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See Hear Podcast Episode 61 - Interview with Paul Elliott, director of "The Library Music Film"

Chances are very strong that some library tunes are amongst your favourites….and you may not even be aware of it. Library music has been used in TV, film or advertisements, and is written and performed before there is even a requirement for it….a soundtrack looking for a movie. Welcome to episode 61 of See Hear Podcast. Shawn Lee, Sean Lamberth and Paul Elliott felt that the composers whose music rocked their world had been hidden in the shadows way too long, so together, they made a...


See Hear Podcast episode 60 - Interview with Skizz Cyzyk, director of "Icepick To The Moon"

It’s January 2019, and See Hear starts its sixth year. With the world in strife, what better time than now to talk about a man and an arts movement that embraced the absurd. Tim, Bernard and myself are joined by musician and film director Skizz Cyzyk to talk about his new film, Icepick To The Moon. It starts out being about obscure but beloved singer, Reverend Fred Lane. It ends up being a lot more. It spends time focusing on Dadaism, pataphysics, the Raudelunas arts collective, and how...


See Hear Podcast Episode 59 - Interview with Allan Arkush

As See Hear closes off it's fifth year of existence, we present a corker of an episode for you (if we do say so). Back in May 2017, we had a fine old time discussing one of the greatest films about sticking the finger to authority, Rock And Roll High School. Now, we finally get the opportunity to speak to its director, Allan Arkush. Allan has directed a wealth of films and TV shows....but we invited him on to talk about his favourite rock and roll films, as well as his time working at the...


See Hear Podcast episode 58 - Interview with Jordan Albertsen, director of "Boom: A Film About The Sonics"

When most people think of the sixties from a musical perspective, there’s a number of bands that keep popping up ubiquitously. There were thousands of bands that may have had a regional hit or two, but had little impact at any further level. Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets release in the early 70s made an attempt to anthologise a number of the garage bands, and there have been many more that have done fine work to bring some great, but forgotten music from this era to music fans’ attention. Film...


See Hear Podcast Episode 57 - Interview with Benjamin Hedin about Two Trains Runnin'

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson had pushed for the passing of the Civil Rights act, making segregation in America illegal. The governor of Mississippi, the law and the KKK vowed to keep doing things their way, and continued to perpetrate violence on the local African-American population. They also made life extremely difficult for students from the northern states committed to the Summer Project which was devoted to getting African Americans in Mississippi to register to vote. The powers...


See Hear Podcast Episode 56 - Dogs In Space

The history of cinema is littered with films that have nostalgia for a simpler time in the writer or director’s life. Often they’re done with quite a bit of distance which creates a sense of wistfulness. Then there’s Dogs In Space. Welcome to Episode 56 of See Hear Podcast. This month our beloved Tim was relocating to Toronto after many years in Seoul, so he took the month off from gasbagging about movies while settling in. Bernard and I settle in the second of our requests for the...


See Hear Podcast episode 55 - Interview with Michael Grodner, director of The Icarus Line Must Die

Many of us have an ambition to grow older with our sanity intact....doing it gracefully is often the antithesis of what's expected of a rock musician. For See Hear podcast episode 55, Bernie, Tim and Maurice invited Michael Grodner onto the show for a conversation. Michael is the director of 2017 film, The Icarus Line Must Die. The story focuses around real life musician Joe Cardamone. He was the lead singer and creative force behind LA post-punk band, The Icarus Line. Joe is now at...


See Hear Podcast episode 54 - Leningrad Cowboys Go America

Films about bands are supposed to follow the arc of forming, start out awful, get better, create personal or artistic friction, achieve success, then implode just as the world can't get enough of them. Then there's Leningrad Cowboys. For See Hear podcast episode 54, Bernie, Tim and Maurice discuss Aki Kaurismaki's 1989 film Leningrad Cowboys Go America about a band from Siberia in the era of glasnost attempting to break into America. They are led through “the promised land” with a...


See Hear Podcast episode 53 - Blues Harp

Get ready to dust your broom and sing the blues. See Hear podcast episode 53 is ready for your aural pleasure, and the focus is one of four films Takashi Miike directed in 1998 (!!!), Blues Harp. The film tells the story of two young men, each with very different goals in life. One is a member of a Yakuza clan who has dreams of heading becoming boss, the other just wants to cruise by life and take pleasure at playing his harmonica. After Chuji helps Kenji out one night, Kenji feels honour...


See Hear Podcast Episode 52 - Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?

Everybody's talkin' about See Hear episode least we hope so, because One download is the loneliest podcast you'd ever hear..... Unfortunately, Tim was not available to record, but Maurice and Bernie once again welcome wonderful film blogger Kerry Friistoe to discuss the 2006 documentary from John Scheinfeld "Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?" Nilsson started out as a perfectly groomed writer of songs that blended baroque pop with English music hall....


