Eliza discuss Gen Z confection The Perfect Date (2019), including finding an identity online; giving up your dreams; and why Michael Jordan has no place in this movie, Support the show (


Must Love Dogs (2005)

Jonelle and Eliza discuss Must Love Dogs (2005) -- this month's Patreon pick. The conversation covers the Game of love; our changing attitudes about online dating and divorce; and why you have to get Dermot Mulroney out of your backyard. Support the show (