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E36: The First Cassius Clay, Scandalous Politician and Abolitionist

Most everyone knows the name Cassius Clay--it was the birth name of the late, great Muhammad Ali. But he was named after Cassius Marcellus Clay, a 19th century Kentucky politician turned firebrand abolitionist. Born on a wealthy plantation, Clay was inspired by his time at Princeton, where he saw William Lloyd Garrison speak, he would agitate for abolition beginning in the 1830s. But he was a bit of a hellraiser in his personal life, fighting many duels, inciting brawls, and even taking a...


E35: The Scandalous Doctor to the Dead: Carl Tanzler von Casel

Carl Tanzler was a German born man of mystery who little is known about except for two things: he had a spectacular imagination and a VERY obsessive nature. In the early 1930s he took a shine to a beautiful, but terminally ill patient at the Marine Hospital in Key West, Florida. It could have been like a Nicholas Sparks book with pledges of love and hasty marriages, but it ended up more like an episode of "Tales from the Crypt". Join Caroline and Adrienne as they dive into the deep and murky...


E34: Scandal in Death, The Story of the Reclusive Heiress Hugette Clark

After detailing her origins, we're finishing the life of Hugette Clark, the reclusive heiress who died with $300 million in the bank. That's a lot of dough. Despite a scandalous short lived marriage, Hugette managed to stay out of the limelight for over 80 years. It wasn't until her death at 105 that the world came to know her name and the contents of her scandalous will. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram...


E33: The Scandalous William A. Clark, the Copper King of Montana

Have you heard the story of Hugette Clark? The wealthy heiress spent the last 20 years of her life in a NYC hospital even though she had mansions worth millions. Caroline and Adrienne go back a generation to discuss Hugette's scandalous father William A. Clark, the so-called Copper King of Montana. Spoiler alert: He was a robber baron. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website,...


E32: The Scandalous Life of Syrie Maugham, Britain's Celebrity Interior Designer

Two acrimonious marriages, secret pregnancies, and a later-in-life career as a celebrity interior designer. This week, Caroline and Adrienne delve into the life of the scandalous Syrie Maugham, one of the early female interior designers and the sort-of wife of famous author, W. Somerset Maugham. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website, Enjoyed the show?...


E31: The Scandalous Composer: The Story of Alma Mahler

Caroline and Adrienne head to Vienna to spin the tale of Alma Mahler, a turn-of-the-century beauty and composer. Married to the more famous Gustav Mahler, Alma chafed under the bonds of matrimony. So what's a girl to do? Try, try again...and again. Alma married a total of three times and entertained numerous liaisons, making her Vienna's most, muse. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram...


E30: The Tragically Scandalous Lemp Family

Caroline and Adrienne head to St. Louis otherwise known as "Beer City" to discuss brewing royalty or the brewery family you've never heard of--the Lemps. Along with the Pabsts (who were their BFFs), the Lemps made Lager great again or perhaps for the first time. But this wealthy and successful family was plagued by bad health, suicides, and a particularly horrible heir who was involved in a scandalous divorce case. Along the way, the ladies discuss cats (of course!), the paranormal, and...


E29: House of Scandal: Chateau de l'Horizon

Join your intrepid hosts for a trip to the Cote d'Azure and the detailing of a maybe? scandal. Chateau de L'Horizon was built in the 1930s for a British stage actress who hosted some of the most scandalous and well known personages of the early 20th century. Along the way, Caroline gets a crash course in French pronunciation and Adrienne determines that sometimes the building is better than the story. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on...


E28: The Scandalous Tallulah Bankhead, Part 2

Caroline and Adrienne are here to finish the scandalous tale of Talullah Bankhead.... Join your intrepid hosts as they delve into Talullah's short stint in Hollywood, further bed-hopping misadventures, and conversion to gay icon. Part 2 of 2. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website, Enjoyed the show? Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us at Apple...


E27: The Scandalous Talullah Bankhead, Part 1

They're baaaaaack! It's a miracle. Caroline and Adrienne return with the scandalous tale of Talullah eater and well, let's just say that she was all for practicing equal opportunity when it came to sex partners. Known as a brilliant stage actress, she struggled to break into Hollywood and eventually ran aground during the period of heightened morality during the Hayes Code era. This is Part 1 of 2. =============================================================== Visit...


