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Choosing Happiness Without An Outline

Join Vicki this week as she covers some of her favorite new TV shows (Designated Survivor, This Is Us, Westworld), the Netflix series Black Mirror, a possible Game of Thrones spin-off, her thoughts on breaking up with someone via text, Entertainment Weekly's Superhero list, Elvira, Mulan, the Lion King, creating a vision board, and so much more! To visit the Patreon page, click on To visit the Soundcloud page, click on @sasssmartsscotch To visit the blog,...


The Day 3 Hummingbirds Hit Vicki's Window

Join Vicki's 21st week as she talks about the Def Leppard & REO Speedwagon concert, hummingbird madness, tattooed makeup, naming those odd and random emotions, choosing a superpower, good practices of the emotionally strong, audience request: some tidbits about the cervix, the Batman vs. Superman movie and so much more! To visit the Patreon page, click on To visit the blog, click on And listen on the go with Stitcher...


Vicki's Still Dreaming of Slash

Join Vicki as she talks about her Guns'N'Roses concert experience, the Olympics opening ceremony, a few things that happened this day in history, some of the most heartbreaking TV character deaths, a Halloween/Birthday costume event, the possible 21 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover movie, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Snapchat, and so much more. To visit the Patreon page, click on To visit the blog, click on


Who's Vicki Going to Call?

Join Vicki as she runs through the big TV and film moments and news from this year's Comic Con, discusses a new women's sanitary products ad, things you'd understand if you were born in the 80s (do you remember what the connection to dial up internet sounds like?), Disneyland closing the Tower or Terror ride and what new attraction is on the way, the new Ghostbusters movie review, and a strange new love for Chia pudding. To visit the Patreon page, click on


Vicki and Her Parents

Vicki's parents join her on this podcast to discuss some things about Canada that you may not have known including, the proper use of 'eh', washrooms, our most famous celebrities, the French language, Niagara Falls, and of course, hockey. They also recap the shenanigans, deaths, and awesome moments from the season finale of Game of Thrones. Vicki also talks about the moments that brought her to live in Paris years ago. To visit the Patreon page, click on To...


Everybody's Just A Little Bit Tipsy

On a last minute trip to Dallas, Vicki and her friends, Claudia, Tara, Mysti & Laura, sit down together to chat after a night out dancing and drinking. Laugh along as they debate whether men and women can be friends, if it's possible to be friends with an ex, spirit animals, the last picture someone sent you, Outlander, moments in time we'd like to revisit, a sleeping boyfriend, and so much more! To visit the Patreon page, click on To visit the blog, click...


Vicki's Lucky Number 7

Listen is as Vicki laughs hysterically at funny youtube videos, talks about the Journey and Doobie Brothers concert she attended, wise words from Anthony Bourdain, a horror movie review, good and bad friendships, Outlander, The Shallows, and an in depth Game of Thrones episode recap in this jam packed and laugh out loud podcast! Find the Drink of the Day recipe @ Find the Patreon page @ Find the Facebook page @...


Flying Solo with Vicki

Vicki is flying solo in this podcast discussing, summer concerts, the danger of whitening strips, amazing classic rock guitar solos, her dogs (Ginger and Coco), Outlander, Game of Thrones, the Rejection Hotline, lying to men at bars, and the goings on of 1996. Find the Drink of the Day recipe @ Find the Patreon page @ Find the Facebook page @ *Spoiler Alert* After the podcast was recorded, it was...


Talking Too Much with Tara

The title should tip you off.. Vicki and her friend, Tara, were definitely having fun recording this podcast as it ran 40 minutes long! Join the ladies as they discuss watching 'Sex and the City' with boyfriends, body/self confidence, outside factors that influence the way you see yourself, vacationing with friends, silly stories from Tara's classroom, summer movies, and the Game of Thrones first episode recap. There are a few curse words that pop up in this podcast (if you're listening...


Late Night Thunder Storms with Mia

Listen in as Vicki and Mia discuss nursing, their mutual love for a certain dance studio and it's attendees, negativity, Barbie, horror films, the strange way we eat food, cat drama, and so much more. This week's podcast is sure to make you laugh out loud! Find the Drink of the Day recipe @ Find the Patreon page @ Find the Facebook page @