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"See, Here's the Thing" is where pop culture and humor collide. Hosts Kate and Patrick discuss movies, TV, theatre, humor and more during their weekly episodes. It's the expansion pack to your life you never knew you needed. Find us on iTunes, Google Play, and Podomatic!

"See, Here's the Thing" is where pop culture and humor collide. Hosts Kate and Patrick discuss movies, TV, theatre, humor and more during their weekly episodes. It's the expansion pack to your life you never knew you needed. Find us on iTunes, Google Play, and Podomatic!
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"See, Here's the Thing" is where pop culture and humor collide. Hosts Kate and Patrick discuss movies, TV, theatre, humor and more during their weekly episodes. It's the expansion pack to your life you never knew you needed. Find us on iTunes, Google Play, and Podomatic!






Graduation – See, Here’s the Thing – 87

Episode 87: Graduation Toss those graduation caps high in the air: school’s out and it’s summer time! And we’ve got a whole episode dedicated to [...]


Buying a House – See, Here’s the Thing – 86

Episode 86: Buying a House We’re trying to purchase a new home, and it’s not as easy as it looks! Episode 86 moves into real [...]


Thank You Notes – See, Here’s the Thing – 85

Episode 85: Thank You Notes It’s our most grateful episode ever! Thank you, listener, for tuning into this episode on thank you notes. We’re behind [...]


Bad Movies – See, Here’s the Thing – 83

Episode 83: Bad Movies Welcome to the official reboot of See, Here’s the Thing! We’ve got a brand new format, a brand new logo, and [...]


Was That a Fart? – See, Here’s the Thing – 82

It’s Jeopardy overload in Episode 82 as Kate and Patrick play catch-up on their Question of the Day calendar. They also talk about recent movies [...]


Paddington – See, Here’s the Thing – 79

How did a CGI British bear nab a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes? In Episode 79, we’ll explore the film “Paddington” with Blazing Caribou Studios founder, [...]


Episode 63: The Dark Tower Preview

We've got a thorough look into Stephen King's The Dark Tower adaptation from four-time podcast guest, Steve Weiser! Steve also joins us to discuss the exciting 2017-2018 season for the Erie Philharmonic, where he serves as executive director (and, oddly enough, resident Skyrim player). We'll also discuss a patent for oatmeal cereal, Cursed Child Broadway casting, Henry Cavill's Mustachegate, and Patrick's real plot for The Dark Tower. For more info on the Erie Philharmonic:...


Episode 62: Steven Pappas of Is This Adulting?

Lords and ladies! The kingdom of See, Here's the Thing proudly declares the institution of an official "Hand of the Pod," Sir Steven Pappas (Is this Adulting?). With this promotion, Steven riles the anger of Sir Eric Garner (The KnowNothing Podcast), newly acclaimed Minstrel of the Pod. Steven prompts an intense discussion on breakfast cereals before launching into our main topics: the leaked Infinity War trailer, DCEU's future movies, and Dunkirk's march to the top of the box office....


Episode 61: Jeff Sass of Troma Film Studios

Jeff Sass, former writer, producer and director of sales at Troma Film Studios, joins us for Episode 61 to discuss his career in film, marketing, and his relationship with a lovable green super hero from New Jersey. We discuss Jeff's book, "Everything I Know About Business and Marketing, I Learned From The Toxic Avenger," plus discover hidden Troma gems like "Farts of Darkness" and "Redneck Zombies." Our Facebook listeners settle who the best James Bond is, we get a voicemail from Imran...


Episode 60: Batman and Robin

Episode 60 brings us a new, yet-to-be-named segment where we sit down and re-watch a movie...complete with sarcastic commentary and interesting trivia. Our first film in this series is 1997's critical flop "Batman & Robin," starring George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and Alicia Silverstone. Join us as we investigate Batgirl's lazy mouth, Bruce Wayne's shoulder shimmy, Alfred's porn addiction, and the thousands of terrible puns in this Joel Schumacher disaster.


Episode 59: Our Best Worst Movies with Eric Garner

Eric Garner of the KnowNothing Podcast joins us to discuss our favorite movies which were universally hated by critics and fans. Eric also sings our podcast theme song, becomes Kate's new co-host, and teaches everyone about "larping." Troll 2, Mortal Kombat, and Caveman are just a few of the films we'll skewer/admire, along with Waterworld, Super Mario Bros., and Popeye. Plus, we'll also chat about Daniel Craig returning as Bond, The Greatest Showman trailer, Wonder Woman sequel news, and...