E26: Those Scandalous Singers - Paris Singer, Part 2

They're back!!!! After being waylaid by technical problems (the laptop literally ate the episode...twice), Caroline and Adrienne are back to finish up the tale of Paris Singer and his marital woes. We'll also wrap up Addison Mizner's architectural glories and discuss what our new side hustle should be. Hint: it's not another podcast. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website,...


E25: Those Scandalous Singers - Paris Singer, Part 1

The intrepid ladies of Scandal Sheets venture further down Isaac Singer's rather large family tree and introduce his 22nd child, Paris Singer. Yes, he was conceived in Paris. Good looking and intelligent, Paris would marry and hurriedly divorce his first wife (think Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra) before settling down with his second wife. But one woman is never enough for Singer, and Paris would embroil himself in a torrid affair with a tempestuous dancer before financing much of the...


E24: Those Scandalous Singers - Winnaretta Singer

Happy New Year from the Scandal Sheets ladies! Join us for our second installment in the Scandalous Singer Family trilogy. Today we talk Winnaretta (not winnebago), one of the more well known children in Isaac Singer's brood of 24 kids. A prolific patroness of the arts, she eventually owned a house in Paris, a house in Venice, and possible a penthouse in a Parisian homeless shelter. We also talk puzzles, post offices, and the ever present siren call of...


E23: Those Scandalous Singers - Issac Merritt Singer

It's a Christmas miracle! Caroline and Adrienne are back after the great fall hibernation otherwise known as grad school. The Scandal Sheets ladies are serving up an extra heaping helping of scandal with the first part of a trilogy on the Singer family. Isaac Merritt Singer is credited with inventing the sewing machine, when in fact he just improved upon the product and marketed the hell out of it. When he was not borrowing others ideas, he was on a one man quest to re-populate the earth....


E22: My Three Families: The Scandalous Private Life of Louis Kahn, Part 2

Caroline and Adrienne wrap up the scandalous tale of Louis Kahn, his wife, two mistresses, three children and 20 year project in Bangladesh. Confused yet? Don't worry, we were too! =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website, Enjoyed the show? Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartRadio.... and pretty much...


E21: My Three Families: The Scandalous Private Life of Louis Kahn

Caroline and Adrienne introduce Louis Kahn, one of the greatest modern architects of the 20th century and a man? In this first part we discuss Kahn's early life, influences, and multiple entanglements with women. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website, Enjoyed the show? Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us at Apple Podcasts,...


E20: A Very Charleston Scandal - An Interview with Roxana Robinson

Caroline is flying solo for this special follow-up episode on the Frank Dawson murder. Instead of her trusty sidekick Adrienne, Caroline is joined by Frank's great-granddaughter, Roxana Robinson to chat about Frank, his wife Sarah, and the aftermath of his murder. Robinson's book "Dawson's Fall" will deep dive into her great-grandfather's murder and will be published in the spring of 2019. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and...


E19: A Very Charleston Scandal: The Murder of Captain Frank Dawson, Part II

Caroline and Adrienne conclude the scandal surrounding the murder of Captain Frank Dawson, editor of Charleston's News and Courier newspaper. They delve into the events leading up to the murder, the trial, and the aftermath. Hold on to your hats kids, this one is pretty crazy. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and Instagram (@scandalsheetspod) and our website, Enjoyed the show? Don't forget to...


E18: A Very Charleston Scandal: The Murder of Captain Frank Dawson

Caroline and Adrienne are keeping the home fires burning with a scandal in Charleston this week. Captain Frank Dawson was born in England under a completely different name and later ran away to join the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He would eventually land in Charleston and take over a local newspaper. He was insanely popular with politicians on a national level but his progressive ideas soon landed in hot water here in...


E17: When the Astors Ruled the Big Apple, Part 3

The Astors were so scandalous that they have consumed three episodes! Join Caroline and Adrienne as they wrap J.J. Astor's divorce from his wife, re-marriage to a much younger woman, and his untimely death in 1912. Bonus points if you figure out what happened to him. Also, Adrienne delves into the Astor's Newport "cottage" and discusses the influences that contributed to its design. =============================================================== Visit Scandal Sheets on Facebook and...