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'Bachelor' recaps with Rim and AB, the #1 interracial male best friend duo in the Bachelor recap podcast genre. Twitter: @RosecastES, @timkennedyjr, @alexwbradford

'Bachelor' recaps with Rim and AB, the #1 interracial male best friend duo in the Bachelor recap podcast genre. Twitter: @RosecastES, @timkennedyjr, @alexwbradford
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'Bachelor' recaps with Rim and AB, the #1 interracial male best friend duo in the Bachelor recap podcast genre. Twitter: @RosecastES, @timkennedyjr, @alexwbradford




"The Damn Thing" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S22 Finale Recap

Recapping the five-hour, two-night finale, in all its chaos and controversy. How do we think ABC handled Arie's change of heart? Should Becca and Arie's breakup have been televised? What do we expect from Bachelorette Becca? Has there ever been a less enthusiastic crowd to witness a live proposal? Plus: A loaded Rosebag.


"I Love You. And You. And Also You." | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S22 E9 Recap

In keeping with recent 'Bachelor' tradition, Arie professed his love to more than one woman in Peru, further complicating the overnight dates. Plus: Becca's (lunatic?) ex-boyfriend travels halfway across the world in desperate Hail Mary attempt to rekindle their love — but not before trimming his beard to perfection.


"Don't Know What To Tell Ya" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S22 E7 Recap

Contender sacrifice, cats and dogs living together ... mass hysteria! The last episode before hometowns was filled with surprises. Seemingly weak connections were solidified while relationships that steadily grew for months were shattered in an instant. Should Arie have kept Seinne or Bekah? Is Lauren B. a serious contender? All that, and a breathtaking text hits the Bouquet.


"Did She Spin?" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S22 E6 Recap

Surprising contenders emerged from two one-on-one dates this week, but the real story of Paris is Krystal's shocking (to her, at least) departure. Kendall the wacky taxidermy enthusiast has morphed into the leading voice of reason and we are left with seven fabulous women who, to hear AB tell it, are far superior to our aging lead.


"Krystal Musk" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S22 E5 Recap

Fun. Passionate. Sad. Emotional. Excited. Futuristic. These are just a few of the different layers Krystal revealed to Arie in the latest breathtaking episode of 'The Bachelor." From the beautiful waters of Fort Lauderdale to the posh lobby of their hotel in Fort Lauderdale, this week was a whirlwind of love, drama, and outright deceit. The days of Chelsea's villainy have disappeared over the horizon in our rear view mirrors, and Tia has stepped to the fore by becoming the first to...


"An Ace Up Her Sleeve" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S8 Finale Recap

Emily's breakup with Arie was truly heartbreaking. But as she wept and he held back tears, Rim and AB wonder why he didn't see it coming. Plus: What has Emily been up to since breaking things off with Jef, this season's winner? (The way I wrote that sentence makes it seem as if Emily is our guest on this episode. She is not.) Also, Rim was apparently not speaking directly into the mic (rookie move smh) so he hereby apologizes for that. Thanks for listening.


"Fantasy Zzzzuites" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S8 E8 Recap

Mutual respect between mature adults outweighed what little drama was included in Emily's Fantasy Suites episode. Arie stood out with his reasonable approach to potentially becoming a step-father, while Sean struggled to spit out his "I love you" speech so late in the game.


"Doug's Bad Read" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S8 E7 Recap

Don't let Doug's cringeworthy moment distract you from the fact that Arie neglected to tell Emily about his previous relationship with one of the show's producers.


"They Were Offered No Snacks!" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S8 E6 Recap

Halfway through the season, Emily's patience is wearing thin. On two one-on-one dates, our lead refuses to award roses to both Friend Zone Travis and Ryan the trophy hunter. Will Arie, Jef, and Sean capitalize on their improved odds, or does John (?) have something up his sleeve?


"Doug's Not About To Get Bottle Service" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S8 E4 Recap

Mr. "I Have Kids Okay!?" himself Doug manages to secure a one-on-one date rose from Emily, while the A-team trips over themselves scrambling for her attention on a nautical group date. Plus: the most pointless two-on-one in show history.


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