Episode 58: Vacation Stories, Idris Elba, and Spiderman: Homecoming Review

It's your friendly, neighborhood pop culture podcast! Today, we review Spiderman: Homecoming, highlighting the performances of Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and a script with a lot of heart. Plus, Kate and Patrick talk about their recent trip to Rochester, Minnesota for a theatre competition, their Podcast Awards nomination, and how to properly pronounce Idris Elba's name. HINT: It's not Eeedris Elbow.


Episode 57: Ron Howard's In Charge, Danny Elfman Returns and Atari's Back in Business

We're back from vacation! With us, we've brought exciting tales of Disney's new Avatar land and improvements to Universal Studios. This week, we're joined by Paul Combs from C&C Geekcast to discuss the directorial shakeup in the Han Solo spinoff film, Danny Elfman's score for Justice League, and Atari's plans for another console. We'll also look at some toy sets for The Last Jedi, crunch the number of characters in Infinity War, and describe what a "dine-in" movie is like. PLUS: We make up...


Episode Reissue: Our Favorite Halloween Movies (Original Ep. 29)

It's our spookiest episode yet! We're taking a fond look back at our favorite Halloween movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, Clue, Casper, Hocus Pocus, and a special nod to our top horror films. Listen in to several audio clips from these great films and revel in the nostalgia of autumns since past. Patrick's back this week and in rare form as he tries to explain the plot of Gilmore Girls starring TV legend Alf. We'll get a little political, highlighting recent media coverage from John...


Episode 56: Banshees, Sharknado 5 and Toilets

Be our guest and take a seat on the toilet as we welcome Kari Simms and Phil Rood to the show, straight from Blazing Caribou Studios, to Episode 56! It's been a week since Pandora: World of Avatar opened and they've already sold out of a $50 hot ticket item. Beauty and the Beast came to DVD/Blu-Ray, as did a deleted character who features prominently in the bathroom. Zac Efron is Ted Bundy, there's gonna be a Sharknado 5, and Fabio's playin The Pope! I can't believe it's not communion!...


Episode 54: Arnold's Back, Tom Hardy is Venom and Justice League Shakeup

This episode is crawling with VARMINTS! We've got Paul and Donna from the Varmints podcast as our special guests for Episode 54. Together, we discuss the recent directorial shakeup in Justice League, Tom Hardy's casting as Venom, and the return of Arnold Schwartzenegger as The Terminator. We also got to quiz Paul and Donna on famous pop culture critters and made up our own Xbox video games. PLUS: Hear Donna gush over Chewbacca and absorb all of the joy you'll need for the week.


Episode 53: Dark Crystal, Little Mermaid and Big Bang Spinoff

Let's all breathe a collective sign of relief: the first wave of Wonder Woman reviews are highly positive! (And that's good for DC, seeing as how Justice League is undergoing reshoots, but that's a different story!) The good news continues in Episode 53 with special guest Michael Haas, who brings a new character to the table: Manuel the UPS Guy. We'll take a look into Netflix's Dark Crystal prequel, The Little Mermaid Live on ABC, and the first trailer for "Young Sheldon" on CBS. PLUS:...


Episode 52: Summer Movie Preview with Jock & Nerd

It's time to kick off the gigantic summer movie with an over-sized episode, featuring the Jock and Nerd podcast team! Imran and Anthony join Kate and Patrick to discuss the most anticipated summer films of 2017. The quartet begins with a look at the Murder on the Orient Express cast, new trailers for Defenders and Inhumans, and reverential homage for the 2017 inductees into the Video Game Hall of Fame. Patrick pits Kate and Imran against Anthony's jock expertise in an athletic game before...


Episode 51: Wonder Woman, Gong Show & The Best Batman

You may want to retrieve an air freshener: there's a lot of fartleking in Episode 51 with special guest Sean Burton. Wonder Woman's armpit hair comes under fire, along with a remake of the Gong Show starring Mike Myers. The trio also tackles the age old question: who was the best Batman? Later in the episode, Patrick and Sean square off in a fitness term challenge, Kate debuts her Pikachu impression, and a special Fate of the Furious/Mario Kart parody derails the hosts into laughter. PLUS:...


Episode 50: Kingsman, Will Smith & Dying Dumbledore

Did you know Dumbledore was Jewish? Or that Bane was a close cousing to Sean Connery? According to our impressions in Episode 50 they were! Kate and Patrick take a closer look into the Kingsman: The Golden Circle's trailer, debate the pros and cons of a possible Will Smith casting as the Genie in Disney's Aladdin remake, and ruminate on a possible title for Avengers 4. PLUS: The duo mulls over just what exactly Dumbledore was telling Harry at Hogwarts.