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Season One: Episode 7 // Living With Anxiety

Liv speaks with The Candid Millennial, Mary Robb, about her anxiety and some ways self-awareness helps her manage it. If anxiety is a sensitive topic for you, please proceed with caution. While SAM always seeks to be respectful, everyone has their own opinions and experiences which may differ from your own. Remember, you are the authority on you—please only take advice to heart what resonates and works for you. Mary made a lot of really great suggestions I hope some of you connect to....


Season One: Episode 6 // Graceful Exits

Liv speaks with executive, mother, and author Geri Suster about handling relationship endings with grace. The topic of graceful exits is one I think is important because in my experience, many of us are ill-prepared for and bad at handling endings. Despite fundamentally knowing all things end, we live as if they don’t, so when a pet dies, a relationship ends, or we lose our jobs, we don’t always handles things well. More often than not, we make a big fat mess as we exit, creating all sorts...


Season One: Episode 5 // Incorporating Self-Care

Today, I want to talk about self-care. With all the heavy-lifting you do at work, with friends, family, and in the community, taking care of yourself is essential for your health in every aspect of the word. More to the point of this show, it’s paramount to your success in building self-awareness. Why’s that? Building self-awareness is like lifting weights. Anyone who exercises regularly will tell you the importance of rest days, proper, nutrition, and stretching. The same applies to...


Season One: Episode 4 // Building Self-Awareness

I wanted to take some time to talk about what exactly “self-awareness” is and some of the ways you can begin cultivating it in your own life. To me, self-awareness is developing a deep understanding of who you are to yourself and in the context of community. It’s a conscious, intimate relationship with your core that, over time, allows you to step into your most authentic self. In simple terms, being self-aware means having clarity about what you like, don’t like, your strengths and...


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Season 1: Episode Two // Millennials Versus Gen X

“They’re thrust in the real world and in an instant they find out they’re not special, their mums can’t get them a promotion, that you get nothing for coming in last - and by the way, you can’t just have it because you want it.” -Simon Sinek This season is all about taking responsibility for your power. And, I think a discussion about power dynamics and millennials is incomplete without looking at the struggles we seem to have with other generations. If you ask Google, they’ll tell you...


Season 1: Episode One // Your Power and Labels

We live in a world obsessed with labels, and most of them with good reason. Labels help us identify all kinds of things: what’s safe, what’s not (obvious labels on food, cleaning products, construction sites), what we like, what we don’t (flavors, genres, activities), find our tribe (special interest communities like clubs, sports teams, LGBT), etc. Labels help us make sense of a messy, complicated, dynamic world. But sometimes the helpfulness gives people false permission to impose...


Season 1: Introduction

Introductory episode to the Self-Aware Millennial Podcast. Liv explains what the show is about, introduces the show sponsor, and shares some inspirational Gary Vaynerchuk clips.