See Hear Podcast Episode 51 - The Devil And Daniel Johnston

Hi, how are you? See Hear episode 51 is available for your earholes. Bernard was unavailable to join us, but Tim and I were really thrilled to have fantastic film blogger Kerry Fristoe join us to discuss Jeff Feurzeig’s 2006 documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Daniel Johnston’s story has so many facets to it. Prolific songwriter, artist, musician, DIY promoter of his work…..sufferer of bipolar disorder and manic depression, obsession with an unobtainable muse, deep...


See Hear Podcast episode 50 - The Doors

It’s 1991. The Western world has been going through a 1960s music nostalgia revival over the previous decade and a very strong Doors revival in particular. It seemed like a good time for Oliver Stone to make a biopic about Jim Morrison. Welcome to episode 50 of See Hear podcast. We celebrate this small milestone (which took us a little over 4 years to get to) by talking about both Oliver Stone’s film and the band that it is based on. We discuss narcissism, historical accuracy...


See Hear Podcast episode 49 - Desperate Man Blues and Vinyl

There are two sides to every story. We at See Hear HQ decide to look at both sides of the contentious question as to whether record collectors (and by extension, collectors of any physical item) are archivists or hoarders. Tim, Bernard and Maurice are joined by Professor Michael Benton from Bluegrass Community College in Lexington, Kentucky for episode 49 of See Hear to talk about two films that explore record collection from two very different angles. Australian film maker Edward...


See Hear Podcast Episode 48 - The American Astronaut

See Hear is ready to start the new year with a musical sci-fi road film….but nothing like Hope / Crosby / Lamour films. Bernard, Tim and Maurice are once again joined by Mike White of The Projection Booth to talk about Cory Mcabee’s feature film debut from 2001, The American Astronaut. It’s all too easy to describe this film as a mashup of styles (usually starting with “David Lynch meets….”). The truth is Cory Mcabee has come up with something unique while acknowledging films he obviously...


See Hear Podcast Episode 47 - Interview with Jeff Krulik, director of "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"

See Hear Podcast comes to the end of its fourth year of existence. Slowly but surely, we’ve been bringing you discussions about all manner of music-related films since January 2014. To celebrate, Tim, Bernard and Maurice want to party like its 1986. We are joined by one of the two creators of the film / time capsule known as Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Jeff Krulik. Jeff and John Heyn hung out for 2 hours in the parking lot of the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland on May 31 1986 just prior...


See Hear Podcast Episode 46- - Streets of Fire (with special guest Steve Berlin)

Do you like wearing leather overalls? Do you know what it means to be young tonight? Have you ever blown up a motorcycle by shooting a cap gun at it? Are you a one man stud? Have you ever been in a sledgehammer fight? If you answered yes, no, maybe or “outta my way, stupid” to these questions, then See Hear episode 46 is for YOU. Tim, Maurice, Bernard welcome the hugely enthusiastic Lily Sockmonkey (although she’s Janine to her non-film friends) to her podcasting debut to talk about...


See Hear podcast Episode 45 - Interview with Matt Schrader, director of "Score: A Film Music Documentary"

Welcome to See Hear 45. We all love movies and we all love music in movies (it’s partly why you listen to this podcast, right?) Film scores can be bold and bombastic or quiet and subtle. Either way it’s a strong part of the film watching experience. It seems crazy that until 2017, there hasn’t been a major documentary (that we’re aware of) dedicated to the art of film composition and the people who devote their lives to emotionally manipulating you more than what you actually see on-screen...


See Hear Podcast episode 44 - Interview with Chris Franklin, director of "Chris Wilson: Live At The Continental"

Hello everybody…….See Hear episode 44 here….. Every music scene has its local heroes….those musicians who are a well-kept secret from the rest of the world, but gig goers wish more people knew about them. Melbourne film-maker Chris Franklin has made it his mission to document musicians in his local scene. Bernard was absent, but Tim and Maurice invited Chris to talk about his latest short film in adherence to that mission, “Chris Wilson – Live At The Continental”. Melbourne musicians Chris...


See Hear Podcast episode 44 - Interview with Chris Franklin, director of “Chris Wilson: Live At The Continental”

Hello everybody…….See Hear episode 44 here….. Every music scene has its local heroes….those musicians who are a well-kept secret from the rest of the world, but gig goers wish more people knew about them. Melbourne film-maker Chris Franklin has made it his mission to document musicians in his local scene. Bernard was absent, but Tim and Maurice invited Chris to talk about his latest short film in adherence to that mission, “Chris Wilson – Live At The Continental”. Melbourne musicians...


See Hear Podcast episode 43 - We Are The Best!

We Are The Best! We Are The Best! No it's not the See Hear theme song. It's the name of this month's film under discussion. Can you imagine two grown men talking about a film on which the plot revolves around three teenage girls forming a punk band and only one of them has any musical chops? Imagine no further because Maurice is joined by Hank Hellman to do just that. The notions of friendship, being an outsider, sticking it to parents (not always deservedly) and chocolate ice cream are...